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  1. I really liked the JPX Tours, looked awesome, felt super soft...but MMC's were just that much better on off center hits. MMC's checked all the boxes for me. Not quite as soft as the JPX, but quite amazing to hit.
  2. Any of those Adams drivers were hot! I still keep a few in the back up bag myself! Cobra had a sweet spot the size of a dime.
  3. VA_Astra


    I still have 2 of these along with some other Adams stuff. Im putting an old bag together to take out on occasion. Maybe ill dig it out this weekend!
  4. I like a graphite shaft in them. Dont like a 2 iron with a standard iron shaft. Maybe drop down in weight on an iron shaft. Like the SL or XP. AD Di or Evenflow are both good choices
  5. Look at the new Mizuno Pro 6 way. It is a stand, but looks like a cart bag with legs!
  6. I think im going Mizzy 6 way top. Ping wants me to take it to a retailer and see if they will fix it somehow. I thought it would be easier than that, but might be my last Ping bag ever. Vessel looks awesome, they are all out of stock. MNML looks super cool, but I ride in a cart too much and need the space.
  7. Super cool looking, love all the newcomers into this space!
  8. Im looking at the Mizuno Golf BR-D4 6-Way stand bag. It looks like a direct comparison to the Hoofer. Ive had Mizzy bags in the past and they were great.
  9. My hoofer lasted 18 months, red has faded to pink and now the liner wont let my irons come out. My first Ping bag....may be my last.
  10. I took the advice here, called and spoke with Ping. They are looking at my pics to decide on what to do if anything for me.
  11. Understand Mike, every 2-3 years we all go through this. I hate when a bag fails before I want to replace. Im thinking Mizuno BR-D4 or the Vessel right now. I really like the magnet pouch and Sun Mountain doesnt have it.
  12. Im really digging the Vessel bags, but some great choices I havent thought of in here, thanks guys!
  13. I can't stand cart bags. I still carry once in a while and go to the range often.
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