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  1. Hey y’all: The John Deere Classic does have a tough date on the schedule with the Open Championship next week and given all the virus precautions they still have in place in Europe I’m guessing a lot of players wanted to get over there early. As Far as Steve Striker goes he’s the current (if y’all have forgotten) US Ryder cup captain and from what I read he has said he’s skipping the US senior open this week so he can see players and interview potential Ryder cup team members. PS just because this years JDC field may seem week compared to allot of other weeks on tour doesn’t mean the JDC team won’t still put on a great event or the action will any be less thrilling. Just my $0.05 worth thanks.
  2. Hey y’all: with the tour season winding down who looks to be equipment free agents? Will the virus pandemic keep players from getting big deals as well as companies reluctant to sign many? Also will Shoe and apparel companies be more active than equipment ones? Finally will we see more players go independent? Thanks
  3. Hey Y’all: Been wearing new balance non golf shoes for a long time and love them. That said why does it seem like there is very little love for their golf shoes? Also why don’t they have any tour presence? Do they just not want to spend the money needed to get it? Thanks...???
  4. Hey y’all: Got something for ya I’ve been thinking about for a while now. The goal of all pro golfers man or woman is to win especially the bigger events. That aside do you think there have been and or still are some players on both the men’s and woman’s tours that aside from missing a few or many cuts are just happy being out there making a living doing something they like although they may not win or get in contention much? Thanks...?️???
  5. Hey all: I’ve noticed in the last few years Tour Edges exotic line of clubs are getting allot of use on the champions tour. That said why aren’t they getting more use on the PGA tour? Is tour edge just not going for that market or are players just sticking with the bigger name brands? Thanks...?️??
  6. Hey all: Since Nike got out of the golf equipment game in 2016 it seems like a lot of players not just those that were playing Nike are now free agents so what has led to this other than what Nike did? Personally I think some of the reasons could be equipment companies not giving BIG contracts like they used to or signing fewer players as well as some players feel they can make more money off tournaments and other endorsements and just want to play what works regardless of brand. What is everyone else’s thoughts. Thanks...?️
  7. Hey all.: Now that we know Rose is going to Honma the next big question will be what shoe and appeal deal(s) will he have? Thanks
  8. Hey all: Stick with me here but I look at tour pro equipment contracts like political advertising. When it comes to politics how many people that go vote in November don’t really know all the candidates platforms but rather just know the name(s) they see on tv billboards and or signs in peoples yards so that’s who they vote for. Same goes for golf equipment sponsorship in that companies just want to get there name out there so when we go to a golf shop we can say I’ll try this or that brand because they’ve heard of them. PS take Tiger Woods for example when he was with Nike and dominated the tour why would they need to have any other pro on staff. It’s because of name recognition. The more people see a golf companies name in this case the more likely they are to try and possible buy at a golf shop. Just my $0.05 worth. Thanks and happy new year to all...️
  9. Hey all: The pga tour schedule from what I’ve read will look allot different in 2019 than the last bunch of year with two new events and a handful of other events changing dates. That said how are the players reacting to the revamped schedule and how will this affect players scheduling? Thanks...?️??
  10. Hey all: Just curious as to when and why the Honda Classic moved from NBC to CBS? Thanks
  11. Hey all: Been a Snedeker fan for a long time so hoping he can stay healthy for the whole season. Bridgestone makes great looking equipment I just wish it wasn’t so pricey and more golf and general sports retailers carried it. Thanks
  12. Hey all: I know some may not care since it’s only apparel but I was watching some of the Hero World Challenge and noticed he’s wearing Norman collection and not Travis Mathew he’s worn last few years. So is this a permanent switch? Thanks
  13. Hey All: Just wondering with the pga tour having a wrap around schedule now how do players balance playing a few events so you don’t fall to far behind in points vs taking time of to be home with family as well as get rest after a long year? Thanks...?️??
  14. Hey all: Very nice bag setup. Why is it that most players witheout a specific driver deal always go with TM and will TM still offer tee up money with new owners? Also more players going with mixed bad setups the last few years than I can ever remember interesting.
  15. Hey all: NOPE not my cup of tea but to each their own and whatever works. I do find it interesting how good pro golfers are yet allot of the top players seem to switch putters allot in recent years. I'm also amazed at how many one off putters we're seeing. I guess that's one of the perks of being a tour pro...️
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