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  1. Can someone explain the difference?I assume the first digit means the approximate weight, but what about the other two characters? Thank you
  2. Not to rain on your parade here, but with those numbers its pretty obvious you are hitting down on the ball, and if you want to see a substantial gain in distance you need a swing change. But anyways, I am happy for you and keep up the hoing
  3. This is exactly why players should stop signing things
  4. Age: 16 (just about) Handicap: 3.8 EGA Lowest Score (in tourney): 69 Career: Hopefully, nothing to do with golf Haven't played since November, and still can't for a broken shoulder
  5. TM: Burner V1 9.0 w/ accra xt70 burner tp 15 w/ ozik 8m2 rescue tp 17 w/ ozik infra r7 forged 08 tp w/ scanadium e21s or 3-6 cbs 05 miura and 7-pw tp mb miura all black w/ scanadium e21s 52 tp, 58 2008 tp proto w/ TTTC X1 Maranello agsi+ tp with a silver insert and flame finish Cobra: tour prod 8.5 w/ diamana white Titleist f2-05 15 w/ ozik 8m2 rescue tp 19 w/ diamana thump 4-6 carbon cb, 7-pw carbon mb handstamped tvd spin milled custom 52 56 60 in black cammy black newport 2 REAL OUTSIDER: Adams: 4250 DF 8.5 w/ accra xt70 3070 14.5 w/ ozik 8m2 peanut 19 w/ ozik infra b
  6. 2 ft-5s, 1 ft-i1. First off Ft-i, its hit no more than 50 balls. 9.5 lcg draw configuration. it is 2-3* open though, it sits VERY nice. It has a candy lime f7m2 ltd in stiff at 45.5 inches. And I will sell it for 1800$ wordwide and 870£ in the UK 2. 8.5 ft-5 lcg neutral head. It is dead square, come with a red f7m2 ltd X @ 45". 1450$ or 700£ 3. 9.5 lcg neutral head. It is shafted with a grafalloy prototype in stiff at 44.5". It is dead square. 1200$ or 570£
  7. I'm in! Thanks everyone for the opportunity! My first set of clubs were mizunos, and I want to see if these will take me back to my roots!
  8. I love changing clubs! But my TM r7 forged have been in the bag quite a while. I have never had a set of callaway irons, and these are forged, which sounds good. I like the shape of them, and I reckon they would be a good replacement
  9. I don't think he's that far off to be honest. Look at someone like stenson. A pro I know who used to play with him when they were younger, said he was a tiny skinny kid. Look at him now. Another guy is someone like simon dyson and niclas fasth, don't know if its true but they looked doped 24/7 on some drung to keep them concentrated. The look in their eyes is not the same as all the other players
  10. I am pretty sure its a harrison mugen proto of some sort and an ozik 8m2 in his 3W
  11. Send me my 385£ you owe me before you even dare to post a new for sale add
  12. UK basedtour issue 2006 tp mb 3-pw heads only 9/10 300£ shipped UK 650$ shipped US more pics upon request
  13. WARNING to all buyers: This guy is a fraud, I won THIS driver for 380£ on ebay, and he tells me he broke it, now I see it on here WARNING DO NOT BUY And I still havent gotten my money back!!!! No money no driver thanks northen golf ;)
  14. Why does everyone choose St. Andrews? The course is really not that great. I do understand that it is the history of golf, but there are so many better courses around scotland. Better places would be? Kingsbarns Turnbery Prestwick and that place next to inverness (can never rember the name)
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