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  1. I have this same setup (Stiff not XS) and am beyond happy with them. You will not be disappointed!
  2. It was early in the golf season, on a crisp but sunny spring morning. The TaylorMade tour van coasted into town, just another normal Demo Day in the Midwest. The MG2 ladies were milling around and lining up, but they could all sense some strange tension in the air. The Chromes, polished and opulent, were huddled together, discussing the ridiculous BigFoot. The Raws were comparing rust spots and could be heard chattering about spin rates. The Blacks were waiting gloomily in line, listening to Depeche Mode and muttering about the nihilism of paint fill. The HiToes, ostracized by the others
  3. Close your eyes and picture the scene.... It's 2003, you're cruising in the Acura NSX, bumping "In Da Club" (cuz you're gangster like that), trying to figure out what 50 is mumbling about, and you pull into the golf course parking lot. When you walk in, all the guys are talking about some broad in Texas who drove home with a dead dude jammed in her windshield. And then, you see it. The shiny TP flag. Tour Preferred! Tour! Like, you know, the PGA Tour! Wait, what? $600?!?!? What are the marketing boobs at TaylorMade smoking? Welp, it must have been some sweet Jamaican skunk because we
  4. Are these 34" total, or do they fit 34" waist? What's the max waist size they can fit? Thanks. Jeff
  5. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to read tonight. I keep hitting 80% iron/wedge shots like a machine, then fight the hook on "full" swings. My 80% swings are SUPPOSED to be the "full" swings. Who cares if 9i is 140/145 vs 150/155, if you're hitting all the irons straight and pure, the number on the bottom DOESN'T MATTER. Same with the wedges....half swings, solid contact, distance control. I know it sounds trite, but a switch flipped in my brain after reading this. tyvm
  6. The PM wedges were a separate release, sold as a pair of 56/60 and not necessarily with the irons, but they would correspond most closely to the ADX Tour Forged or Tour Forged. I had several sets, and they are terrific wedges, with shafts waaaaaay ahead of their time. Very very low bounce.
  7. Here's a tip on the Pure Touch, which I just bought and absolutely love, by the way. At Golf Galaxy (Dick's), anything at $30 or over gets an offer of a $2.00 protection plan ($3.00) and a free replacement FOR ANY REASON with A YEAR. I confirmed with several sources, this is basically like getting 2 of the best gloves out there for the price of 2 normal run-of-the-mill gloves. Worth a try.
  8. For anyone wondering about those Ozik shafts, I have a set in some Adams A4 forged, and they are sweet! Feel so good, not too spinny. Take a shot!
  9. What's your current golf shoe? Currently wearing Nike or Asics golf shoesWhat is your handicap? Handicap is a 6 and trending downWhere are you located (City, State)? Columbus, OHWhat's your favorite Sqairz color combination? The 20/20 in black and redWhat feature of Sqairz golf shoes is the most exciting to you? 2 features stand out for me: the wide toe box (I have Hobbit feet) and the ability to use the toe line as an alignment aidIf selected, do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing / review thread? We ask that you provide hi-res, quality photos, and provide an in-depth review
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