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  1. Your conclusion was wrong I explained why and I’ve just given you evidence
  2. The average difference between a tour players 3 wood and driver carry is about 30-40 yards. ive watched Rory many times on track man over the years and his difference is more like 10-15 yards.. on a range. he simply does not swing as hard on the course with a 3 wood as he does on the range. It’s too small and unforgiving, and he’s as good a ball striker as anyone, give or take. when quigley posted his result off a short tee your literal response was ‘well that settles it’.. I can quote you if you like. I’m not the only one in this thread who you’ve wound up
  3. He sees only what he wants to see. Present any logic, common sense, real world experience, anything that threatens his world view.. it’s rejected for any number of spurious reasons. Usually something to do with a world long drive champion
  4. So if the 460cc doesn’t make the game any easier why allow it? Seems to be a gap in your logic. Again.
  5. I’m all for pushing the limits in golf but I always thought there was a bit more to it than just swinging as hard as possible. Reduce the tee and therefore the clubhead size, you can still choose to swing flat out.. but you’ll pay the price if it’s not accurately applied..as it should be. 460cc and a 3” tee is bowling with the bumpers up.
  6. Nice numbers on a range I wouldn’t expect too much difference, its on the course when a miss hit means something that the smaller clubhead would logically have to be swung more cautiously. That’s the factor that would get carries well under 300 yards.
  7. I keep trying to say it.. it’s not about Bryson. He has illuminated the issue by taking it to its logical conclusion, and he will influence others especially if the rules bodies do nothing. The best result for people like me is that he wins (because he deserves his success, I admire him hugely for thinking outside the box) and that Augusta at least will say enough is enough and mandate short tees, min lofts or whatever
  8. But you don’t KNOW that. Complete speculation. And IF it’s not sufficient, then we can talk about (perhaps) a minimum loft on drivers or changing the CoR limit. where is the fault in that logic? nb don’t answer that I don’t want to hear about long drive champions etc AGAIN
  9. NOBODY IS TRYING TO REIGN IN THE LONGEST HITTERS IT IS ABOUT REIGNING IN THE FIELD AVERAGE SUCH THAT ACCURACY IS REWARDED OFF THE TEE AND A GREATER VARIETY OF CLUBS ARE USED FOR APPROACH SHOTS. (since so many seem to still be confused by the issue) my contension is let’s start with the absolute simplest idea first.. the tee. If the field average is still too high (eg fairway bunkers not in play, not enough mid/long iron approaches etc.. then the next simplest thing would probably be CoR limits. Way down my list would be course setup which would be endlessly expensive an
  10. As far as Clevited (is that a word) goes, he either doesn’t understand the problem doesnt think there is a problem doesnt think there is a solution to the problem or or a combination of all 3. Im past caring. Im sure he’s a practised troll I normally spot them a lot quicker. as for everyone else who is contributing intelligently, and doesn’t keep bringing up utterly irrelevant examples of what Sadlowski or Berkshire can do.. If the ball is give or take the same, distance wise, as it’s been for decades (I think there’s good evidence
  11. I’ve answered all of that before, many times. in summary, nobody wants to cancel the advantage of long straight hitters. DJ with a persimmon(under no pressure mind you) is where Norman was 30 years ago. He averaged 280 over a season at his best.. In competition. i disagree strongly with this argument that pros would adjust and be back to where they were before, if using a short tee. You simply can’t swing as hard with a smaller club head, hence why average 3 wood carry is about 260. You can keep quoting ridiculous long drive examples all you want.
  12. Right now, in the present reality, it would achieve all or most of what is required. Yes the driver/3 wood would change, lower CoG etc. But it would require far more speed and skill to carry it 300. The second shots have never been an issue I have even mentioned. Pointing out what one of the very fastest swingers to ever live might be able to do (even though he’s nowhere near tour standard) is ridiculous. Actually it’s beneath you
  13. And the simplest way to do that is limit the tee to 3/4” no need to touch anything else. Leave the ball, no bifurcation, and amateurs learn how to play properly
  14. 3/4” tee max would solve that next week. And if half the pros knew what side their bread was buttered, they’d be begging for it
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