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  1. Must be 8 degrees and include a wrench. No tour issue in order to keep cost down. Ideally around $80.
  2. Going to go back to another TM driver. Never hit. Comes with headcover. $old Exputt, lightly used. Includes remote (not pictured, mat, camera, camera mount accessories, face stickers, AC adapter, 2 mini hdmi cables. Mat carrying bag is torn. I'll add in a blast motion as well. $old shipped obo. Sim Rocket 14. Used but plenty of life left. Photos show the condition. Head only $old
  3. Photos tell the story on these items. Voice Caddie Sc300 - sticking with my 200. Everything works. Includes everything pictured. $340 obo SOLD Mizuno MP-18 SC ctaper s+ 125g, +3/4" long. shows some wear on the faces but I've seen worse. I wanted to game these but I'm working through a shoulder injury and offloading some stuff I don't see myself using anytime soon. Heads $175 Assembled $225 SOLD
  4. fitted 7 3/4, adjustable, trucker, top hat, kangol. don't matter. i just want cool hats.
  5. Can someone help me understand the benefits of not pulling head up to peak after the ball has been struck with the putter. My exputt data suggests if my head stays still and eyes don't wander off the ball at address my putting arc and impact angle are much much more consistent. Therefore I just have to get a feel for distance. Wondering why and how the focus on head down influences these results. Thanks! Adam
  6. So basically if i had 10k come in I need to look at my goods and services transactions for items I bought?
  7. My money out was far greater than money in and I could most likely reconcile my paypal account to show that. So I'd like someone to chime in on how us hoarders should handle this.
  8. received one of these as well. wondering the same thing as @brew4eagle. I assume you received it from Paypal?
  9. I have a few dark spots that are stubborn. What is a safe cleaner to try and buff out?
  10. Looking for a blast motion to help me w/ putting data. Thanks, Adam
  11. This is great. I spent 2-3 hours trying to get a grip off before abandoning the effort. I'm thinking I have a monkey glue version too!. I've used glue, spray adhesive, no tape... so I get it. But for those 3 hours I was sweating.
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