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  1. Living in Palm springs area I have played with many Canadians here in the winter months, I have seen 3 different sets of Hogan irons similar to these with weird script and Hogan Putters also They all said they purchased them in Canada So there had to be a company authorized by Hogan in Canada , similar to Slazenger to make Hogan clubs
  2. Someone replaced insert in driver with new screws wrong size and didn't follow correct pattern
  3. Golfcraft Continental, Eldorado, Tad Moore personals Macgregor Toney Penna Macgregor VIP,985, 915, 3852 Wilson Dynapower 1957 Hogan Precision, Saber,Power Thrust 1960 Cobra Norman Titleist T Mizuno MP 14, 29 MP33,TN87 Spalding Top Flite 1956 Clay Long personals Macgregor Lou Graham
  4. need macgregor Nicklaus VIP 5 iron, large Nicklaus
  5. Cleveland did not use back screws in their woods
  6. AS I said before I have the insert material, that is huge insert, you will never find one to fit that, you will have to cut the piece to fit.
  7. Jacks website responded to me 15 years ago when I asked what woods he used for his win in the 86 Masters, They responded saying the driver and 3 wood were both TA 693
  8. I would cut through them with a saw then screw out with flat head screw driver and replace insert with new. I have some black fiber if needed You could also dam the head with puddy and pour black epoxy for new insert
  9. Have several, excellent putters,he is still making them gianninigolf.com
  10. here are a few, the holy grail are the ones made by Scotty Cameron for Ben Crenshaw with Ben stamped on head
  11. Have retired pro friend who got these heads 25nyears ago and was told were Cameron's, feedback apreciated
  12. Princess are 58/ 59, first year of Princess, no precision on head, also shafts are smaller than mens. There were womens Precision, they had thinner shafts, smaller grips
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