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  1. Up for Sale!!!! I am in Southeast MI and I can meet up at Carl’s or Miles of Golf. *EDIT - Trade bait - Ventus Blue 8X/Tensei AV RAW Blue 75/85TX for SIM FW, Byron blades and Channel Island, Betti, Epon putters, Yamada putters, Tour issue putters, CNCPT irons and other rare iron sets. 1) Scotty Cameron Made for Tour Napa 1997 COA: A-029114 Unused Black Cameron Leather Grip 34” CT shaft band RARE Hand Blue original finish. NO HC but will ship protected. Small dings on the top line. One can be seen on the COA pic I did not take this outside
  2. Thanks! Last info I got was build start 11/17 and ship before 11/30. Doubting that but I will take it if they can.
  3. Where on the website do you see an estimated ship date? I had to email to get mine.
  4. Up for sale/trade. Please feel free to ask any questions as these are not readily available here. Feel free to PM me for more pics as well. Trade interest will be SIM shaft only: 1) Ventus Velocore Blue/Black 6S or 6X – SIM tip, play length longer than 45” 2) Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Orange 55/65S or 55/65X – SIM tip, play length longer than 45” 3) Diamana ZF, TB, BF in 50/60 S/X – SIM tip, play length longer than 45” 1) Baldo 8C Craft TA001 Head Only (10 Deg w/ used HC) - $180 Shipped to CONUS. Some scratches but no effec
  5. I only have bonded driver. Current gamer: Baldo 586 "Kamikaze" 420 w/ Impact Boron Revolver Backups: Romaro 460HX with Waccine GR55 Baldo 8C Craft TA001 w/ Basileus ZII Epon Zero Kai w/ Crazy Royal Decoration A-grind 440 and good ole' 9015D!
  6. No to TTX version but if it's anything like the original that I have, money club. I have the driver set up to be a runner and brassy where I want to land soft. Not so hard to get it up in the air from deck. At least not for me compared to other 3 wood.
  7. I just got them. They are sweet. Very soft but more thump. Softest iron I have hit is Tourstage MR-23 US blades. This is as soft but seems to have more thump. Very hard to describe but awesome. I've only played two rounds with it but very very forgiving. I need to go to Carl's golf land and hit CB-1008. It does look very similar.
  8. SD 2.5 sold. I can't believe A-grind or Yamaha isn't gone yet. High Launch Low spin combo.
  9. LAST PRICE DROP 8/24/2017 NOTE. Added more pics of Romaro UT. I noticed some paint chips... discount applied for that. JDM, Cameron and Byron for sale. Cash is king. I don’t have any trade interest at this moment. I will NOT separate the shaft and the head. A-Grind 440 10.5 with Veylix Arcane Prototype 540 Tour Issue X (first 40) - No HC. Will not sell shaft and the head separately. Arcane is losing the color change in the middle. It will change color by the hosel (See pic) and some area in the middle but it mostly stays same color. 44.75” $250 $200 shipped CONUS Romaro 460HX conforming ve
  10. I had such a hard time explaining this to my kids who both started golf and in love with Lexi ever since she came to the Vovik and meeting with her almost everyday. What she did was a rule violation. I did explain that. But not why she was penalized so late in to the tournament. All I could tell them is that they need to be careful do not lose your concentration during matches and tournament. So let's say this was Friday. Email gets sent in on Saturday after 3rd round have started and Lexi made a cut by 2 strokes. Would she be declared cut and other player that was cut gets in and starts pla
  11. Bump for price drop and I want these gone! Send me an offer for both combined!
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