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  1. What was their score for 18? Are they playing good golf or just par golf?
  2. I'm surprised some are not posting and hole by hole results in here
  3. I have tees off @32* . It's different type of golf . Balls roll forever on the frozen tundra. You can't land the balls on the green , have to bounce it on to stay on green
  4. Nothing plays close to the SPB's , but if I had to really pick one , it would be DG tour x7 ,soft stepped 1
  5. Rounds taking over 4.5 hrs. People not knowing how to play ready golf or playing from wrong tees. Searching too long for lost ball, waiting for par 5 green to clear from 245 out when you haven't got any shot that far all day . Lots of reasons to quit the game today . Cost to play is through the roof . Courses are having to be built to play 7500+ yards with tricked up greens to make up for distance gains with new equipment
  6. Did Jordan miss his putt cause some idiot Jimmy was walking in towards him while Jordan was in his backstroke? What's fool moves on the green while someone is in the middle of their stroke . No Etiquette Mr Jimmy Walker , you sir are a bad man
  7. Baby t is the only grip I use . I don't own a Scotty ,but love this grip .Nothing g else compares
  8. This is who I would recommend. Great guy and I've seen some of his before and after on students. Great job . http://www.angelesnational.com/aboutus/instruction/ https://www.angelesnational.com/john-ray-leary/
  9. Check into FMS , functional movements . It's really the way to go
  10. I'd just buy the callaway and run as far away from taylormade as fast as you can . With my test over the last year, both the epic and rogue have out performed any of the M series drivers in ball speed. More ball speed always equals to more distance
  11. Cool set up. Irons look similar to how I remember the srixon 701's looked,no?
  12. Whether LDA uses 48.5 or 48 doesn't matter. Now that remax is out , I can't watch it. It's boring and seems as if all the guys I used to know are no longer doing this
  13. I need to be educated. I've always understood the prov1x has the firmer and lower spinning ball/ flight ball. Sounds like the have reversed this but maintain softer feel in prov ? So the prov1x is now the lower spinning ,flight ball but softer with more spinning around greens , correct?
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