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  1. Just heard back from them regarding weight change on the .335” version. Here is there response: “The weight is 6.5g for ALL-FIT MASTER set. For non-adjustable driver head, the weight will lose after drilled. But for the fwy, the weight increased a little bit. For the adjustable driver head, please check attached pics, the weight will increased around 3 gram when change the OEM adapter to ALL-FIT MASTER adapter.”
  2. I'm pretty sure that the All-Fit Master is a newer product. I've been dealing with TG for about 5 years now and they are new to the catalog. We are implementing the Iron versions now, getting away from the CC Fuse-Fit's. It will take us a while to change everything over as we have around 180 shafts and 80 heads to change out. The standard All-Fit is a great product, but having the adjustability of the OEM cog is just another benefit.
  3. KBS needs to trim their lines down, IMO. Way too many shafts that have overlapping profiles and way too many “made for” oem versions.
  4. I’ve had the stems of those rubber tungsten weights break off and slide up and down the shaft.
  5. Wishon Golf makes a tungsten 10g weight for graphite if you can get them. I remember them being about an inch long.
  6. Yes, the 105 is R, 115 is S, and 125 is X, all straight in. We then step up or down to get the desired flex at that weight. It’s pretty much a Rifle set up. The Accra guys are old Rifle guys from the Brunswick days, so it makes sense that they would do it this way. I would put the i115 between Modus 120 and PXLZ as far as feel.
  7. Considering that both the OEM and Aftermarket adapters are made in China, they could be made at the same factory.
  8. The Evo II was stock in the Mizuno 900 driver. Should be able to find some on the bay or used.
  9. I used the CMX fitting system for a while when it came out around 6 years ago. Ran into the issue with lefties right away. Not willing to invest in 2 of every shaft to be able to fit RH and LH.
  10. That is the original version of the non-pro Tensei Blue. Mitsubishi changed the color scheme a few months after release to avoid confusion.
  11. Can’t put a tee in it. Had to keep sliding it back and forth to get the down line camera angle to work right. Also, clients didn’t like hitting off center with drivers.
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