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  1. Stitch shirts are really good! They put a lot of attention to detail in their products. The first run of their shirts were big and boxy, but that was changed with the second season. I just ordered some new shirts and they are trimmer fitting through the body. I think it’s a much better fit.
  2. How does a .600 Midsize grip installed .600 Shaft measure out. I like my grips at +1/32...will this be close?
  3. So I got my set of Blueprints today. Amazing...they are as long as my i500’s! That’s fantastic because I know these will be more consistent with their distances. Now that I’m not worried about “smoking” one I feel I’ve gotten the feel element back.
  4. I am currently gaming a set of i500’s. I’m thinking of scratching an itch and mixing them up with a set of Blueprints. Maybe i500 in 3-4 iron and blueprint 5-W. Has anyone else blended these two with any success?
  5. Can you call and request a build with different shafts than they have as options on the website? Or does the discounted pro living only apply to web orders?
  6. I’ve been playing them for a year. I think they are great irons. I’ll have to admit, hitting range balls they can be a little harsh if you miss it. However a missed shot isn’t supposed to feel good. When you are flushing it they feel great and are long! In my opinion, the forgiveness they offer far outweighs the bad feel on mis hits. Since I’ve been playing 3 of my golfing buddies have gotten a set. Be patient and you’ll love them!
  7. Up first is a pair of Peter Millar pants size 35x32. They are bone in color and have no rips or tears. They’ve been hanging in the closet for a while not getting worn. They aren’t as trim fit as some of the newer styles. Asking Sold Up next is pair of Peter Millar gale gray pants. They are 35x32 and is the same situation as the pair above. Asking Sold This is a pair of Nike performance pants. They are gray patterned color in size 36x32. They are a big 36. Only worn a couple of times. Asking $$25 This is a pair of Nike Tour Performance pants. They are bone in color and size 36x32. They
  8. Should read putted out. Not sure how joked got in there.
  9. Captains Choice....is another term. All 4 team members tee off and you play from the best ball. Repeat this process till you’ve joked out.
  10. I've been putting together a fundraising superball tournament for about 4 years now. We have a lot of prizes and giveaway stuff donated so we don't have a lot of expense besides the cost of the golf course and some food for afterwards. We did spend a little money to buy some metal turvis tumblers and give those out as tee gifts. Last year we raised about $37k and probably cleared around $34k. I am looking for ways to make this tournament great and memorable. Do you guys/gals have any recommendations or suggestions to make my tournament stand out?
  11. If it helps, we are flying into San Francisco and making the drive down. Any good stores on that route?
  12. I’m going to Pebble at the end of January with a group of friends and want some good bourbon to sip on. What are some good liquor stores in the area to try and find some bourbon?
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