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  1. Yes, the single Diamond is neutral and lower spin than standard sub zero.
  2. This is a basically new Callaway Mavrik Single Diamond driver head at 9 degrees. You can see the spec sticker in the picture actual loft, lie and weight. It has a 14g and 2g weight in it. Fantastic shape. $450 shipped. No trades please.
  3. -Titleist TSi3 9* with Graphite Design XC-6x, 45 1/8in, D3 with Headcover. Sorry for the reflections on the crown. But it is in mint shape! Custom order from Titleist. $old -Scotty Cameron Phantom 6, 35 inches. Fantastic shape. Headcover in great shape. It has SuperStroke Tour Pistol GT 1.0 on it, but I also have original Cameron grip that I will included. $old -Graphite Design HD-6x, tipped 0.5 inches, 42.75 total inches raw. Sold -Taylormade Milled Grind Hi-Toe 54*, still has stickers on it, only used for a couple of range sessions. $old No trades pl
  4. -TaylorMade Spider X Navy. 34.5 inches. Two rounds of use. My yips came returned, back to the long putter. $old -PXG Gen 3 0311P Gap Wedge ordered from PXG. Modus Tour 120 stiff shaft. 35.5 inches. Please note the small bag chatter mark in the pictures. Not visible at address. $old -Tensei Pro White Boron Tip with Callaway adapter 60x. 43.5 inches. Untipped. $old -Project X Evenflow Black Handcrafted 65x. 42&7/8 inches. $125 Includes shipping to CONUS. No trades please. Feel free to ask questions.
  5. I got laid off just after the first of the year. Can’t justify keeping these around. -PXG Gen 2 5-PW, standard PXG length, loft and lies. Swing weight 5-9 D2 with PW at D3. Shafts are Modus Tour 105x in the 5-7 and Modus Tour 120s in the 8-PW. Both shafts weight 114 grams, the Tour 105x provides a tad more launch on the 5-7 irons. I have the remaining shafts for each set I can include if someone prefers all the shafts be the same. Purchased in late October. Shipped and insured $1085 -Diamana ZF 60 TX 42.5 inches, not tipped. Ion plating is super clean. Shipped SOLD
  6. -PXG Gen 1 0311 5-PW with Modus Tour 120 stiff, standard LL...$old -PXG Gen 1 0311 4 iron with KBS Tour 130x, standard LL...$old -Modus Tour 105 stiff 5-pw cut to PXG length...$old -Modus Tour 105 x-stiff 5-pw cut to PXG length...$100 -KBS Tour 130 x-stiff 4-pw cut to PXG length...$120 -KBS C-Taper Lite 110 stiff 3-pw, only the 8,9,PW were cut to PXG length, the 3-7 are raw with shaft labels...SOLD All shaft pulls are .355 tip. No trades please. All prices include shipping. PM with questions.
  7. -PXG Gen 1 0311 irons 5-PW with Modus Tour 120 stiff...standard loft and lie...$950 -PXG Gen 1 0311 4 iron with KBS Tour 130 x-stiff...standard length and lie...$125 -Modus Tour 105 Stiff pull outs 5-PW cut to PXG standard length...$125 -Modus Tour 105 X-stiff pull outs 5-PW cut to PXG standard length...$125 -KBS Tour 130 X-stiff pull outs 5-PW cut to PXG standard length...$125 -KBS C-Tape Lite 110g Stiff pull outs 3-PW...only the 8,9,PW were installed, the 3-7 are still raw. $125 No trades please. All prices include shipping. PM with questions. Thanks!
  8. I have 3 shafts for sale: -Ventus 6S with Callaway tip $OLD -Ventus 6X with Callaway tip $OLD -Atmos 6X with no tip $OLD All of the shafts played right at 45 inches in a Callaway Epic Flash. No tipping to any of them. No trades at this time. All prices including shipping to lower 48 US. PM with questions. Thanks
  9. Jones bag newest bag!! This is a brand new, never used Jones Utility Trouper Navy twill stand bag. The logo on the side is a flag with 13 on it about 3x4”. I really like the bag but received another one for my birthday from my girlfriend. I guess that’s what I get for buying something for myself at the time of my birthday. Total cost I paid was $260 with shipping. Will sell and ship to you for $210 all in. PM for questions.
  10. -Brand new set of Taylormade P790 irons 5-PW. I took the 7 iron out and hit a few balls with it. I ordered them a while back and they just came in but I can't keep them. They come with an upgraded black KBS $-Taper 120 stiff shaft. They look amazing. Standard length, lie and loft. One note, if you notice on the back of the 7 iron there is slight mark that was on it when I took the plastic off. It's right above the "r" in Taylormade, the rest is reflections. It's not a scratch but can't get it to rub out. It's super small and trivial but just thought I would point it out in all fairness. They c
  11. Pablo Creek is probably a bit out of the price range. I was hoping to get in somewhere for 20k. San Jose is actually running a deal where you can get in for 10k. Interesting that az2au says Deerwood. I wouldn’t have guessed that, but good to know. Obviously I want I course in good shape with good, fast greens but I also want to compete a bit when I come play. To me, golf is fun when you’re competing and finding a group of good players at the same club isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Thanks for the suggestions.
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