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  1. Ventus Red 6X Untipped with Titleist adapter. Plays 45" w/ Z-grip Purchased from Will Peoples in April. Played 4 rounds. I was going to put it in something else but liking Motore X better. -SOLD Ventus Red 7X Tipped 1" with Titleist adapter. Plays 43" w/ cord 360 Purchased from a member here and played 6 rounds. It was good combo with TSi2 but going different direction -SOLD TSi2 15* Head Only Includes headcover. Played with above Ventus for 6 rounds. Some mark on the face but still very good condition. -$200 shipped CONUS Feel free to PM me with questions!
  2. For sale (No trades): *EDIT - All includes stock HC TSi3 Head only 8* 3 rounds played. SOLD TSi3 Hybrid head only 18* 4 rounds played. Paint chip on rear head side and toe side. High head scratch cannot see on the address. Face scratch can be seen from address. $180 shipped Mizuno ST-Z w/ RDX black 6.5 (43") 15* 3 rounds played. High head scratch is difficult to see from the address because of the gloss finish. SOLD
  3. I'm jealous. It's impossible to find a single iron other than 4~6.
  4. MR-23 US blade Z101 (I need a 9 iron! I have 2~8,PW) AF Tour MB The Yamaha blade I forgot the name.
  5. There are so many little shaft companies that are make very good product. Light and stable was started by these guys. I think Waccine was one of the first to advertise counter balance (not in those words) super light shaft that was stable 2010ish. They designed and Fujikura made it. Still have one of the original model and I won't get rid of it. Deramax, Roddio, Basileus, Crazy, TRPX, reve to name a few have made solid distance shaft before Autoflex. Autoflex sending shaft to TXG was the difference. Very very smart.
  6. Interesting. Mine just got delivered today (3w w/ RDX black 6.5 43”) and it seems flatter than my sim. I played with all the setting and my eyes liked the standard the best.
  7. Two complete sets of irons up for sale: These has been gamed here and there but mostly been in my office for the last 2 years. Only trade interest are: TSi 9*, ST-Z 9.5* Epon Personal 2 (4~Pw, F and D) 4~PW: Modus Tour 120, brown iomic x 1.8 F~D Wedges: DG TI S200, gray iomic 1.8 *Disclosures F wedge has rock mark. See pic. PW - Hosel is little loose, wasn't enough for sim. Build it up with beads and epoxy. 5i - 38" Std. loft and lie $1,500 shipped CONUS Rmaro Iron set (3~Pw) 3: Romaro Ray H forged, DG X100, Romaro grip 4~PW: DG TI X100, MCC blue (4i tour velvet) *Disclosures/L Noticed that 5 iron ferrule has creeped up, see pic. PW ferrule damaged by acetone. No issue playing 5i - 38" Std. loft and lie Grooves are all still good. *I will include below wedges for FREE 50, 56: Ray SX I.S sole, DG S200, MCC Blue $800 shipped conus DM me for more pics.
  8. Up for sale: 1) Tour Issue SIM 5W: See Spec sheet. Built by Peoples golf at D3 with CP2 wrap mid size and ventus blue velocore 7s at 42" playing length. Sand ball mark on toe area. Shot wasn't great, not terrible and left a mark. Never hit it out of the bunker since. Has stock HC. Ordered on Oct. 27th 2020. In the bag for 6 rounds. Sold 2) Ventus Blue Velocore 7s tipped 1/2". Played 42" on above SIM 5W. Brand new MCC blue and yellow. I have no idea why there some paint rubs just above the velocore. Please see pic. TM 1.5 tip Sold 3) Tensei AV Raw Orange 65TX w/ Ping G410/425 tip. Brand new tour velvet +4. 44.3" tip to end of the grip. Put it in G410 LST for range session. Previously had TM tip that I gamed for 2 rounds. Just didn't match my swing. Untipped. $185 $165 shipped/pp'd. I am redoing my bag from 20 degree hybrid on up. Only trade interest is TSi2/TSi3 15/16.5 fw for now. I will add more trade interest as I hit the rest of the 2021 lineup except for SIM2. I just did not get along with the white line. Thanks!
  9. Does anybody know the adapter compatibility? Is ST-Z FW completely new adapter vs old?
  10. My SS increased by 5mph (2 1/2 months) but I bought the Christmas deal with counterweight one. I think the counter weight one helped me the most. I might put counterweight in other sticks.
  11. Up for sale, used Tour Issue 10.5 Please see sticker for spec. Purchased from People's golf (Oct 2020) and hot melted neutral to 200g without the adaptor. (9g track weight and 11g back weight with screws) Comes with 4g track weight with screw (TM) and 5g back weight with screw (aftermarket) In the bag for 5 rounds. One stupid mark on the crown of the toe but very hard to see in certain light. Can't tell from the address. No HC. SOLD PP'd and shipped in CONUS
  12. Up for Sale!!!! I am in Southeast MI and I can meet up at Carl’s or Miles of Golf. *EDIT - Trade bait - Ventus Blue 8X/Tensei AV RAW Blue 75/85TX for SIM FW, Byron blades and Channel Island, Betti, Epon putters, Yamada putters, Tour issue putters, CNCPT irons and other rare iron sets. 1) Scotty Cameron Made for Tour Napa 1997 COA: A-029114 Unused Black Cameron Leather Grip 34” CT shaft band RARE Hand Blue original finish. NO HC but will ship protected. Small dings on the top line. One can be seen on the COA pic I did not take this outside since ‘15. Not sure if the previous owner did. $4,900 PP’d and shipped priority and insured CONUS. Trade interests are CT SSS Timeless/SSS 009/Super Rat + Cash/Multiple putters w/ COA (I do not like flange line and I hate mallets) 2) Gamer Scotty Cameron CT Laguna 2.5 COA: A-033853 Used Red Matador grip 34” CT Shaft band. NO HC but will ship protected. Refinished by Norcal Putters in Rainbow Oil Can. He did not clean this up. Original face milling can be seen. Please see pics for details. $1,500 PP’d and shipped priority and insured CONUS. Maybe trade for limited release or gamer CT blade style. 3) Gamer Scotty Cameron Made for Tour TEI3 Newport Rare Gen 1.5 Beached COA: A-033878 Made for Vance Veazey Used Superstroke Pistol GT 1.0 Stock shaft with peeling stock shaft band. NO HC but will ship protected. Refinished my Norcal Putters in PVD and face milling on the insert Sole had rock damage and Norcal fixed that as well. Rare Gen 1.5 (or X) with elastomer around the insert and the boxed TeI3. $1,500 PP’d and shipped priority and insured. No Trade. I don’t mind keeping this one. 4) Diamana DF 60s with Jumbo Max XS (43.75” with TM tip. Tipped 0.5”) $160 5) Reve Impact Boron Revolver Titanium Boron S with GP CP2 Mid (44.9” with TM Tip. Tipped 0.5”) LD shaft. 51g uncut. Feels like mid bend point. $240 6) Basileus Delta 60X with GP CP2 Mid (43.75” with TM tip. Unknown tipping) Normal Basileus finish peeling under the grip. Please be careful when pealing the grip tape as it might tear more finish. My Shotscope Tag broke off so if you have arcos/shotscope tags that you need to install, you will have to replace the grip or I can regrip with MCC Black and white std size. 67.5g uncut. 3.5 Torque. High bend point $200
  13. Thanks! Last info I got was build start 11/17 and ship before 11/30. Doubting that but I will take it if they can.
  14. Where on the website do you see an estimated ship date? I had to email to get mine.
  15. Up for sale/trade. Please feel free to ask any questions as these are not readily available here. Feel free to PM me for more pics as well. Trade interest will be SIM shaft only: 1) Ventus Velocore Blue/Black 6S or 6X – SIM tip, play length longer than 45” 2) Mitsubishi Tensei AV Raw Orange 55/65S or 55/65X – SIM tip, play length longer than 45” 3) Diamana ZF, TB, BF in 50/60 S/X – SIM tip, play length longer than 45” 1) Baldo 8C Craft TA001 Head Only (10 Deg w/ used HC) - $180 Shipped to CONUS. Some scratches but no effect on play. 2) Baldo 8C Craft Brassy w/ Reve armored ready FW50S (Jumbomax SO and used HC) - $250 Shipped to CONUS Some scratches on the sole and crown 3) Yamaha RMX 3 Wood Head Only (2016, No HC) - $120 shipped to CONUS 4) Romaro Ray V Heads Only Standard loft and lie (4~PW) $280 shipped to CONUS Grooves are still in good condition. Some bag chatter 5) Epon Zero Kai with Crazy Royal Decoration stiff w/ used HC 46.5”, GP Align - $350 shipped to CONUS. In excellent condition. Built this as long drive but just don’t have the speed or accuracy (or talent for that matter). 6) Baldo TT Prototype F5 with Basileus Z 70X 42.5” (18 Deg. W/ used HC + GPMC) – $150 Shipped to CONUS 7) Buddy Episode A w/ Waccine GR-77 S 44.5” (10 Deg w/ used HC, Superstroke) - $180 shipped CONUS Very good condition.
  16. I only have bonded driver. Current gamer: Baldo 586 "Kamikaze" 420 w/ Impact Boron Revolver Backups: Romaro 460HX with Waccine GR55 Baldo 8C Craft TA001 w/ Basileus ZII Epon Zero Kai w/ Crazy Royal Decoration A-grind 440 and good ole' 9015D!
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