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  1. Titleist Players has always fit the best for me and they are reasonably duarable.
  2. First real driver was a Callaway Steelhead Plus. Really liked it at the time, turns out it was my last Callaway driver.
  3. Not a fan simply because I’d rather do it myself later. It’s kind of like a car wash to me, it’s fine but I’m always going to do a better job. I do appreciate the hustle however especially if they start the convo with something other than “how’d it go?”
  4. They are a forum sponsor… DiscountDansGolf.com
  5. Up to you what something you’re paying for is “worth it” but I certainly don’t think CC charging 4K for a set of irons would ever be worth it. I ordered my MMCs and T20s from Mizuno (through Discount Dans) and had the loft/lies checked once they got here and only a couple needed adjustment. I get build quality can vary but that’s a massive up charge from them. I don’t have any experience personally with CC but it sure does always sound like they’re really overpriced for what you get. Regardless, good luck with the search, you’re gonna get something great no matter what.
  6. When you make the choice, be sure to give Discount Dan’s a shout. Great guys over there and really great prices.
  7. Can anyone compare the Smoke Yellow to the RDX Smoke Blue?
  8. TaylorMade MG2 TW 60* Out on the course one time only real sign of use is a tiny ding out near the toe that is pictured. Specs... Loft - standard Lie - standard Length - 35.25” with a 1/4” extension Shaft - Modus 120x Grip - Pure DTX Midsize (Grey) + 1 full wrap and two wraps under the right hand. Bonus is a brand new sleeve of 2021 ProV1s. $165 Shipped via USPS Monday morning.
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