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  1. Yes I do. Foresight is simply the best imo for indoor ball flight. Accurate ball speed and flight data are all I need at home and I practice nearly daily all winter. Now in my setup, I cant hit driver at home due to ceiling height. If I was I was really grinding on Driver, CHS and other metrics become more important. Will I upgrade to the Quad at some point? Likely, but I really don't feel desperate to do it at all. Plus, with the quad you cant hook up into TGC. I have the latest and greatest FSX software. The ease of use to start it and practice and use Fores
  2. I see a lot of kids at tournaments with the spider. After some search, seems they dont actually make this in junior specs. Do I need to find one and cut it down to go that route? Does cutting down a putter screw up weight and balance etc?
  3. I became a good wedge player once I made it a rule that I never hit my 50/55/60 w 100% speed/intent. I used a launch monitor to figure out each wedge distance at what feels like knee/waist/chest swings. Especially in a club match when pressure is on, I just refer to my chart when I’m <110 yards for what shot to hit.
  4. Thanks yeah I meant some sort of reliable pool noodle DIY contraption. End of the day it’s Just Do It as Monte says with that intent, but I also need the constant reminder and feel feedback during my at home practice so was just curious if anyone set something up that worked well.
  5. I hit a lot of balls at home. My biggest issue is getting too long and across, but getting feedback for that while also hitting balls is difficult. Video is annoying, as one needs to swing short then check video and I need something where I can rep it 1000s of times. Mirror vision is amazing, but only to see the rehearsal - its the actual that’s always too long. Benders wall drill is great too as a feel, but cant hit balls like that. Just curious if anyone built something that works well for this over 1000s of reps, not just as a one off solution.
  6. Does your pro use hackmotion with you? Amazing tool to figure out feel vs real on what wrists are doing and when during the swing. Blew my mind. Point is, when you are applying the feel vs when it happens can be totally different things. My experience with this feel is it can help a lot but really need to be careful with it and timing within your sequence.
  7. mirror vision , just need iphone + ipad
  8. Go with the original in Galvin Green. If you go with something else just makes sure its Goretex. All non Goretex is higher margins for XYZ company but there is no substitute. GG is the gold standard in Scotland... you get what you pay for.
  9. I bought a GC2 3 yrs ago (upgraded from SkyTrak) with intent to get HMT eventually and I never did. GC2 is all you need for sim or for practice. Like everyone else, I have many issues with the Foresight software (range and data are fine as are some practice games, but for sim it blows). But it is an incredible piece of hardware and it is well worth the price difference vs the skytrak imo. You won't be disappointed and if you do find that you really need the club data, HMT is always available as an add on later.
  10. I did a fitting at CC this weekend and the TS3 beat both the Mavrik and the Sim. I was highly biased toward the Mavrik but the results were mind blowing, TS3 was all-in 8 yards longer than the Mavrik with Ventus 5 shaft in all. Was 5 yards longer than the Sim. Im 95-98mph CHS.
  11. https://tourprepgolf.com/ is fantastic. It’s must be 10+ years old, but the subscription takes you thru a 6 month step by step workout that focuses core strength and swing fundamentals. Decent workout and I feel like I’m getting golf work I’m at same time. Creates dynamic thoughtless feels to bring to the course. Can do it at home w resistance bands and a med ball. Hidden gem.
  12. Curious if anyone has tried this program and any feedback. www.tourprepgolf.tv
  13. > @Nickc said: > I am impressed with the perseverance of many even though some struggling with some aspects e.g full swing / certain clubs & especially when a person's handicap is already pretty low! > Wonder if one of the benefits of this aid is making you go back and practice repeatedly some basics of the swing. > > I am a grinder and if anything I have practiced less over the past 3 mos.
  14. Update: I received the PM in July at an index of 8.9 (all time low was 8.3 end of 2018) and had plateaued in that vicinity for 2-3 years. Wrapping up season here iat a 6.8 playing the most consistent golf I've ever experienced over my last 20 rds since late July. EASILY the largest effect I have ever seen by any training aid on my game and its not even remotely close.
  15. > @ebrasmus21 said: > For training aids like this is anyone concerned that there’s the potential to miss use them? I’ve seen iTeach post some videos of his guys using this but I’d kind of be concerned that I might, by a misunderstanding, miss-use or ineffectively use unless supervised. See the website and associated step by step videos
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