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  1. Looking for the non counterbalanced version with a TM tip. Ideally 44”. Thanks.
  2. So I’ve been really inconsistent with my putting this year, and have been searching high and low for a putter that’ll provide me with some consistency. After a failed experiment with the Spider X, I took a chance and bought the spider tour red since I always putted well with it in store and really liked the feel. Received it yesterday, put it into play for the first time today and proceeded to make 13 one putts. Best putting day in my life. Unfortunately, many of the one putts were par saves, but I’ll take it. And most of them were 10-15 footers. Definitely aware of the honeymoon phase, but ev
  3. Just put a Spider Tour Red into play for the first time today. Sank 13 one putts, most of them 10-15 footers. Unfortunately, many of them were for par saves, but I’ll take it. Never putted better in my life. Funny because I played the copper x and was really inconsistent with it. I think I’ll keep this one....for now.
  4. I appreciate that response. Reassuring. And good to know they’ll make it right if somethings off.
  5. Long story short, I went to a fitting at Club Champion and landed on a great driver/shaft combo. When I asked him what the swingweight was, he checked it and it was E1 @ 45.5 (epic flash SZ triple diamond with Ventus 60S, for reference). I placed the order but am now having second thoughts about the swingweight. I can’t argue with the numbers I saw but I’ve never played a driver with that high of a SW. I’m tempted to ask him to cut off a half inch and SW it at D4, but I didn’t hit that exact config so who knows if it’ll be same/better. Am I overthinking it and should just play the E1 that gave
  6. I’ve been testing both the X and XS, and for me, the XS edged out the X. I Loved the X off the driver. It went dead straight, but for me felt a bit heavy (SS 105 for reference). I’m attributing that feel to reduced spin or higher compression, but the results were still there so spin couldn’t have been too low. On the irons is where I didn’t prefer the X. Definitely not enough spin for me. The XS was the perfect mix of straight off the driver - not as straight as the X but negligible difference - perfect amount of spin off the irons and around the green. Interestingly, I couldn’t feel any huge
  7. I'm actually playing the $ taper in stiff. I didn't try an X as I typically don't get along with them....I feel like I have to swing out of my shoes....it's a mental thing for sure. For what it's worth, I did hit the C taper lite in X. Got comparable numbers with that shaft and the $ taper. The C taper was my second favorite shaft that I hit.
  8. I went in to get fitted specifically for iron shafts last year, and the $ taper was, by far, the best shaft I hit. And I hit them ALL. I've been playing them for about half a year now and love them. I used to play the KBS Tour, which I liked a lot for the feel but didn't love the trajectory. The $ taper gives me that same feel, but much better flight. Really stable feeling while also feeling soft. I've hit some roped iron shots this season that have held their line and went exactly where I was aiming. Just for reference, my average swing speed with a 6i is 90.
  9. Changing balls to from the ProV 1X to the Bridgestone RX. Found one while playing the other day and played it for the last 3 holes. Hit some of the straightest drives I've ever hit and some great approach shots. Bought a dozen the next day and proceeded to shoot the best round of the year so far. Great ball.....who knew I had been playing the wrong ball for the last 10+ years? Close second is the Spider X.
  10. For those of you who have swapped out the Superstroke for a lighter grip, did you notice any change to how the putter felt or performed? I’d like to change mine to an iomic 65g but I’m worried it will change how the putter feels. It feels pretty balanced now with the SS.
  11. Bought a set of z745 a few years ago with modus 120. I knew the shaft was not right for me but I had to try the Srixons. I live on a marsh and have hit countless balls into that marsh doing various club “testing”. I took two swings with the z745 and it felt harsh...again probably due to the shaft which I knew wasn’t a fit for me. Immediately switched to my Ap2 and hit two balls for comparison. No surprise the feeling of the Ap2 felt better. Convinced myself on the spot the 745 was not a fit and sold them. I have a problem.
  12. I would like to win this putter because my financial adviser suggested I diversify my investments. Therefore, since I have a production SS5 and just bought a DASS Tour Stock, I figure I'm a limited edition away from having a truly diversified portfolio. I'm pretty certain that's what he meant anyway.
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