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  1. Yea, I get it and is fine within your own foursome. My point is in a larger group it becomes too subjective and applied inconsistently. Better to just play it "up" in bunkers w/ scorecard length relief
  2. If you're not playing for anything who cares what he does? Personally, I think if you're going to "set it up" in the bunkers, you just allow it regardless of the lie. Especially if you have an entire group; unambiguous uniformity is best. It becomes too subjective if you try to pick and choose on a case-by-case which lie is worthy of relief and which should be played as is.
  3. Agreed. It's a completely subjective discussion with no absolute correct way to go about it. My personal opinion is that a 60 is a very valuable tool (especially on most US courses) and that learning to be comfortable with that much loft early in a player's development is a positive thing, but it shouldn't be at the expense of learning how to execute chips and pitches with less lofted clubs.
  4. Sure, to play as a guest - get invited by a member. To become a member: Medalist- write a check Seminole - become CEO of a Fortune 500 company and have a decent golf resume as well
  5. Flatter lie angles will only work if you're shallowing sufficiently. Height and arm length are also significant factors. My irons are 2.5 flat. I'm average height with long(ish) arms for me height.
  6. Yep, pretty simple to me, but it's incredible how many believe they're entitled to move the ball to the nearest point that simply gets the ball off of the path, then think they can get a stance plus club length beyond that. (Of course in many cases by the time they take their stance it's no longer the NPCR and relief would be on the other side of the path)
  7. Man, God forbid someone plays by the rules, counts every shot, and finishes 18 in under 4 hours...lol! WTF?
  8. Appreciate the responses, thanks guys. This came up in my round yesterday and in a discussion after the round I was amazed by how many good tournament players including two ex-college players and two assistant pros did not understand the rule correctly. The confusion had to do with the definition of "complete relief." Most thought "nearest point" was the shorter distance from the ball's original position on the path. They then wanted to allow for stance, then a club length no nearer the hole. BTW, It was more favorable for the player to drop on the right side of the path than the left in this
  9. Do you take relief based on how far the ball must move to accommodate "complete relief" including stance? Or do you figure stance required to hit the shot into the equation?
  10. I have played Medalist many times, and Jupiter Hills once...both are exceptional! I have not played MacArthur but would love to play there; it's on the same sand Ridge as the other two and I've heard its great. All are well beyond my budget in terms of membership though...
  11. I am living in Jupiter in the Abacoa Community and joined Abacoa Golf Club which is semi-private. Initially I thought it was just going to be temporary until I figured out which fully private club to join. Now well into my second year I have no urgency to leave. As a daily feel it's a higher-end place with greens fees at around $150 in-season so it has a more upscale feel. They have a covenent with the town that requires they keep a certain number of times available for public play so the private membership is limited and there is a waiting list. I won a lottery to get a spot and have been ver
  12. So, in terms of "giving back" what exactly are YOU contributing and why are you even posting in this thread? Your statement above is beyond ridiculous. Between the ET and posts in the GolfWRX instruction threads Slicefixer has given plenty back. Do your homework...
  13. Dan Whitaker spent some time with Geoff about 10 years ago. Geoff was very generous in sharing his swing concepts and ideology. Since then, Dan has incorporated much of what he learned from Geoff into his own teachings. Dan does have a substantial YouTube presence and his video production is high quality. Unlike many popular instructors these days, Geoff doesn't put much out there on YouTube or social media except for the occasional FB post highlighting accomplishments of his students. I don't think he's worried much about marketing and apparently has as much business as he needs through wo
  14. And he used the "stock" X-12s, not even the Tour model.
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