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  1. Philly guy in MN. I can see from results that Philly USKG is not high quality competition or well subscribed. I guess all depends where the better kids for the age are playing in your state. For <11 USKG just has a nice easy to understand system where you gain status based on scores, and can transparently qualify for states/regionals/worlds - something to play for, and for younger kids travelling w Dad to another state for a tournament is as cool as it gets. PGA being more local matters more as the field widens as the kids get a bit older I suppose. And agreed on the age brackets.
  2. Really appreciate the feedback . USKG is such an easy starting point, but it gets more confusing in this 9-11 age pocket. After that seems clear the Local PGA/AJGA is where its at. The main issue I gave with MPGA for this age 9 (where they still really NEED a caddie), is the tournaments are all on weekdays.
  3. Not talking PGA jr league. We do that. I’m talking the Jr PGA stuff above. Just curious those who have done both what main differences are.
  4. I'm curious if any views on how they compare for <11 yr olds. I suppose it can differ greatly from state to state. My son is 9 and we've stuck to the US Kids, primarily because in MN all the USK are on Sundays while the Jr PGA are on weekdays. Is there a gap in level of competition in your states? PGA run better once kids get a little older?
  5. Agree 100%. In MN, 5-6 mos a year of jr golf is spent inside. They cant argue with the numbers on the screen just like a video game. My 9yr old son went into the winter with a negative path, and his coach challenged him every session to get more +. Every swing he could see if it was same or better without the need to grind on video which kids have no interest in. Now we are back on the course and he is hitting push draws. He also knows his yardages by heart and understands the difference between carry and total - so his course management on his own is now miles better. With the Driver,
  6. This issue is the demon that lives within me and every time I think I make progress, it comes roaring back. Its the sole reason I cannot get better than a 7-8 index and remain a very inconsistent player, especially on harder stretches of holes under pressure. Ironic part is I am an excellent wedge player and have no trouble executing half wedge shots, in fact I thrive at it. But, mid iron/hybrid in hand from the fairway, I see that target way off and my body reacts with super long quick arm swing and I know I'm dead before the strike. Might even consider it a full swing yip at
  7. Thanks for the replies. Best to assume rotating is in fact illegal then. You would think a company selling these would say that on their site explicitly. Would be very easy to get screwed in a club event using it the wrong way.
  8. These do not qualify as "alignment devices". Ball-makers with alignment aids (lines, arrows, etc.) must be: Less than one inch in height Less than two inches in any horizontal direction Must not measure or gauge slope, green speed, or other conditions Any ball-marker that exceeds the above dimensions, and has alignment lines, is considered an “alignment device” and is not permitted. The first time an alignment device is used to mark and align the ball the player earns the General Penalty (loss of hole in match play and two strokes in stroke play). The second
  9. I recently got an onpoint triple track ball marker. After I mark my ball and the ball is in pocket, can I rotate the marker after I read the putt to better establish my line BEFORE I put my ball back in play? Or can I only rotate the marker in the act of marking the ball before the ball is picked up? I have searched the internet for this, and while many address the legality of the actual line on the marker (legal), I cant find an answer to this precise question. https://onpointgolf.us/
  10. $500 Driver (would prefer to sell as one vs separate ) $200 Projector
  11. I appreciate the feedback and end of day I am just trying to learn what is best. My son plays the ProdiG Driver and it was discouraging to see every single other competitor without exception playing an OEM driver and gaining an advantage because of it at similar ability and swing speed level. Its easy to assume that it is the natural thing to do at that level, not something that will be a hindrance on longer term development.
  12. I disagree 100%. This only reason this topic would even occur to you (vs standard jr club options) is if your kid is a) played TONS of golf b) getting consistent coaching and c) competing in stroke play events at local/regional/national level and holding their own.
  13. I just came back from a Regional event that included many of the top 8 yr olds in the US. Every single one had an OEM head in a jr shaft. All their coaches/fitters/parent all wrong?
  14. I'm looking at doing same for my 8 yr old with the Flynn shaft using a Mavrik Max head. Did you do anything using weight kits to reduce the weight of the Driver head or leave as is?
  15. Yes I do. Foresight is simply the best imo for indoor ball flight. Accurate ball speed and flight data are all I need at home and I practice nearly daily all winter. Now in my setup, I cant hit driver at home due to ceiling height. If I was I was really grinding on Driver, CHS and other metrics become more important. Will I upgrade to the Quad at some point? Likely, but I really don't feel desperate to do it at all. Plus, with the quad you cant hook up into TGC. I have the latest and greatest FSX software. The ease of use to start it and practice and use Fores
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