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  1. Driver: PING G10 -> PING G15 -> Callaway FT9 Fairway Wood: PING Rapture V2 (still in) Hybrids: Cobra Baffler DWS -> TaylorMade Rescue '09 Irons: Callaway X-20 -> TaylorMade Burner '09 Wedges: Cleveland CG 14 -> Titleist Vokey SM Putter: Scotty Cameron Kombi -> Scotty Cameron Laguna 2.5
  2. Solved the problem, went down to Golfsmith, tested the r9 460 and the FT9. Walked out with a new FT9 after I traded my G15. Impulsive, much??? Yep, I got good numbers and had an hour lunch. Love the driver. Got admit the G15 was the first driver I wasn't 100% in love with.
  3. I like the idea of picking up the Rapture V2, but it's also scary as this year, is the year for the Rapture line to release something new. I think most of them have TFC. One the other hand the R11 will probably be release next week.
  4. New shaft or New DriverThe other day, I cut my shaft down to standard size on my G15, I'm still trying to figure out why, after finding 5 fairways the other day. Nothing but slices. Anyway, here is the dilemma: 1. I have just ordered a VS Proto 65 stiff shaft from PING WRX, but haven't sent in my G15 or paid for it yet. They quoted me a 5-7 turnaround, for $170 shipped. 2. There is a handful of hardly used PING V2s and TaylorMade R9 460s, for about the cost it would be send my club in to PING WRX. What's the better deal?
  5. talk me out of this, pleaseI bought the driver about a month ago, decided that I wanted to cut the shaft to standard. The results are in and they are not good. The problem is I have no idea whether it's the indian or the arrow, but I am slicing big time. I haven't sliced in about 2 years after some lessons. I have more of a right to left ball flight. Now either the I have reverted back to my old bad habits or the shaft is the culprit. I'm now faced with one of two solutions. 1. Reshaft 2. Buy an R9 460 Help!!!
  6. I think they put way to much emphasis on it. Reminds me of the Yankees or the Cowboys in terms of hype. Tiger adds to this in a negative way as well. As far as, your question...no, I would love to get out there. The golf course is far better than anything I will ever get to see. The closest I have ever come to a great course is TPC Canyons in Las Vegas or Piaute in vegas. Redstone in Humble, TX is a close second to both of those courses. The golf course has great history, so I guess it deserves all the buzz. I guess like the Yankees or the Cowboys, you either love it or hate it. I'm
  7. I remember asking them if they could do the Zing style in a different finish and they said they are working on it. This must it.
  8. I'm loving the fact that people hate them, in 3-5 months they will be on eBay for a good deal. Then when the Studio Select Laguna II comes out in late summer or fall, my Scotty Project will come out looking awesome.
  9. I played the CG14's for the last 18 months or so, and I really liked them, forgiveness was there although not quite noticable. However, I changed from my Vokey's for the sake of change. One thing, which is on a personal note, with the wedges I traded in I holed out twice. Now it was probably luck, no it was luck, but I feel a deep sense of loyalty to Vokey because of those two shots. I like to experiment with clubs, but as of today, I am back to Vokey SM 50/54/58. I plan on sticking with them for a good while.
  10. I'm anywhere from an 18 to a 24 handicap, and found that the 52/56/60 is not strong enough lofts for me, so I decided to try the 50/54/58 and I'm much happier. Now some of you are probably saying what are you doing playing 3 wedges with your ability? Well, I happen to play very well inside 120 yards. I practice in the backyard, I have 90 acres and all I do is practice my wedges. That's probably why I can hit a driver to save my life. Anyway, I notice my scores are going down because of this set up. I play TaylorMade '09 Burner irons which are strong lofted anyway, so this set up is perfe
  11. shaft lengthI have never been a big fan of longer than standard shaft lengths, so I had my pro cut my shaft down to standard, and noticed I'm getting a much more penetrating ball flight and a tad more roll. To me the is much better and I'm enjoying the heck out of it. Has anybody else done this? Coincidently I have the Serrano shaft.
  12. You will quickly learn that posting information from other sources isn't the smartest move over here.
  13. I just can't get over that putter. I wish deerslayer was still around, I would love to convert my pro platinum Laguna 2.5 into a buttonback. Very nice putter.
  14. what to do?Well the other day I was in the yard chipping around, put my club down to answer my phone, took a step back and my shaft snapped. I then took it to Golfsmith, and they put an extender in it, because I snapped off at the grip. The problem is I compared the length to my gap wedge and the gap wedge is longer. Is there any way to take out the extender and make it longer? Or should I just cut my losses and send it to taylormade?
  15. lespaulist, the best way is to either go to a car dealership and get some scratch touch up paint or go to this website.... http://www.golfpaint.com/
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