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  1. Would love a 60 or 58 K in raw, but let me know what you have in any finish and the price shipped to Nashville
  2. Looking for a set of red dot, or anything something what flat, 5-UW or something close to that. Let met know what you have. Thanks
  3. Not looking for trades, if my prices are out of line feel free to send me an offer. Shipping via USPS or UPS, whichever you prefer. All acquired through two very reputable tour sources. 1. Odyssey Stroke Lab Jailbird Mini 34" RH Putter. This model was never made in the stroke label line-up. Has Tour ID Band and dimple in the shaft - $250 shipped 2. Taylormade TRUSS TM1 35", This does not have a sight line which is featured on the retail model. This has a black shaft and Lamkin Skinny Sink Grip - $350 shipped 3. Taylormade TRUSS TM2 35". This putter is a true center shafted model, and does not feature any offset like the retail model does. This one features the KBS CT Tour 120 putter grip, and the Blue Lamkin Skinny Sink Grip - $350 shipped
  4. I do not have a spec sheet, but I just put it on my gauge and below are the specs: Head weight: 197.6grams Lie angle: 60.5 Face Angle: 1* open Loft: 9.4* CT is/was 244/245 (compliant)
  5. Not looking for trades, all prices are shipped CONUS. If you feel prices are out of like, feel free to make an offer, I can provide exact specs later today this afternoon. 1. TOUR ISSUE Taylormade SIM MAX 9.0 Driver Head, with + stamp. Head is in very good shape, except for small paint chip "skymarks" shown in multiple pictures. $310 Shipped 2. Tour Issue Callaway TC serial Mavrik 10.5 . $400 shipped and PayPal’d.
  6. I am installing an Graphite Design AD DI and Ventus Blue into G410 adapters, and have a quick question: Do either shaft need to be tipped prior to installation? Does Ping tip shafts from the factory? Both shafts are new, and both GD and Fujikura do not state that either shaft should be tipped. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
  7. Understood, the last response was in March and few people click the pinned threads. Just trying to help others out
  8. Just got the following response to a WTB ad, a quick google shows this is a scam that is being perpetuated on multiple other forums. Be safe out there.
  9. Can anyone decipher the below butt sticker? I believe it is a standard retail Kuro Kage Silver, but I have never seen the TX flex with the DC in the butt sticker/code. thanks!
  10. There is a 20% discount floating around too right now, I got a Mavrik Max OTD at 274 (Incl. shipping and tax) edit: spelling
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