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  1. Inovai 5.0 DASS Windy City Wizard. Condition is excellent and was gamed briefly. 35" gripped with a standard red Bettinardi Lamkin deep etched grip. The COA is included along with a Wizard pop mallet cover in excellent shape. SOLD!!! shipped in the US. No trades at this time. Thanks.
  2. Fujikura Blue Ventus Velocore 6x with TM adapter. Condition is excellent and has a brand new MCC plus 4 grip. Shaft is just shy of 44.5" and plays 45.25" in my Sim2. Tipping is a half inch. SOLD!! Bettinardi QB8 DASS Windy City Wizard 34" with new Bettinardi Superstroke PT 1.0 Has been gamed but is in great shape. Wizard Pop cover included. Registry is RJB9385. I have tracked down the COA. The putter can be located in the registry and hive archive as well. SOLD!! No trades.
  3. I have a few Vokey heads up for grabs. I'm going back to TM. SM8 Black 50.12F SOLD!! SM8 Black 54.12D SOLD!! SM6 Raw 58.08M These are head only and pics show the condition. The 50 & 54 are stock heads. I didn't do real well at cleaning up the loft numbers on the toes but they are both in great shape. The 58 has "Yo Self" stamped in it along with 57⁰. I bought it off the interwebs just like it sits. It appears that the previous owner removed the finish. SM8 SOLD!! SM6 $55.00 obo Prices include shipping in the US. Only trade would be a TM MG 50⁰.
  4. I bought this green Hoofer bag new last week from a local pro shop. It turns out that I don't like it. The condition is excellent as it's was obviously new. The only thing I noticed was there's no rain hood with it and I didn't check that before I bought it. SOLD!!
  5. TaylorMade Sim2 stock Tensei AV series blue 60s with 2⁰ adapter and stock TM grip. I bought the driver new to get the head. Shaft is bone stock and never used. $75.00 obo shipped in the US N.S. Pro Modus 3 120 4-PW stiff shafts pulled from Srixon ZX7. Standard length and just put on new NDMC plus4 grips on less than a month ago. The 4 iron measures 37.5" and goes down to the PW at 34.5". Standard playing length of a 38" 5 iron. 4 iron has a stock tour velvet grip. $155.00 obo shipped in the US Bettinardi Hive under wraps blade headcover in mint condition. I never gamed it, but unsure if the previous owner did? SOLD!! Bettinardi QB6 Limited release 303ss. Plays at 33.5" gripped with a Bettinardi Lamkin jumbo cord. The cover is a stock purple QB6 or I'm willing to work a deal to include the unders wraps or both covers. Condition is excellent. I've seen these on eBay from Japan for between $700-$800. SOLD!! Srixon ZX 3/20⁰ utility iron. Shaft is a 95g Recoil xstiff F5. This was bought new about a month ago and hit a few times. It's stock but has a new standard NDMC plus4 grip. Retail is around $219.00. SOLD! Srixon ZX5 stock 4 iron with a N.S. Pro 105 stiff. This is stock length and lie. Condition is excellent. I bought it while I was waiting on my ZX7 4 iron. I'm not a patient person. SOLD! Hzrdus Smoke green small batch 70g 6.5 flex with a TM tip and gripped with a midsize Z cord in great shape. Plays 45" in my Sim2. Great shape and untipped. If you don't want the TM tip I can pull it. $140.00 obo shipped in the US
  6. Early price drops. Might as well loose the money here instead of giving it to eBay.
  7. TaylorMade RSI TP heads only. 3-PW in pretty good shape considering their age. No major damage. The ding on the PW is the worst. $140.00 obo shipped in the US Robert Mark middle finger FW cover basically new. I waited 5 weeks on it and moved on to something else. Great cover in excellent condition. No wait here... $100.00 obo shipped in the US. Foot Joy BOA Premier Shoes 10.5W Black pair and a White pair Pics speak for themselves. I bought them new about June 6th or so... I ordered them in knowing that I needed a wide. I have worn them both a few rounds in hopes they would stretch, but they have not. I ordered new XW so someone gets a deal. The black have spikes and the white are spikeless. Sold!!!
  8. KBS Tour shafts in stiff flex 3-PW with NDMC midsize black grips in pretty good shape. The shafts are in great shape. The 3 iron shaft is just over 37.5" and the PW is 34.25". Taper tip .355 $110.00 obo shipped in the US Toulon Design Chicago with black Toulon double bend shaft. The condition is great and only shows faint sole scratches. The grip is a rubber Odyssey standard. Cover is included. $259.00 obo shipped in the US Bettinardi Multi-logo towel. The color is red and it's basically new and not gamed. Sold!!
  9. Does anyone know if Robert Mark golf is still in business? I ordered what I thought was an in stock head cover on April 5th and I've not received it yet. I've called several times only to get a recording and I've sent several emails to get no response.
  10. Set of Corey Paul custom raw wedges 50, 54, 58 heads only. Played one round. Just didn't care for the shape. These will rust unless oiled. SOLD! Bettinardi Tour Hexperimental playing at 35" with a straight Bettinardi sink fit grip. The cover is a Bettinardi Wizard. Condition is excellent. 975.00 obo shipped in the US. Tour issue TaylorMade Spider X with slant neck, sight dot, and tour on the sole instead of the X. Condition is excellent and shaft is stock black with stock Superstroke grip. I will include a standard black Spider cover or we can negotiate the vault cover listed. Length is 35" Sold!! Toulon Garage Vegas slant neck blacked out with just a sight dot. The head, shaft, and Odyssey grip all black. The length is 35" and cover is a Toulon Garage small mallet. This came to me as tour issue, but I can't prove it. This is in excellent shape and super sexy.... I just can't putt with slant neck putters. Sold!!! Taylormade Vault Spider X cover. This is the desert vibes cover. Excellent condition. $65 obo shipped in the US Taylormade Tour issue M4 8.5⁰ head. Condition is excellent and I had the hardest time letting this go. The headweight is 200g without the sleeve. No idea on the actual loft, but I do believe it's like 8.8⁰. This sets open and that's why I'm struggling with letting it go. Condition is great. $145.00 obo shipped in the US Mitsubishi Tensei Orange CK Pro 60TX driver shaft with TM sleeve. This came in my tour Sim and I don't care for it. Plays 45" in the Sim. I know it was tipped as well and thinking it was an 1". It's not super stiff but I'm not a fan. Condition is good. If you don't want the TM sleeve I can remove it. Has new Z Cord midsize grip. $135.00 obo shipped in the US Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro white 80TX playing 43" in the Sim 3 wood. Pretty sure this only had like 1/2" tipping. Condition is great with new midsize Z Cord. $135.00 obo shipped in the US. If have questions or offers PM me. I can get additional pics as well if needed. Prices dropped. Not going to eBay. Let's go...
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