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  1. We’ll see Vokey SM9 in January for a March release if they keep to their normal cycle. (Can’t believe we’re already at SM9).
  2. Very cool. Never seen one like it before.
  3. I’ve had Modus 120x for a while and love them. I’d look into the heads/ball you’re playing first if you really like the shafts. Definitely can knock a decent amount of spin off with a head and/or ball change.
  4. Tensei Hybrid, Tour ADDI Hybrid, Ventus HB
  5. Nope. I’d bet against it. Unless they really go off script (no pun intended) the “Mizuno Pro” moniker will stay overseas.
  6. If you can find a set of J33 cbs in good shape that’s what I’d recommend. Played a set for a few months and wished I’d kept them. Really solid players cavities.
  7. Sounds solid to me. Shouldn’t be that big of a performance difference all other things being equal between the 20 and 22 blades. Take that extra $500 and spend it on other stuff.
  8. Close. I go 50/55/60 (46* PW) and that covers all the gaps for me.
  9. Amazing how subjective feel is. Even if someone’s speed and delivery numbers are the same. Really got to hit something before you buy. Thanks for the input.
  10. Good to know. I’m in a Smoke Yellow 6.5 and it’s a really good fit for me but for better feel with those numbers I’m intrigued.
  11. Anyone go from the Smoke Yellow into the RDX Blue?
  12. None of the fitting fee was credited and they’re charging $50 to ship. Sorry I don’t care how good the build is, that’s a ripoff. Oh and they decided to charge $15 for a $9 grip, which is nice. And to be clear, I’m all for Cool Clubs, Club Champion, etc charging what they charge. Something is worth what someone else will pay, so good for them and good for whoever pays what they ask. I wouldn’t tell someone how to spend their money, I just wouldn’t spend that much. End of rant, Happy 4th everyone.
  13. This reporter wrote this up to stir the pot and get clicks. This happened over a decade ago, was made public and was never denied by Phil or his people. My question to the reporter is, “what was the purpose of this now?” While Phil’s response wasn’t the greatest, I don’t get why the article even gets written in the first place.
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