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  1. i think we get spoiled by west coast/hawaii, you can get your bearings watching all of those with the ocean etc. Riviera is fairly unmistakeable. This one could be any swamp, anywhere lol
  2. cant believe this comment is liked lol.. drug use is accepted at almost every level of bodybuilding. No tests. Irrelevant. I did exactly what Bryson did when I was 20, put on 50 pounds in only a few months. Ended up looking like him as well, ie fat. Of course you will look bloated.. IF he was claiming some genuinely eyebrow raising lifts thats a different matter. Far as Ive heard he doesnt do any compound lifting at all lol. Honestly I think you should withdraw your allegation. I respect Bryson a lot for thinking outside the box, I obviously don
  3. im not aware of any tour anywhere doing any credible testing AT ALL and ive looked many times.. thats why they all have an accident or a family situation just before the olympics.. (beta blockers most likely, I dont think steroids/hgh are 'rampant' in golf)
  4. as i said im there in july but not pre booking any golf. I could be way wrong on this but I thought that uk price was the same as what they were quoting last year, for anyone, and that its the new category international price that has gone up.. hope im wrong, its possible..
  5. not really, the basket was moved down a foot 20 years ago and id like it put back (to extend the basketball anology)
  6. Nicklaus used to say his record in majors was so good because of his long iron play, and certainly when i started watching around 92 Im sure it was still critical to scoring well. Anyone want to chime in with any data? Average approach club on par 4's year to year (allowing for loft changes to irons)?
  7. fair enough i havent debated this as at any length more than a year ago. Score hasnt been mentioned by any of the ardent rollbackers in that time that ive noticed
  8. i dont think its mentioned in the usga/r and a report and none of the rollbackers here have mentioned score (unless they dont understand the debate)
  9. maybe not if you include par 5's lets say there are usually 11 par 4's. Id make a solid bet in a typical week most of the field hits pw or less into at least 6 of them. Id actually like to know. Certainly cant recall too many long iron/wood approaches (assuming a decent drive) over the years
  10. The Masters and St Andrews are beyond criticism of any current players, understandably so. But id bet they enjoy the idea of Augusta more than the reality of playing it. Pretty sure they'd prefer any kind of rollback in return for slightly slower greens
  11. I watch plenty of golf in person and on the box.. Id be staggered if the proportion of holes playing drive wedge hasnt risen substantially in the 460 era.. is there a stat to show this on the pga tour site? You are touching on the problem for amateurs in your second point but not actually quite getting it.. it takes close to zero skill or even instruction to make decent contact with a 460 at the range, even for someone who has never played, and once theyve done it a few times they figure out the game is easy, head to the course, top 5 iron shots in a row and give up.
  12. Molinari topped a 3 wood last week, Wolfe whiffed several down the stretch at the US open. Ive seen it live several times. Never, ever with a 460. Can barely think of the last time I saw anyone who wasnt an outright hacker top a 460.
  13. the inital velocity of the ball hasnt changed. Balata goes off so you cant do a legit comparison of an old ball. The stability of the ball and lack of reaction to wind has certainly changed, for the worse. Id roll back to persimmon, certainly. Im just being realistic in that this forum would meltdown, so a sensible metal comprimise is in order. Mucking with the ball for different courses is a can of worms. What happens to the distance stats etc? Iron lofts are 1-2 clubs less than 30 years ago, the chart has been posted endlessly
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