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  1. Payment sent for the Xr Kiyoshi and the Nike Oban Devotion. Thanks!
  2. I love the GFore Gallivanters but hate the bottom. I love FJ Classics but they aren't as comfortable as the GFore uppers. I called my guy Bill Larossa and has my GFore's outfitted with actual FootJoy classic leather soles that have the usual small thread replaceable spikes. Win/Win.
  3. In years past he had elevee stuff made and his sponsor logos were just sewn on. I would assume these days it would be Mizzen + Main since he owns stake in the company.
  4. That ship sailed years ago. He started something great and had a lot of tour support but his ego got in the way of customer service. I'll never forget being told that I could not look inside his little log cabin of a booth he built at the PGA Tour show probably 7 or 8 years ago. Truthfully at the time that was one of my most anticipated booths to check out since they were one of the first quality boutique accessories. Sour grapes on my part for sure but you lose your customers then you have no business. Too many niche accessory companies to choose from now.
  5. I don't know which head it is but make sure he has all of the weights tightened up as well. If its not that then the installer jacked it up 100%. I think when prepping he bored through the metal in the hosel just as you predicted. Rattle stop will work if he removes the shaft etc but its up to him to deal with it with his club builder in my opinion. If his guy can't get a simple shaft install right or take the initiative to fix it knowing there wasn't a rattle to start the install then I would hate to see what kind of mess he makes with hotmelt.
  6. BOS, JRich, Norcal, Ken Hissam, Continental to name a few.
  7. > @track900 said: > Does Superfast have an “L” at the end of the serial number It does not have an L at end the of the serial. Was that the Long Hosel version serial or something? My memory is shot after 3 kids.
  8. No trades. Prices include USA shipping. Plenty of references for anyone who may need one. I will send more pictures if you need something specific. First come first served. I do not know the exact specs for the tour issue heads. Taylormade M5 driver Tensei CK 60 Orange Stiff Shaft New in wrapper with headcover and wrench: $sold Taylormade M6 irons 4-PW New in wrappers with KBS Max 85 Stiff Steel shafts $650 shipped Taylormade Tour Issue R1 Head (199.8 grams headweight). As clean as you'll find these days. $sold Taylormade Tour Issue R11s 9* (201.7 grams headweight). A couple ball marks on the face is all. $100 shipped Taylormade Tour Issue Superfast 2.0 paintbreak 9.5* (209.1 headweight) Condition is superb. $125 shipped
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