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  1. I'm a long-time Ping guy and think my i200s feel pretty good, though different than most Mizuno MPs which IMO feel great when flushed. I think forged versus cast is an obsolete discussion. Clubs either feel good or they don't! A more nuanced discussion would be feel on center-strikes versus mis-hits.
  2. Well that may be, but in my extensive experience (I'm getting old) and as a low hc/scratch player I firmly believe that mass behind the sweet spot, as in a true one piece muscle back blade, is what primarily provides what most think of as that traditional buttery pure "forged feel." I've yet to hit a cavity back, thin faced, or multi-material iron that provides that same feel, regardless of forged or cast, though there are plenty that feel better than others. I will give props to Mizuno though, as they really tune their designs for a certain sound frequency, which contributes to feel. I honestly think Ping forged the frames of these to check off a marketing box, knowing that players of certain demographics won't even consider a club that isn't "forged."
  3. I like the look, size and the concept behind the tech, but am confused as to why they used a "forged" body/frame. Just to be able to market it as "forged" I'd guess? One of the greatest things about Ping irons has always been durability, and with a forged frame, which likely adds nothing to feel, I'm afraid these will show significant bag chatter and wear.
  4. All of your points are on the money. Home prices and private club initiations have risen dramatically over the past several years, and then even more dramatically since Covid. I've spent significant time in a number of different Florida locations over the years on both coasts, Ft. Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Stuart, Melbourne, Vero, Jacksonville on the east coast, and Ft. Myers, Sanibel-Captiva, Sarasota, Tampa- St. Pete, and Naples on the west coast. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to Jupiter. Jupiter has a "beach town" vibe, nearly 5 miles of uninterrupted beaches with free parking and easy access, it's close to both airports (PBI & FLL), easy access to 95 & TPK, many acres of preserved land and parks, the absolute best restaurants, close to culture in PB and WPB, great fishing and climate due to the moderating effects of the Gulfstream which runs close to the coast, and of course, great golf! There's a reason so many professional athletes and other high net worth people choose to call Jupiter home! Unfortunately however, housing is extremely expensive, and so are most private golf options. For the time being, I'm happy playing at Abacoa GC. I live in the neighborhood and love it. I was a member of the same fully private club in NJ for nearly 25 years. I describe Abacoa (which is semi-private) as 85% of a full private at 35% of the cost. I have played most everywhere down here save for a few, and our greens are consistently as good or better than the private options. I've got guaranteed tee times and play with a great group. The challenge for most is becoming a member. Abacoa is limited in the number of private members they can have, so there's a long waiting list. The deal is they have to keep a certain percentage of tee times available to the public due to their covenant with the town, even though they are privately owned. When I retired from my previous career and moved down here 3 years ago I found it very challenging to find the "right fit" in terms of both golf and housing. It took a long while to figure things out. I've since started a real estate business where I work primarily with buyers helping them learn the lay of the land and the golf scene. It's been great as I've met a lot of awesome people, most of whom have become friends! I just wish there was more inventory in our local housing market!
  5. Yes, they are beauties!! I ordered these back in January and it took forever to get them. Just found out I need elbow surgery which is a major bummer.
  6. Perfect set (5 thru AW) 2021 Taylormade 770s with Nippon Modus 120 shafts. Only a few of the clubs have been hit on the practice tee, and even those show absolutely zero signs of use anywhere...face, sole, grip, chatter, etc. Specs as follows: 2 degrees flat lie, 1 degree strong loft, X flex shafts soft stepped 1x, length +.25" to get to previous TM standard length, TM Golfpride Z grips. (loft & lie easily adjustable in most golf shops) SOLD
  7. Apologies if it's been stated already in this thread, but is the Ventus Black w/ velocore that is offered on TM's custom site the real deal or "made for?" I see the Blue is a $250 upcharge.
  8. That would be great. I moved to FL 2 years ago, so no longer in Jersey. I'd love to do that Masters trip with fellow Slicefixer students!
  9. Carry on my best strikes is about 255-260. I have lost about 5-7 mph of CHS over the past 3 years. Many keys for me are captured in this still image:
  10. This was several weeks ago. I started golf late (29) and didn't meet Geoff until I was 45. I'm 53 now. I will never look like his best students, but his concepts and fundamentals have helped me get to better than scratch from a 5/6 hc. I shot 68 on this day from 6700
  11. The book is very good. I agreed to be a test reader and editor, so received multiple drafts to review. In the end Geoff decided there wouldn't be "enough" financial gain in taking it to publication to make it worth it. He also wasn't keen on giving away all of his "secrets" for what would likely only amount to a modest profit. I saw things differently... that it would be a great way to document his legacy and promote his teaching business, but it was obviously his decision. I also thought that there was a period of time when his GolfWRX popularity would have generated enough sales to make it worthwhile, but that window has closed since Geoff doesn't participate here anymore, and hasn't for years. I speak/text with Geoff fairly regularly and it sounds like he's doing great!
  12. I'm same as you with G410 LST in flat setting. It looks better to my eye at address and performance is excellent. I will definitely try the new G425 LST if it is lower spin with same or better forgiveness.
  13. Yea, I get it and is fine within your own foursome. My point is in a larger group it becomes too subjective and applied inconsistently. Better to just play it "up" in bunkers w/ scorecard length relief
  14. If you're not playing for anything who cares what he does? Personally, I think if you're going to "set it up" in the bunkers, you just allow it regardless of the lie. Especially if you have an entire group; unambiguous uniformity is best. It becomes too subjective if you try to pick and choose on a case-by-case which lie is worthy of relief and which should be played as is.
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