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  1. deep18

    New Wedges??

    I’ll second taking a look at the Mizuno T20s. I was a long time Vokey guy and I’ve really been impressed with the overall package. Added bonus is they’re quite a bit cheaper than the Vokeys especially if you want something other than the stock DG in the Vokey.
  2. Mizuno Titleist Ping
  3. Had several good trips to Biloxi, Mississippi. Lots of courses in the area (and in Mobile, Alabama). Golf all day, casinos at night, Waffle House for breakfast.
  4. I’m 120X from 4 iron through lob wedge. Love them.
  5. If you wanted something as close to a Ping Redwood D66 with a flow neck as possible, who are you calling? David Mills? Byron? Kari Lajosi? Someone else?
  6. Any news on a new Ping putter line? Seems like we aren’t going to see anything this year which surprises me.
  7. Absolutely stunned and saddened to see this. Breck was such a kind human being. On top of that he was very talented and I was lucky enough to have him refinish a couple of putters years ago. My deepest condolences to Stratton and the entire family. We truly lost a good one.
  8. I had a combo set of these back when they first came out. Terrific irons. Nike really did make some good sticks when they were in the game. Not to mention my favorite ball of all time the RZN Tour Platinum. I’d either sell those or game them from time to time. Don’t let them sit in the corner.
  9. I like it but I think I like last years a little better.
  10. Hmm. No spin and a shallow decent angle. Best of luck.
  11. Name Pays Tribute to Longtime Employee The new putter family is named in honor of Rick Heppler, a longtime PING employee who began his career with the company as a teenager in 1966. The son of a General Electric co-worker of PING Founder Karsten Solheim, Rick was hired by Karsten to help John A. Solheim build putters in the family garage. Rick eventually held several management positions at Karsten Manufacturing Corporation before passing away in a motorcycle accident in 2013. "Rick was part of the PING family for almost 50 years," said John. "He was a dear friend who contributed grea
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