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  1. Had a very merry christmas... CG14 56* Sonartec T45 52* Nickent 3dx DC Ironwood 20* Adams BTY 16.5* Taylormade Rossa ASGI+ Modena 8 And the money to reshaft/regrip all of them with what fits, hehe. Oh yeah, and a kick a** Ping Pong paddle, because there is nothing else to do at my college, except golf, lol.
  2. Lowest Competitive- 67 (-3) Lowest Goofing round-66 (-5) although once after shooting 42 on the front, I took a break at the turn, and stormed back out on the course to shoot 30 (-5) on the back. Tidy...
  3. UST Proforce V2 might not be a bad option for you, either
  4. Just a good swing, bud. You probably have a power leak somewhere in your normal golf swing, and this time you didn't! Maneuvered your swing enough to gain another freak 7-10 mph, and got a great bounce, and ended up being your perfect drive. People don't realize that if on every swing the guys on tour tried to destroy each drive, they'd all average 30 yards farther...There are a few more MPH in all of us...Just my opinion.
  5. All clubs brand new, in my sig Driver-86 Shaft- 45 3 Wood- 51 Shaft-38 17*- 31 Shaft- 8 20* - 40 Shaft- 18 Irons- 197 Shafts- already had 56*- 40 Shaft- had 60*- 31 shaft- had putter-26 Not including grips, and using some of my old shafts, I got 14 brand new clubs in two weeks for $611...not bad I'd say, given the equiptment
  6. I'm 6'4", 175 lbs and actually have a very big armspan... 79". I still play my clubs +1" and a few degrees upright. It's what looks better to his eye, if he's good enough to tell the difference. At that height, I don't think +1" could ever be TOO long, and he'll get used to the swingweight. I've had irons up to E0 before, and i ust got used to them.
  7. Not quite. Taper tips are .355" tip instead of .370"...and the shafts are already pre-tipped, and labeled per club, so you would just butt trim them to length. However the parallels basically come raw, so you would have to cut both tip and butt as needed.
  8. Per Cleveland, 588 was the 5th design in 1988. Its a verryyyy old design.
  9. i think people misunderstand why id want the hybrid, i dont have trouble carrying the strong 3W, i can hit it high and a long way, but its tough to control, i hit it left and right where as hybrids i hit super straight, so i was looking for something thats not easy to get airborn persay, but something that goes as far as my strong 3W but is easier to hit straight The reason you hit the hybrids super straight is because their higher loft, and less to do with their natural design. Yes, a 20* hybrid is easier to hit straight than a 3 wood, then again, so is a 7 wood, see what i'm saying? IMO
  10. I agree with the above, except i'm not sure if they made the .335 or .350 NV in 105, I thought only 95, which still is heavy. You may also like the 95-100ish gram Graman Limey shafts.
  11. Bravo. In the VS and DVS, they only come in even numbers. in the NV and NVS, only odd numbers. Ex: Ben Hogan NV-70H...garbage. Exotics DVS 65, garbage. That's why when you go online and custom order a club that's "stock" with a DVS is $299, but when you custom order it with a real DVS, they charge you $180 or whatever it is. This is also commonly done with Proforce V2 shafts (Nickent, etc.) and Grafalloy ProLaunch (Adams, etc.). A nickent rep tried to tell me the VS-85 in the 3dx Pro Fairway was a true VS, just heavier. I don't buy it, and having Freq'd all of them, they're far different. Torq
  12. Not a bad idea if you get rid of the idea that every graphite iron shaft has to be 80 grams and have a 5.0 torque. I think the Aldila NV 130 irons shafts are some of the best iron shafts, period. By seeing what shafts you play in all your other clubs, I'd go with that, Unless you wanna try the NV 105 iron shafts...Or even the MFS 115 Orange Crush shafts. Only reason I don't play the NV 130 X is the price.
  13. Before shipping, got my NV 105X for 8 bucks and my NVS105X for 18 bucks. Awesome deals...
  14. I hope you all realize, even though these are AMAZING DEALS, that those shafts are not real PLs or NVs. They're Adams junk shafts with paint jobs that say "for Adams golf". Just didn't want people thinking they were getting $70 shafts for $17 bucks. Great find though!
  15. If i were to guess, most of the guys playing Xstiffs are the competitors on this site, and the young golf professionals, or just plain athletic guys. One poster mentioned as a fitter he saw almost nobody swing over 110. I fit on average 8-10 people per day, and I have probably 2 people a week who swing over 100, probably one a month who swing over 108-110, and the median age here in Palm Coast, FL is over 51. Five days a week I take over 50 swings on a FlightScope Kudu, as well as a Vector, and my average swing speed floats between 111-113mph, maxing out just over 120. Am I super strong? No. I
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