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  1. Ordered a combo set zx5/zx7 with AMT s300 white shafts on 5/19/21 thru DD and I was just informed that it would mid July at the earliest due to the shafts. I am about to just pull the trigger on an EBay set of these. Getting a bit frustrated with these wait times.
  2. Not sure where you have heard it is the MOST fade biased head that Callaway makes in this lineup, as I have heard from multiple other sources the triple diamond is the MOST fade biased head. With that being said, I just purchased a single diamond and a double diamond off of eBay and will be heading over within the next week to get trackman numbers on both Heads and compare them to my current original Epic SZ head. The shaft I will be using is a Mitsubishi Tensei PO 70 S tipped 1”.
  3. Well...since I couldn’t get the answers I was seeking, I just went ahead and bought a single and a double diamond EF SZ off of eBay. Once I get the heads in I will head over to my local club builder that has a trackman system and compare numbers on both heads with the same shaft and also put it up against my OG Epic SZ. I will post back on to this thread once I get the comparison completed.
  4. For those of you in that have more knowledge on these heads, can anyone compare the single diamond head to the retail EF SZ head. Which one is more draw bias? Which one is lower spin? I have a tendency to hit a pretty straight ball flight with either a very slight push or a very minimal draw. I don’t have a whole lot of a head rotation through my swing and I think a draw bias head would fit my swing really well, but I would like to make sure I go with the lower spinning head of the 2 mentioned above.
  5. Wanting to revive this thread a little bit to see if anyone has more recent feedback in regards to the double diamond or single diamond heads. I went in for a fitting on trackman and hit the retail EF SZ head up against my epic SZ and was averaging around 8 to 10 yards more with the retail EF SZ over my SZ. Both same loft and using same Tensei PO shaft. I tend to have a fairly straight ball flight due to the fact that I don’t have a hard rotation thru impact and my swing path is pretty neutral. If the single diamond head is slightly more draw biased than the retail SZ head and still low sp
  6. Just had two dozen of these arrive today from Golfdom. I have another dozen sitting at my local club builder shop that I need to go pick up tomorrow can’t wait to give them a try. As of right now my go to ball is the TP5X, looking forward to seeing how this ball stacks up.
  7. I had my fitting yesterday, and was informed that all of his allotment had already been spoken for here locally. He was able to order 12 dozen, but he’s pretty sure that is all he is going to get.
  8. I have a buddy of mine that owns a custom club shop here locally in Springfield Missouri, he is telling me that he has to order six dozen minimum to place an order for the left dash ProV1. I really want to try these, but don’t want to buy six dozen of them. He said he is not placing an order to carry them in stock unless somebody Wants all 6 dozen. Anybody want to go in with me?
  9. The new Tiger Woods course is also right next to this this course and it opens in 2020.
  10. Not sure how many WRX members there are in Maui, but if any of you are free to join up with me for a round of golf at the Gold course, let me know. I am planning on teeing off around 8-8:30 am.
  11. Since I currently use a backstryke putter, I would love it if they would bring this particular design to retail. The only thing I would change is I would make the white site line blocked off at the bottom and not flare out
  12. To me, the white line looks much better on this putter than the new spider x. I personally think the straight white line looks much better blocked off at the end rather than flaring out like what is on the current model. Hopefully they will bring this design to retail. If you could take this particular model make it in a navy blue (or black) version and then move the shaft slightly back from the face similar to the one that was built for Jim Furyk (I think it was for him), That would be a putter I would rush to the store to buy.
  13. I really get a chuckle out of reading some of the comments, not only in this thread but in other threads as well, in regards to people buying PXG clubs. Are they expensive.......? Yes. Are you whining about people buying these clubs because your broke Word not allowed can’t afford them.......more than likely. In the end, if someone wants to spend the extra money to own these clubs, it is more than likely because they either........ A. Love the way they look. B. Love the the way they perform. C. Love the fact they have a set of clubs that most other golfers can’t afford. Whatever the
  14. These shoes run big. Keep that in mind if ordering online. I have worn a size 9 in every adidas golf shoe i have ever owned.........had to drop down to an 8.5 in this shoe.
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