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  1. Driver and 3 wood are sold. Make an offer on the 5 wood, I will be heading to ship everything else soon and could send it as well.
  2. Looking to sell a few things that have been laying around my office, prices include paypal and shipping in the US. No trades but welcome reasonable offers. Let me know if you have any questions or would like additional pictures. 2016 M2 9.5*. Head only with headcover. Its has a few minor chips but still in great condition - SOLD 2016 M2 15* 3 wood. Head only with headcover - SOLD 2016 M2 18* 5 wood. Head only with headcover - SOLD Project X wedge shaft pulls from vokey raw SM7's ordered from wedgeworks. Standard length 52* (6.0), 56* (5.5) and 60* (5.5)
  3. SM7 60.10S ordered Raw (not stripped) from Wedgeworks with Project X 5.5, standard Length/Loft/Lie. Its only been used a few times on the range and course, asking $115 OBO shipped and paypal'd in the U.S. Let me know if you have any questions or would like additional pics. Thx for looking!
  4. I added a sole pic, let me know if you'd like more. Sorry, not sure how I left that one out of the original post.
  5. Looking to get rid of a few heads that have been sitting in my office. Not really looking for trades right now, but feel free to send offers if my prices are out of line. Prices include paypal and shipping in the U.S. Let me know if you've got any questions or want additional pictures. Black R15 10.5* - head only. Its used and has a few scratches here and there but in good condition. I'm including a wrench with the head, however I do not have the headcover, I will bubble wrap the head when shipping to protect it. EDIT: Driver head no longer for sale, getting the head refinished. Aerobu
  6. Dropped the price on everything, make some offers if my prices are out of line.
  7. Ha - me too! You could always remove the stitches and cover with some American flags or something if you really like the shoes.
  8. I've a few random items that have been sitting in my office. The only trade items that I'd be interested in are 2016 M2 9.5* Driver head, 2016 M2 15* or 18* head or with stiff shaft, I would add some cash obviously. Feel free to make offers or PM me if you'd like additional pictures! Just to clarify, there is no initials on the Ecco's, only on the Footjoys. Ecco Casual Hybrid in True Blue, size 44 (10-10.5 US). Worn to the range once, I just prefer my True Linkswear's - $75 $70 OBO shipped and paypal'd FootJoy DryJoy Tour's, one is all white and the other has a navy blue saddle, size on
  9. Let me know if you have any questions or want some additional pictures. Feel free to send offers, shipping is in the U.S. only. Titleist 660's, 3-PW with Project X 6.0 shafts. They look about .5" short of standard length. I bought these on BST last year as a project but never did anything with them. They're used but the faces are good, no browning; however they look like they could use some new grips. SOLD Vokey SM4 52.12 and 56.14 with S400 shafts. SOLD
  10. She's definitely the one! Why not up IN the lighthouse at sunset? --kC You can go in the lighthouse?! Hmm maybe I will!! Yep, you can take a narrow stair case to the top, great view!
  11. What's the current driver model you're playing? R15 460 10.5* What shaft are you gaming? Project X Blue 6.5 What's your current ballfilight? medium to high Average driving distance? ~270 Are you happy with this current shaft? yes If chosen with you agree to test the new shaft and participate in an ongoing review thread with other GolfWRX members? yes
  12. Just wanted to send out a big thank you to the folks at True Temper. I had a shaft issue last week and they reached out to me and took care of everything. I cant thank them enough, truly an incredible company and first class people! Thanks again
  13. Does anyone know any driver shafts with a similar profile to the Project X 6.5? Shaft broke today and the head of my R15 went down the driving range ... Looking for something similar to possibly replace it with or even the same one, this was given to me so I don't know much about it. Ive attached a pic of the shaft if that helps. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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