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  1. obviously the plus 4 has devoted serious time at some point. But scratch can be done by the regular guy, Ive seen it many times. And they are all long. Some had to work for the speed, some just had it. But its vital to scoring well for the vast majority
  2. might well have done it last time I had an ace, didnt think to look.. the acheivement here is chopping it round then going birdie birdie eagle..
  3. somewhat true he has an awkward personality, but I remember him signing plenty of autographs between holes practising for the 93 Open for example, and since. I see a lot of similarities with Bryson, not a bad person at all but just doesnt instinctively know the right way to behave a lot of the time.
  4. if you arent breaking a hundred, youre doing everything poorly and need some fundamentals. In that case, yes I wouldnt mention speed as any kind of priority. Beyond that though, strokes gained, and my own observations are quite clear. Lowest handicaps hit it further. All scratch guys I know have weaknesses, but they are all substantially longer than me. Go down to the 5-10 handicap guys, and they are all substantially behind me, and some of them hit the ball very nicely indeed.
  5. you are introducing a variable that isnt in the question though. Absolutely no one is ever going to tell you to swing as hard as possible WITH zero regard for making a technically good swing.. I think of it terms of not changing technique, but just doing everything faster.
  6. this how many greens are you hitting op? Id suggest if you average less than 7-8 then you are really struggling to make this work, no matter how good the ds looks. Imo it shouldnt take months to fix the bs with a reasonable amount of practise, say 90 minutes every other day. Dont even need to hit balls, can do it at home watching tv.
  7. there was a thread here a while ago. I tried it out of interest, filmed it, didnt get the shallowing in transition that is supposed to happen but then its a very, very extreme move. I do find taking the club A LITTLE outside in the takeaway helps when i lose the feel of slotting it.
  8. whilst Im not allowed to post in them I do read the other overspeed threads and there does seem to be a clear pattern. If youve never done any speed training, then a concentrated effort should get you about 10mph/25 yards in 2-3 months. That seems to be true however you train, ie 'overspeed' (light sticks) or just an old club. As far as Ive read, its also doesnt matter what speed you were starting from, or even what age you are. Now, Im certainly going to carry on, but can you get beyond that initial 10mph gain? It doesnt sound like many here have..
  9. Ive given you the definition of 'overspeed', as used in many sports, and you are now making up your own (incorrect) definition.. The correct definiton is the only one Ive ever used, and Ive never said it means three sticks or any other 'system' And yes, my (cheap) swing radar suggests a substantial gain in speed just from swinging a driver, and as I have said in this very thread, thats anecdotal evidence.. its not a study, hence there is nothing to peer review.
  10. "Overspeed training refers to the use of the environment or artificial stimulus to create a velocity that the athlete cannot naturally attain on their own." source: https://www.brattainsportsperformance.com/blog/overspeed-training-what-why-when-how ie not just swinging hard with a normal weight driver.. you now seem to be agreeing with me that any version of these sticks is not necessarily optimal? As for these studies.. where are they? Are they published and peer reviewed, like any other creditable study?
  11. Almost all of my practise is in a net year round. Im working on mechanics and contact without being distracted by where the ball is going. You can still see where the ball starts, especially if you film it. The trajectory is pretty easy to adjust
  12. Ive put on 28 yards and 13mph JUST swinging a driver, in about 10 weeks, very much in line with what others are reporting with speed sticks. So while its not scientific, anecdotally Id consider that evidence that they are unnecessary. On the other hand, when I feel I cant get any faster doing what Im doing, I may try overspeed, and if I then improve I will consider that good evidence of their efficacy, even though it will still just be anecdotal.
  13. all other things being equal the angle of your torso at address will affect the plane. Tall golfers instinctively bend over more so will swing steeper obviously there is a million other things, but always look to your grip and takeaway as a priority
  14. I dont know, but its usually the back tees that move up, not the shorter ones moving back. Modern tour courses are stupidly wide off the tee imo.
  15. i see a trend with these wrx matches 1. Im old 2. Im fat 3. Im injured 4. I havent played in 3 months 5. Ive got the yips 6. I need some shots.. 7. my favourite driver/wedge/putter is broken Im definitely looking for a wrx match next time Im stateside, and yes I will be ticking 1-7
  16. had a bit of an ephinany that the swing is a chain reaction that often (but not always) results in equal and opposite reactions. For example, for me, pushing into my left side on the backswing reduces my slide on the ds. But I always used to cup at the top.. this absolutely did not get me bowing on the ds. It might for you, like someone said above, you need a good video or hackmotion. At the end of the day, if it works, it works.
  17. there was no study in that meta paper, end of. I read all of it. No, I didnt look through the bibliography and Im not going to. If it exists, goodness knows why it is so hard to copy and paste it directly here.
  18. if it was the meta paper that was linked before, there was nothing in it to support overspeed. You can't just tell me 'its there' and not tell me where Im supposed to be looking.
  19. Im not trying to get into an e fight over this but when I have been linked to a study, it hasnt shown at all what people are saying. I havent ever said 'it doesnt work', I have only ever said there isnt the evidence there, which isnt the same thing at all. Down the line, I will try it and report back.
  20. its not about picking fights. Its about asking legitimate questions concerning scientific method, which Im sure you believe in. Anecdotal evidence that overspeed works isnt the same thing. Plenty of athletes wear lucky underpants. Is that scientific?
  21. show me the evidence that overspeed training does anything. Ive asked on here a dozen or more times and no one has been able to link me to a study that shows it is effective
  22. so what is he selling? knowledge that has been around forever. It had nothing to do with how Bryson added length, so I take issue with the premise of the thread. Im certain the vast majority of youngish pro's could hit 130mph or damn near. Ive played with a few who have barely been near a gym. Once again, its not the speed, its the accuracy that he is at that speed
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