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  1. Vise mounted shaft extractor. Works as intended. I will include some tip / adapter pullers as well. $165 obo shipped.
  2. I need to shed some more gear. starting with this putter. I love these things when I can get them rolling, but I am having some bad issues with my shoulders and need to try a longer flat stick. condition is as photographed. length and lie is as photographed as well. OG Press grip. $210 shipped.
  3. Zx5 used one round. Has some marks on the sole and lower heel side of the face. $250 with headcover.SOLD Epic speed head. Has some finish imperfections on the crown and hosel. Otherwise no uglies. $155 no headcover.
  4. Over the next few days I'm going to offload some of my gear to cover a few guitar purchases. Prices are shipped to you. BLaD.1, 35.5”, 70* $185 IMG_20210510_062046.webp IMG_20210510_062059.webp IMG_20210510_062055.webp IMG_20210510_062102.webp IMG_20210510_062107.webp
  5. No fun only "stick up butt" conventions and collared shirts.
  6. I thought this too. I think I'm struggling due to the weight change. Its like swinging a log with a boulder on the end of it.
  7. I had a pair of Ecco saddles disintegrate on my feet during a round. They were replaced no questions asked. Craziest part... the shoes were 10 years old.
  8. I do not. Maybe what I'm feeling is simply weight related and I should just order a new grip.
  9. Sub70 would be cool. My dealings with them have been pleasant, but the direct to consumer model might not mesh.
  10. @labgolf I have a blad with a garsen grip. It's a lot llonger than a traditional grip. Is there anyway to see how this is impacting the torque of the putter?
  11. Can someone let me know if the wrench is the same as Callaway or TM?
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