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  1. Agreed with what was said above. We have made use the prive a few times over the last 5 years, but in no way did the privilege have a decision in joining the club. Troon can do some great things especially when it comes to agronomy, but the service comes at a price. Like I said they run the one club we belong to quite well, and would not hesitate joining another Troon run establishment.
  2. I beleive you are correct, we have taken advantage of that situation going to The Boulders and La Paloma, and Blackstone. Was great at each location!
  3. We belong to a Troon run Prive in Arizona. Great communication with members and had the same GM from the time we joined, which was 5 years ago. Like many golf clubs besides Head Professional, staff turn over is pretty common. I will say they have done a great job in golf course conditions, even our guests comment on this. If there is a problem it would be food related, and frankly cant blame that on Troon. People forget that really good food costs money. I think you will be quite pleased with what they can do.
  4. Very!! good Condition Apex Pro 19 4-A Catalyst 100 Stiff shaft + 1/2" and 1 degree up CPO price 896.00 my price 750.00 shipped USPS REDUCED TO $695.00 Apex 19 Hybrid - SOLD Epic Flash 3 wood - SOLD Epic Flash Driver - SOLD
  5. Used last season with a another set mixed in at times. In very good shape as you can see from the pics. KBS tour v 110 +1/2" Stiff 1 degree up set includes 5-P, 50, 54, 58 $450.00 shipped conus, paypal Thanks for looking
  6. having had both, and still have the PTX Pro. I find the long irons better, and they are very consistent from top top bottom! I think the feel on both are wonderful. To each his own! No right or wrong answer here.
  7. I loved playing Dunbar, I stayed at what is now called the Nether Abbey Hotel. Walked to North Berwick from the hotel, you are going to have a blast!
  8. softest for me apex pro 14
  9. I have had all three types of lesson with Monte. Clinic, private, video, and I can tell you each has it own feel. Clinic obviously more about the game as a total, but still had one on one time. Learned a ton. Private was all about individual needs which was fantastic, did a playing lesson at the same time and of course stuff pops up that you don't do on the range. You live close TAKE ADVANTAGE!! Video, I should have done this all along to go with the two above, would have to made my golfing life much easier. We always go back to old patterns!!
  10. My wife had it terrible!! shots physical therapy acupuncture insoles Rolfing is what finally worked for her
  11. agreed with Roadking. A couple of times we got stuck in traffic near the mall so you may want to add a little more time.
  12. AWESOME Monte, Deb and I couldn't be happier for you!
  13. I love your new PTX Pro irons, as a matter of fact I ordered a set! In regards to the driver you see more and more companies going to a carbon head, why did you choose to go all titanium?
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