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  1. And again, Sir Nick doesnt agree. Are you really that convinced you are right that its not even worth trying?
  2. id suggest the natural cut off would be if you are playing a net, rather than a gross competition. Lets be honest, net comps are for entertainment. Its not a serious competition
  3. we've all been subjected to the 460 experiment. No one asked us, that I remember. That said, ultimately I wouldnt take the 460s off the majority of casual golfers. Better amateurs and pro's, yes, I would.
  4. most people told him most of the same things.. that suits my approach when I post my own swing for criticism. There are a million theories on the swing and some conflict, so I have a far eaiser time accepting and implementing a consensus rather than trusting to a single coach. for me, a forum is perfect. If you are happy and able to put your faith in one teacher, thats perfectly viable as well.. just dont mix the two approaches
  5. Rory, when he pooh poohed the distance insights report? DJs coach Harmon, speaking for DJ, same thing.
  6. or maybe we should just try it. Once. Anywhere. Minor off season invitational. Gauge player and fan/tv reaction.
  7. this has been answered endlessly before by me and others. One more time. It will affect the CARRY substantially. You will still be able to hit it a long way by optimising roll out of the driver, but you wont be able to so easily carry the obstacles the architect placed in landing areas, you will have to hit it straight or with shape, not just high and long.
  8. They did roll back distance.. by softening the fairways. Good.
  9. not just better, the best in the world for a substantial period of time. Because he was that good, I think he understands the implications of this idea better than most of us.
  10. hes not hitting a hook, hes hitting a pull hook, and 'says' he swings out to in
  11. cant go along with that at all. Or any other decade.. look at the difference in club technology and course maintenance. Todays pro has a nervous breakdown if you try and take his 460 off him
  12. Did you see the state of the greens?
  13. do people do that now to get around a 4" tee?
  14. his club face will be squarer to swing path. The same as moving the ball back in your arc, at some point your shut club face will be square (briefly) to that arc. That wont be a hook, it will be straight or a straight push.
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