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  1. Hoping someone has a Sensor WB that they'd like to move to justify building another custom putter. If so, then let me know what you've got and how much you're looking for. Hoping to find something without "personalized" stampings (initials, slogans, etc.) and am happy to entertain any of the Lajosi standard stamps. Will also entertain DD201 WB.
  2. It's been sitting for a few months and is in great shape. 34", purchased with stock 15g weights and I'm including 10g (installed), 25g, and the wrench. Super stroke slim black/silver grip.
  3. 13 days in Vegas??? Whew, good luck...I'd be dead and broke! I did the Cascata/Rio Secco deal in late 2019 (pre-Covid) and really enjoyed Cascata - far more than I enjoyed Rio Secco. Coming from the southeast, Rio Secco really didn't strike me as the type of course that I couldn't find anywhere else. Cascata, on the other hand, was very impressive from the jump. The facilities, the range, and the course itself were all beautiful and very unique. In fact, and I know I may get flamed for this, but I enjoyed the scenery and mountain/desert vibe at Cascata far more than I enjoyed the exclusivity and conditioning of Shadow Creek (played there a few weeks ago). I'd highly recommend at least playing Cascata. With a few free days, you may also want to look into the Paiute courses.
  4. Wow - as a dad that's been shopping for a TS3 set (unfortunately, not this size) feverishly over the past two weeks, this is a STEAL.
  5. Thanks all. Didn't consider the alcohol angle, but I like that. Appreciate the responses.
  6. Asked my club pro to arrange a reciprocal tee time for my golf trip group at a private course out of state. Curious what an appropriate thank you gesture would be - for mine and/or the other club pro as well? Cash, gift card, etc?
  7. 1. Ping G425 Max with the AV Raw Orange stiff shaft. 45" with a GPMC grip, includes the stock head cover, wrench, and I'll throw in 2 extra adapters. $OLD. 2. Mizuno MP-69s, 5-PW, 5i = 38", Modus 120x shafts, GPTV grips. $225 shipped CONUS. 3. Srixon 745/945s, 4-PW, 5i = 37.5", Modus 120x shafts, GPTV cord grips. 4-5 are the 745s, 6-PW are 945s. $OLD. I hit the max total attachment size, but happy to send any other pics you may want.
  8. Yeah, same here. We're up and teeing off around 7, wrap up around 4, order delivery from somewhere or grab take-out and watch TV before falling asleep by 9 (I know, I know, wild group of middle-aged men). I've occasionally driven around to an Outback or local mexican place but never seen much else to even consider doing in the area.
  9. Just curious - what do you do in Pinehurst after the round of golf? We've been going for years and I just don't see what else there is other than some chain restaurants and maybe a walk/dinner in the village. Am I missing some bustling nightlife somewhere?
  10. I've heard that they're in a membership "drive" to generate cash and have been contacted almost weekly to follow-up on my interested from last fall. Not sure if that's a good sign or a bad one, but it's a great facility.
  11. 1. Tour issue M3 9.5 head (actual specs: 10.4* loft, 60.4* lie, 1.25* FA, 201.32g, 251 CT) in good condition. Headcover included, spec sheet is not (the pic is one I took when I bought it, but it's missing - the serial in the pic matches the serial on the head). SOLD. 2. Tour issue M4 10.5 head (actual specs: 10.5*, 59.8, 1.8*, 198.7, 239) also in good shape. No headcover but the spec sheet is included with this one.
  12. Thanks. The Precision Putt says it runs a 12, so that would be excellent. Pricey, though.
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