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  1. This is super interesting and definitely counter to consensus right now. Our director of instruction who runs the jr academy program is a big time speed training guy with his own device out there now.
  2. If a kid has had the advantage of an early start and early love for the game, what do you think are the most important technique or other skills to learn in the 9-11 age area? Or is it only about reps playing rounds (fun and comp mix) and having fun? Speed?
  3. If nothing else, these forums have driven this point home. Sometimes its tough when your kids are younger/immature (Dad knows best), but I'm doing my best to apply this. For those of us with kids on the younger side of puberty, it is interesting and instructive to hear the longer term stories of development. When you're in it as a parent it can get difficult to focus on the bigger picture.
  4. For those with talented juniors (~age 14 and up, on track to play college golf), I'm curious in the progression, when they started to play, when they started to excel, and when it became apparent they had the talent/drive/maturity to do it. What were they like at 8-10 age and how did it transform thru that critical 11-13 area?. Edit: Also curious to hear about those who peaked early (winning in 8-10 age groups all the time) , how it changed and why as teens
  5. This has been a go-to feel for me over the years as well especially when hooks set in.
  6. https://foundation.uskidsgolf.com/tournaments/world/world-champions This list is very instructive, especially on the Boys side. I'm not a college or am golf geek so perhaps some of these kids went on to have stellar golf Am careers, but I've never heard of a single one of these players beyond the current champions I see on IG or the kids from The Short Game.
  7. This is great advice, with the key part being admitting to inconsistency but we are all trying our best out there. Its a growth process as a parent as well as for the player. Unlike most other sports, there is no coach out there, its just you (early ages) and its HARD given the nature of golf. As much as we tell our kids to get 1% better every day, commit to a process etc, we need to be doing the same in our roles. Reps and experience are the key to getting better.
  8. Inject confidence, make him mentally stronger and inject Decade into his brain.
  9. Wedge clock system changed my life. When <110 yds, I get the yardage, adjust for wind/slope, and look at my chart. I don't think and it takes me 5 seconds to see what shot I need to execute and I go hit it. Its now the best part of my game.
  10. So what is the "right" way to do it then when your kid is obsessed with golf at a young age? My son is 9 and started playing USKG locals as an 8 yr old after trying 1 as a 7. We are fortunate enough to have access to a year-round academy program at our club. If he doesn't want to go , he doesnt go, but those days are rare. He loves to hit balls and be around his golf friends. Since he is good at it, he likes being around it and being a 'good golfer' is part of his identity. He has never been to a 'worlds' type event, has no IG acct, and while is always in the mix at USKG locals, is not the best kid. But he's going to be worlds eligible for next summer as his scores have come down. He plays other sports, but golf is far and away the top priority. What am I supposed to do? Not have him play in tournaments? Not engage in this academy program he has access to? This forum has provided tremendous guidance for me and made me change a lot of what I do, esp in regards to caddying. I just want my kid to grow up continuing to enjoy the game. I would hope he still loves it enough to play HS golf, and has the choice to play college but at this point I feel Ive done my job to expose him to the game early. But where is the line in doing too much too early? Asking honestly.
  11. I ordered something as a xmas gift last year, placed order in mid-Nov. I got nervous it didnt show by mid-Dec and tried emailing them multiple times with no reply. Then I got a tracking email and it just showed up in January.
  12. That seems to be the general feel of the most of the more veteran posters in this forum and I'm definitely taking it on board. I will miss caddying when it's done, but I get it.
  13. Got it Judge Judy. Was just asking the question. You must be a lot of fun to play with.
  14. I didnt mean a a full divot obviously, just a brush on the ground. ie you take your 1 practice brush with intended alignment, take a step back and see its too far right or intended target, and re-adjust as you step in.
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