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  1. Well so much for getting any work done this morning.
  2. Hopefully you're not a oddsmaker in LV.
  3. Yeah, Doubt we will hear The Golf Channel or anyone else make mention of it. :russian_roulette:
  4. Gary Williams and Chris DeMarco are both not on air, masters week no sign of either one. Something must be up at golf channel. Weird, Gary Williams with his past addiction problems I could understand taking a medical leave even on Master's week. But DeMarco not around also makes you wonder what's going on.
  5. LOL, Kind of like the guys over on the Harley Davidson forum who never use spell check, complain about everything non-American and call cars cages. But can't figure out why millenials don't want to be like them or buy their motorcycles. The interlinks is a wonderful thing.....
  6. I was high ebay bidder on a set of Mizuno MP-54's 4-PW irons, KBS Tour shafts, brand new still in plastic. $295.00 So good! Other was a pair of new Puma Ace 7940's golf shoes a seller was closing out his older inventory, I wanted a set of waterproof shoes I could leave in the golf bag I keep at a friend's home in Thailand so I don't have to pack them each trip. Best $35.00 I ever spent on ebay, Even at the end of the day they feel like a pair of lightweight running shoes, Good grip, waterproof and look good.
  7. Experiences? Well I was in Bangkok on a hot August night. Oh, I bet you meant golf. I have a combo set of 53's and 63's. Loved the ball flight on both with the KBS Tour shafts.
  8. [quote name='flopshot99' timestamp='1440364029' post='12194960'] Tiger n9 more...how many on here wanted him to win..awwww_w [/quote] [quote name='flopshot99' timestamp='1440364174' post='12194964'] Too much cult like for rldrick..Davis live age 88 is gonna win..weak field is righttttttttttttt [/quote] Based on your spelling ability I'm going to guess you enjoyed having a few beers while watching golf on TV this afternoon. and yes, please continue to school everyone on TW.
  9. [quote name='lefty32077' timestamp='1440342837' post='12193560'] Played the other day with my buddy. We played 18 in just shy of two hours. He shot 74 I shot 77. a lot of these dudes are paralysis by analysis. I almost don't even play on the weekends anymore because of 5 hour plus rounds. See the shot hit the shot, it isn't rocket science [/quote] I'm with you, I've completely given up on weekend golf unless it's a late Sunday afternoon 9 holes with friends.
  10. Jimbud

    Joe LaCava

    [quote name='crazy8golfer' timestamp='1439661468' post='12143038'] People need to just except the fact that Tiger will only be paying on Thursday and Friday of each tournament. [/quote] First lesson of being a internet expert on golf and practical joker is learning how to spell. I'd give you a pass but you had to add the laughing emoticon.
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