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  1. i think its always been like this to an extent.. but in this day and age surely its easy enough to verify handicaps? I really dont like 4 man comps, you are just marking your own card with no marker at the end of the day
  2. honestly i dont know, but they must have averaged well over 40 each to get to that total.. Ive had 44 once in my life..
  3. format 2-3-4, ie first six best two scores, second six best three, last six all 4. Stableford. 'Par'' would a little better than (6*2*2 )+(6*2*3) +( 6 *2*4) =108... at my club I suppose 118 ish would win.. team yesterday, longish handicaps.. 136 total. Average 7.5 points per hole, 45 points each (ish.. will obviously be slightly less with not all scores counting).. mmm. My instinct is that is beyond reasonable. No idea what they won but were fairly shameless about it. Second place was 120..
  4. yes its unnatural, for most of us. Its also critical. HOW you shallow is just as important, however. I could be wrong.
  5. its on his opponent to check handicaps and calculate appropriately. Why didnt his opponent say something? The way youve told it doesnt make much sense, but if you know you are off the wrong handicap youve cheated and it will be reflected in your reputation.
  6. certainly agree with the society vibe, which is a shame. Didnt think the trees were intrusive at all last year, its just a typical heathland in that it gets narrow in bouncy conditions. Go back when its a bit softer I think youll appreciate it a bit more, its a lovely design
  7. long story short, my course is having touble with a boundary with a house and road the other side. *this is in the uk but there is a good chance the legal principles will be similar in the US or many other places.. The course is more than 80 years old. The house is about 40 years old. No issues at all until the last couple of years when the owner of the house starts complaining of a 'lot' of golf balls coming onto his property. Thing is, in 25 years Im not sure Ive seen a single ball that had crossed the boundary there, its a long way off line with a high fence. We all suspect that IF balls are going into his property then someone is doing it deliberately, which is really out of our control In the uk at least, Ive hardly ever seen a course that doesnt have a road and/or private property adjacent to it. Several Ive played have roads crossing through the middle of holes. Ours is a public course, managed (badly) on behalf of the local council, and they are now determined to shorten the offending hole, which was a tough par 3 over 200 yards, to 140 yards or less and aiming completely away from the road and property. As a club, we strongly object to all of this, what legal ground are we on here? Does the course being there first count for anything? Personally I dont see anything wrong with a well positioned camera and/or a disclaimer/liability sign.. amy thoughts?
  8. steep in transition and EE.. only my opinion but I think he's unlikely to get to scratch without addressing that, which will be a lot of hard work. Has to be prepared to get worse to get better, so how much does he want it?
  9. definitely most courses I know have been busier than ever, I can only speak of the Highlands this year, very expensive and very quiet. I think thats sad anywhere, but particularly in Scotland.
  10. yes, i agree, have had a small bet on europe myself
  11. golf is almost invisible in virtually all of those (more than) 12 countries..
  12. ive not read/used Monte NTC, so Ill just say what I see.. That doesnt look significantly steep/ott in the downswing to my eyes But that is a very, very early release. I actually thought youtube startted playing backwards when you got to the top of the swing lol..
  13. busy in the south as well. I think the Aberdeen courses are completely passed over by visitors compared to the other scottish regions, and rely on large active memberships rather than visitor income. Its actually next on list in Scotland. The Highlands, I suspect, is the opposite. If 300 people pay £300 for the year, whats that a couple of green staff and some seed? Surely theyd appreciate the visitor income and could make a bit more of an effort, as it was an empty Brora turned down my efforts to haggle when they could have had at least a couple of hundred quid off us. Actually, as I wrote at the time, they could have had that money in the bank months ago since at a sensible rate id have pre booked it, as it was we waited til we were there, saw the course was extremely dry and werent even slightly tempted at £95..
  14. we stayed just up from Brora in late July for 5 days, no golf booked just winged it.. Fortrose is very attractive, their rack rate is £60, we got it cheaper for late on a Saturday. Has its weaknesses but ok value by scottish standards. Got lucky at Wick, they let us play their Open rather than pay the full green fee, top marks for customer service. Again, £50 rack rate is ok, there are three ditches that I think could be dealt with to improve the course, two are just off the back of greens and invisible. A little pricey Golspie, paid £75, lovely course, all enjoyed, but that is pricey. Its like a smaller version of Parkstone in places. Trouble is, their yearly membership is.. £300! Advertised quite prominently in the locker room, not a great idea if you are going to charge a visitor a quarter of that for one round.. Dornoch I wrote about elsewhere, £200 rack rate, its in the conversation for best links in the world so can't really argue with the price Reay, hidden gem, easy uk top 250 for me, £40 all enjoyed. Brora, wanted £90, had a look was extremely brown so took a hard pass. Now, the point id like to make.. apart from Dornoch, these courses were empty. Middle of the school holidays, covid restrictions mostly lifted, great weather. Home of golf, Golspie had a dozen people all day, including us 4.. where is the sense in that? I wrote to the Scottish Golf Union who predictably have 'no opinion' as its a 'private matter for private clubs'.. Scotland has one golfer in the top 100 and havent won a major in 23 years..
  15. been away for a while, finally played RD... more than worth the trek. Its that good. A few pluses and minuses, opinions will differ.. Best looking, most attractive championship links ive seen, Not quite as spectacular as Trump Aberdeen, but better views Very playable, mainly I think due to the fairway watering, which I wasnt expecting. Purists may recoil in horror, but honestly at my level of golf I dont mind fairly firm, but rock hard is just too much hard work. Dont think we looked for a ball all day, which I think means it is very sensibly set up. Greens have tiers and many are elevated, but they are big targets. Overall despite its SI I think a decent score is more gettaable here on the right day than most other name links.. My quibbles are really not at all serious and didnt spoil the day at all, but I'll say them anyway Public path to the beach across the first tee. Not sure tattooed footy yobs wandering across is quite the ethos the club is looking for. Common in the uk, but may be a culture shock for the international golfer 2nd hole.. hmmm. An absolute brute, medium/long iron to a smaller raised green, absolutely dead if you miss either side or long. They have left grass on the banks so you cant run it up, so if you do miss you will be there all day until you get lucky or turn into Phil Mickelson. Its the biggest card wrecker on the course, and its only the second.. 15, 16 get criticised a lot. Not sure that's fair, there are a lot of links holes like the 15th in the uk but it is a bit too short for the modern game. 16 is a blind approach to a very big target, ordinarily I dont like greens you cant see but I think we can allow a course like this one of them, just to remind you its a traditional links. But overall, its bucket list. I can still picture every hole, and there arent many courses I can say that about on one viewing.
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