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  1. Still monitoring the Titleist website to see if these become available. Anybody have any updated news or info?
  2. Currently I’m playing a callaway rogue sub zero 15 with a Your Ad Di 7s and the ball has a tendency to spin up on me a bit. Im experimenting with a new callaway speed 15 and I have a ventus velocore blue and black 7x to put in it. I have the black in my driver and I really like it. I want it to spin a little less than what I’m currently playing but I think the black may be to low. Just looking for some thoughts.
  3. Anybody heard any scoop about these balls being released again?
  4. Ive always played the low spin fairways as well. I’ve got an LST version on the way to pair with the ventus blue. We’ll see how it goes.
  5. Has anyone hit either head with a ventus blue...thoughts?
  6. I love the driver and was wondering what people’s thoughts were on the 3 wood. Is it as good as the driver?
  7. Now that people are starting to get their putters, what is everyone’s thoughts on this flat stick?
  8. I’m playing the Epic Sz and really like it but it has the tendency to spin up on me a little. Would it be worth looking at the double diamond?
  9. Just curious about the spin comparison for the guys that’s had a chance to compare. Is the Epic Speed a lower spinning head than the Epic Flash Sz?
  10. If they are out of your size you can sign up for email notification when they have your size back in stock. I’ve done that twice and had good experiences with it.
  11. I’ve got some credit to burn in our pro shop. I’m thinking of getting a new 3 wood. I currently have a rogue sz so I’m kinda familiar with the callaway feel and look. Do any of you guys have a side by side comparison?
  12. Stitch shirts are really good! They put a lot of attention to detail in their products. The first run of their shirts were big and boxy, but that was changed with the second season. I just ordered some new shirts and they are trimmer fitting through the body. I think it’s a much better fit.
  13. How does a .600 Midsize grip installed .600 Shaft measure out. I like my grips at +1/32...will this be close?
  14. So I got my set of Blueprints today. Amazing...they are as long as my i500’s! That’s fantastic because I know these will be more consistent with their distances. Now that I’m not worried about “smoking” one I feel I’ve gotten the feel element back.
  15. I am currently gaming a set of i500’s. I’m thinking of scratching an itch and mixing them up with a set of Blueprints. Maybe i500 in 3-4 iron and blueprint 5-W. Has anyone else blended these two with any success?
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