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  1. https://www.nike.com/t/dri-fit-player-mens-long-sleeve-golf-polo-VHfFRZ/CK5907-451 I assumed it was this one, but I could be wrong.
  2. I can't really speak about the X and TX flexes, but I have both shafts in stiff, and the Pro Blue gives me better dispersion. Pro Blue definitely feels a little firmer and tighter but not overly so, while still retaining the smoothness that Tensei is known for.
  3. I've found Greyson at Marshall's too. There were even some Greyson polos on a clearance rack at my local Dunham's a year or 2 ago. $20 per polo. I think I bought all the color options they had in my size. Been to 2 other Dunham's in my (pre-Covid) travels and haven't seen anything though.
  4. My main goal is finding a 3W. Picked up a used M3 HL late last year, and cut it down to 42.5". Only got a few weeks of use before the snow fell, so the jury is still out. I'm very intrigued by the new Mizuno and Ping. I'm thinking about getting a 5W and opening it up to play as a 4W since I fight too much of a hook. Also might look into a new driver, but I don't know if anything will beat my g400 LST with a Tensei Pro Blue. At the very least, testing a new driver might trick the g400 into behaving a little better.
  5. How's the fit on their polos and pullovers? I'm a large for most companies (Nike, Adidas, etc.) unless the fit is really slim.
  6. I wear the exact same sizes in those brands and always get a 12 in Nike, but it really depends on the shoe. I have a pair of the Nike Flyknits that I got from Burlington that are 11.5 and fit me fine because they aren't as structured as a traditional shoe.
  7. I'm interested in the replies as well. I'm using the G400 LST with a Tensei Pro Blue and I had a lot of success with it. Two that have really caught my eye are the Srixon line as well as the TSi line. Definitely going to be looking into those a little more come springtime.
  8. What about Ventus Red? I think the Blue version would be a little too low launch for me. My only concern is that even on the Red model the torque is lower than I'm used to playing. Even the Tensei Pro Blue that I'm using now has a torque around 4. I've started to realize that I don't need a low launch/low spin shaft anymore. I'm more mid to mid-high launch now, but I do love the smooth feel of a Blueboard, and I wouldn't mind just a touch bit higher launch. My home course has a lot of doglegs so having a high ball flight is rewarded more than just pure distance. I tend
  9. The lines on that shirt look like my Shot Tracers during a round of golf.
  10. 2nd day of this year's club championship. 35-45 with a double on 18 and lost in a playoff to someone who finished way before me. Turns out I had a 5 shot lead at the turn.
  11. You're right. I just threw out the first Wilson staffer I could think of. I would imagine most of their staff uses a different brand's ball.
  12. I talked to the GM of the course I work at who is a Wilson staffer. I've heard the biggest issue is the durability. Not really an issue for someone like a Gary Woodland who can get as many as they want, but still something to keep an eye on I think.
  13. Thanks JJ. I get what you're saying because I did the same thing with my driver since I play it at 44.5" and added a bunch of lead tape to account for the shortened shaft. I guess what I'm asking is this: if a longer than standard shaft is currently in the club, wouldn't that make it a heavier than normal swingweight since it's currently playing longer than standard? If I cut it down to what the standard length is, shouldn't that bring the swingweight back to what it should be since the shaft length is now back to normal? I assume that Titleist would put a slightly heavier weight i
  14. My last set of irons were TM RSi TP with the S300 in them. I've always played S300 so I bought them from a buddy once he decided the heads were too small for him to use successfully. The clubs and I got along reasonably well for the 4 years I played them, but the lure of shiny new things caught my eye. I got fit for the Mizuno 919 Hot Metal Pros using Mizuno's shaft optimizer, and one of the recommendations was a Project X LZ 110g 5.0 shaft, which I hit the best. With an 80 mph iron swing and smooth transition, I probably shouldn't have been anywhere near an S300 in the first place
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