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  1. That is the original version of the non-pro Tensei Blue. Mitsubishi changed the color scheme a few months after release to avoid confusion.
  2. Can’t put a tee in it. Had to keep sliding it back and forth to get the down line camera angle to work right. Also, clients didn’t like hitting off center with drivers.
  3. Golf club margins are terrible! Head only accounts don’t really change the margin by much unless you are talking about a JDM head vs OEM head.
  4. Yes, the MMT shafts are VERY tip heavy. In our demo matrix, there is a 4 point difference between a SF95F4 and a MMT105 stiff in favor of the MMT. With a 268g 7 iron head, the sw moves from D1 to D5 between these 2 shafts.
  5. You can buy the adapter for these from Billy Bob’s. https://store.billybobsgolf.com/product/fitting-cart-sleeves-for-callaway-irons/
  6. Yes, they are the same as the driver and fairway wood weights.
  7. I’ve been on a tour van many times. They sand the adapters. The big difference on tour vans is if they use 5 min epoxy or 24 hour epoxy with an oven or heating element to accelerate the curing process.
  8. You can buy a Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue for about $35 new uncut. Just buy him a stiff.
  9. It’s on the KBS website at the bottom of the page. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zdyiv3e4izy2okt/AAB3GYEAQiTPn0QQzf7FX--2a?dl=0&preview=parallel_trimming_sheet.pdf
  10. KBS Tour 105X KBS $-Taper Lite X Nippon Modus 105X Dynamic Gold 105X Project X IO 6.5 slightly heavier options around 120g would be KBS Tour V X Nippon Modus 120X Dynamic Gold 120X True Temper Elevate Tour X I’m sure there are other I’ve missed
  11. I have the 115’s in my MP20’s and absolutely love them! The 125’s felt great too, just a little too heavy for me. I’ve always liked the 115g range. Used to play XP115, then went to Modus 120. The 120’s were starting to get away from me to the left. Too soft in the butt section. The Accra is a little firmer, but not LZ firmer. Getting ready to put some Accra 125, 8 iron shafts in my wedges this week.
  12. I use a lot of the Nippon Zelos 7 R2 flex shafts for wedges in senior flex setups when I need to go a little heavier.
  13. I would figure 0” trim on a 3 iron and go from there. So, 1.5” for a 6 iron.
  14. Only time will tell on that one, imo. There’s a lot of torque at the end of the shaft. Maybe install a graphite extension or another Graphite shaft piece inside and cut it flush for reinforcement.
  15. Not sure what that thing you have there is, but this is what you need. https://www.golfworks.com/fast-extract-for-irons/p/gw1106v/
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