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  1. Yes!! I’ve gone to Epic Forged from CF16 and have lost my feel with irons. Yes, each club has gone up 15 yards in distance due to the jacked lofts but I’m hitting it lower with less spin and a straight forward short iron shot I’d have expected to knock in close is now a bit of lottery. Will stick with them to see if I can develop some feel but chances are I’ll be looking for a players set for next year.
  2. Thanks all, am pretty happy with the Pro V1x. Certainly spins enough for me, just wondered if I was missing out by not trying say the TP5X which many rave about. Have tried the Snell mtb-x but it didn’t feel quite as good. Used the Chrome Soft X last season but I feel the Titleist is a better ball.
  3. Is there such a ball?! Currently play Pro V1x. CHS 110 Is there a ball that will give me extra yards off the tee AND provide a softer, spinnier feel approaching and around the green?
  4. Hi, just got hold of a Tour Truck Tuesday version of this shaft, 55g S raw 46” I play at 46” so it needs an inch off in total before putting a g410 adapter on. So, if I take 1/2” off each end will this play at the flex intended or would the whole inch need tipping? I don’t want it to play stiffer than S but also don’t want it too soft! Help!!
  5. I used Autosol for the head and sole to give a shiny chrome finish. It was the different satin sheen on the groove area I wanted to restore i.e. not polishing!
  6. Cheers, but I don’t. Hoped there was a secret method!
  7. Hi, have a set of used chrome PXG 0311 wedges that have worn/shiny faces and would like the original dull satin sheen you get on the grooved area. Is there any way to do this, maybe with a solution or home sanding technique?
  8. PunkGolfWRX

    Vokey SM8

    Soooo disappointed with the look of these!! Doesn’t need both the vokey design and BV wings. A clean Titleist logo instead of the wings and they’d look sweet.
  9. Did you keep the total weight the same or change it? Having no response to my post I’m still wondering whether to play safe and match the 12g with 2x6g or if a slightly different weight will increase performance. > @juggernaut0629 said: > > @Bluedog54 said: > > > @juggernaut0629 said: > > > I've been testing with multiple weights ing the head. Will be doing me testing this week. 1 weight in the toe, 1 in the heel....super stable head. Bomb time. > > > > Any update on the multiple weight testing? > > > > > > Started ou
  10. I have a 46” shaft with a 12g weight. Do you think Ping put in a lighter weight to offset the heavier swingweight due to a longer shaft? If I split weights and say get 2 x 8g total 16g what impact will the 4g have on SW and flight behaviour?
  11. There is no real standard, those are just guidelines. Really depends on the player and how they load the shaft. Profile matters as well. Exactly! My SS over the years has dropped from 115 to around 107 and at a recent fitting was expecting to see stiffs perform better but the way I hit it, the x is still right for me, at least in the low spin/launch cat.
  12. Sorry if this is really dumb but I need to be 100% sure! If I switched the alignment line (graphics down) to the opposite side so graphics face up, how will this affect adapter settings? I know a LH adapter works differently in a RH head but this isn’t the same... right?! Thanks
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