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  1. Wow, sweet looking Players CB shape! Wilson has always known how to shape an iron since the old staff blade days. GLWS!
  2. Man those were a great club! Owned those and a set of the RAC MBs. Still have two sets of the 300 Forged Lehman Box toes. I always thought the RAC CB were a retail copy (with some tweaks) of the tour only Lehmans.
  3. Do you know the Oras weight? Same as the 125 or...? Thanks
  4. Prefer very good to excellent condition. Heads only or shafted.
  5. 2 sets a forged players irons purchased new years ago, a few have been hit but never bagged... 1) Srixon ZTX 1025 Forged CB 3-PW (standard LLL) - SOLD - - DG S300 w Golf Pride tour velvet cord logo down (Only pitching wedge and five iron have had the plastic wrapper removed from the grips) - 3 and 6i heads still wrapped in plastic - other clubs have been hit but barely noticeable - Amazing set of forged players cavity backs. Every bit as good as the new releases! 2) Cobra King Cobra Pro MB 1020 Forged 3-PW (standard LLL) --SOLD-- - DG S300 w Golf Pride tour velvet Cobra logo grips (All grips still in original plastic wrappers) - All iron heads still wrapped in factory plastic except 8i (plastic is old and dirty but club heads are pristine) - Another amazing set of players irons, with better feel from the 1020 forged heads. Prefer PP sale but would entertain trades for Bridgestone J15 CB, a newer 9° drivers with stiff shaft or forged 52/58 wedge combos. Been on Golfwrx forever. Had a bunch of sales on here 10 years ago but when the site got revamped I didn't get any credit for those. Perfect selling record on eBay. HMU w any questions.
  6. Been a 52/58 player for well over 10 years. Rest of bag: 9 deg driver 15 deg 3 wood 19 deg hybrid 23 deg hybrid 4 (24 deg) - PW (47 deg)
  7. Are there or were there tip weights in any of the iron shafts?
  8. Just wondering what was wrong and if I can fix, edit and repost?
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