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  1. It’s the Hoofer Vantage. Two straps but one retracts. I believe this was like 2008-2010.
  2. You’re going to love them. I went MMC all the way through and couldn’t be happier.
  3. Best Grips MicroPerf. Little pricey but worth it. I sweat a lot in the summer while I’ve played in more humid conditions, DC area summers are no joke.
  4. Tiger winning the Open in 2006, first major after his dad had passed. Watching the emotions pour out of him and seeing the human side of him.
  5. I think Tom Lehman had an insane bag like that too. Like every iron was a different brand or model.
  6. according to Titleist its a loss of 3 swing weight points
  7. For those of you who have gone to Best Grips MicroPerf grips, did you do anything different size wise (bigger/smaller, more or less wraps)? I’ve been a tour velvet midsize (or something similar) straight on for a long time and I’m curious if I should go straight midsize or standard + wraps in the MicroPerf.
  8. Typically I’ve seen most people play the same shaft in their gap wedge that they have in their irons (mostly a full swing club) and then something a little softer and heavier in their other wedges. I used to do that but have since gone to the same shafts (Modus 120x) in everything and I’m a fan.
  9. deep18

    Vokey SM8

    I’d check with Discount Dans but the margins are pretty tight on these wedges.
  10. They’ve done a couple small things for me in the past and I’ve been pleased so I’ll talk to them. Going to contact the guys at Westfields and Merrifield Golf too I think. Thanks for the response.
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