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  1. grantc

    TP mills

    You named the Heritage?! That's pretty freaking cool.
  2. Cameron's major headcovers are tired. I don't get the love.
  3. Payment sent for: NEW PULLED Fujikura Atmos Blue Tour Spec 6R 43.75” (Cobra Shaft, Cobra grip, no adapter)- $30
  4. Gorgeous putter, wish I had the putting chops to do it justice!
  5. Rapture V2 has my vote too. Very appealing shape and aesthetics.
  6. people who post a topic in the wrong forum...
  7. You mean like an Anser 4? I hope they do too, but you make it sound like Ping is unfamiliar with this headshape.
  8. Really like the look of this. OP, is that the Stealth finish or the Slate?
  9. Love the 2007 Burner TP 3 wood. Still have one sitting in the basement somewhere. That thing was hot.
  10. I game both a BeNi and BeCu Anser 4. I prefer them over anything else more modern. I say throw yours in the bag and don't think twice about it.
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