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  1. Call it a perfect match or sentimental attachment but I am getting a little tired spending money on shafts trying to find something that works as well for me the Black 61x. I keep playing the Cleveland Classic 310, now ten years on, because I just love the feel of the shaft. I bought a couple years back but am down to the one in the driver and am afraid to pull and throw an adapter in. For those of you with access to profiles/EI, is there anything more recent that’s a really close match? I’ve done about as much digging on the web as I can handle and don’t want to spend $600 to get
  2. Did you order from Billy Bobs? I bought a set of 4-p and they sent 3-9. Unfortunately I didn’t notice the lengths until I installed them so I have soft stepped irons.
  3. All sold Tour issue Taylormade Sim Max 10.5 with an Oban Kiyoshi 65 X tipped 1". Plays to 44.75". Purchased from and built by People's Golf. Iomic Sticky midsize black. I don't have the original headcover but will include an AM&E Bob Hope Classic headcover. Played one round, couldn't make the spin numbers work with this head so I am playing a TSI4. Mint. Please note, the picture of the specs was taken when it arrived, I did play a round and remove the wrap. SOLD Toulon Azalea 35". Includes Toulon headcover. Standard Odysse
  4. sold Miura Baby Blade 2.0 3-PW raw oil can from People's Clubs Had loft/lie checked, both are standard +1/4" from Miura Standard (38.25" 5 iron) Iomic Sticky Midsize Black +2 wraps D4 swing weight Not interested in trades at the moment. Haven't hit these outdoors, just in simulator. Show light scratching from simulator but they haven't started to patina at all. I have a chrome set as well with Modus shafts and have decided to stick with those. These are incredible looking in person. $2000 shipped to the lower so
  5. I have the ZX7s and have hit the Apex Pros. The Apex Pros seemed very similar to the P770 if you have hit those. I bent the clubs to the same loft and didn’t see any difference in distance. I preferred the sound of the Srixon but that is personal. I didn’t have any difference in dispersion. I get steep so I ended up with the Srixons with the VT sole but I could play about 7 different iron sets and be happy this year. Honestly, all the irons I have hit this year have been really good. Although it’s always the case, I think more than ever, this year is going to about brand preferences.
  6. Heard this as well. I don’t work in the golf business but I do work with freight forwarders and if you Google the backlog in Long Beach and Oakland you will see why anything from Asia is weeks or months behind.
  7. I haven’t hit them side by side so this is going off memory. I always end up with Miura irons and Titleist everything else so I generally try everything that comes out. I’m currently gaming raw Baby Blades FYI. First, they are both very good and I don’t think you will be unhappy with either one. In general, this can vary by set, but I have found Miuras to always be spot on spec and very easy to build which is a big reason I keep going back to them. I wouldn’t say either one is buttery soft but for me I felt a bit more click with the Titleist. The difference is minimal and I like th
  8. They should be the same as the 1007. I’ve had both and if there is a difference I couldn’t tell. The one thing that pushed me away from them was blade length, not offset or shaping.
  9. From what I can tell the only to order to the US is to go through a golf shop in Japan. Anyone have any recommendations? Looks like One2One and a couple others may place the order. Looking at a set of TB Zero blades.
  10. TM 770 4-PW Rifle PX 6.5 soft stepped once (no shaft bands) Standard loft/lie +1/2" Iomic Sticky 2.3 Grey Midsize grips Purchased from People's Clubs. Played one round, mint with about as little wear as possible. Wanted to give these a shot but sticking with my Baby Blades. I also have 10 more grips I will include for $75 if you want to complete a set. Only trade I would be interested in would be another set of Baby Blades (57 or newer model). Traded
  11. Has anyone had issues with the SL1 stand/legs? I have had two of them and neither has lasted a full season.
  12. PXG Gen 3 0311T 4-PW. Ordered new at the end of February directly from PXG. I have played a couple rounds and about 6-8 trips to the range. Nippon Modus 120 X. Standard loft/lie and +1/4" length from PXG standard. Iomic Sticky 2.3 black standard grips +2 wraps. I will also include 7 additional new in wrapper grips. Will ship in original giant PXG box. Not interested in any trades at the moment. $1850 shipped to the lower 48. SOLD
  13. PXG Gen 2 0311T 4-9 with Nippon Modus 120 X shafts. Standard length/lie/loft. Golf Pride TV grips. Irons show normal wear and bag chatter, please see pics. I will include a Callaway MD5 46 wedge with the TI s200 shaft, standard specs. Gen 3's just got delivered this week so these need to go. $950 delivered in the U.S.
  14. Miura Baby Blade 2019 3-PW KBS C Taper 120 Stiff. 3 iron is not shafted but is included. I played these for about three months. They have some bag chatter and marks but are in very good shape. Roughly 12 rounds and a couple range sessions. Pure Pro black standard grips +2 wraps. Length is based off 38.25” 5 iron. I am not 100% sure on loft and lie as I did a gapping session fitting and dialed in based on yardage. I would guess they are about 1.5* up from US standard and very close to standard loft from a 47 PW. sold... thanks
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