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  1. That's why I bought it. Easier to carry around vs my x2 and more accurate then the mevo. Can dial in distances with wedges and warmup before I play with the skills app. Selling X2 cheap.
  2. Looks awesome...I’m ordering this week. Gives good data should be a $350 poor man SAM putt lab
  3. I still have and use mine. I think its a great GPS/Range finder. Only thing that sucks is having to plug it in to charge but once you get used to doing that its great. The "sleep" mode and everything people are complaining about in this thread is really no big deal to me. I would definitely get it again.
  4. I just had a set of cb-301 (also made by peoples clubs) shafted with true temper rifle 7.0. Previously was playing cb57. And I will agree with you the cb-301 are awesome clubs. Easier to hit so my dispersion is much tighter. Get fit and try them out!
  5. Any reviews on SEVEN irons...specifically the MB. How do they compare to muira?
  6. Everyone has their opinion on golf courses, and people like different things. But Cog not being top 10 in Chicago is a tough sell. I'd be interested in hearing the 9 you prefer. #4 is in very good shape right now, has good greens, good green complexes, strategic bunkers and can play very long if you want it. Idk what is wrong with it? The 3 other courses are garbage, the facility is a little old feeling but that doesn't take away from #4. Have you played cog hill in the last 5 yrs or so- embarrassing condition for what they get for greens fees. Talk about a course that has gone downhil
  7. A couple seconds to get out of sleep mode...kinda annoying but really not that bad. It’s an awesome range finder so it’s worth it. And I haven’t even looked at the instructions to know about all the features. You do charge it via a usb so I don’t think battery can be removed.
  8. Got mine today and played a round with it. Love it. You can set your carry distance so off the tee it shows that on the map. It is a little slow to get turned back on from sleep mode- maybe 3 seconds? Locks onto the pin with no problem. The case is snug but really a non issue. Well worth the money imo.
  9. Of the 5 you listed Beverly hands down. Flossmoor a little farther commute but it won’t disappoint. If you take the train the clubhouse attendant will pick you up and take you back. Flossmoor should also be less expensive than Beverly.
  10. Wow did you guys get a group rate or what? No wonder Calumet is dying with an exodus like that. What was your deal at Floosmoor? I don't think they got any type of group rate- but got in at 2017 prices. I was told prices for Flossmoor is possibly changing in 2018 but nothing officially released yet. I talked to a recently "former" Calumet member that they aren't closing and plan on staying open with 130 members and are "happy" with that number. Not sure what the condition will be like next year with that little revenue coming in but I'm sure the rounds will be fast!
  11. Flossmoor is hardly struggling. Next year I heard the deal is changing and will have a small downstroke. $500:a month you could do Flossmoor until you are 40. I checked out all the sothside clubs before I joined there and by far the best deal for the amenities and as previously mentioned superior conditioning compared to the other mid priced clubs and most of the more expensive ones. We had 7 guys join from Calumet last week all low 30s in age. My advice...email them all, google map vs your place for travel times and play all of them that fit your price range. It will be easy to choos
  12. Another review.... http://www.friedegg.co/golf-courses/flossmoor-country-club
  13. In terms of lifting Tiger was never big and I would also say he probably wasn't that strong either. The bar was so low in golf just working out back in the early 2000's would have you stand out. As far as taking PED's I don't believe it- he just looked like a guy that worked out a little. If you want to see PED usage look at the NFL- those guys are monsters. I do believe that Adderall or beta blockers have/are used on the PGA tour. Testosterone or HGH not so much. They aren't working out to be real strong so would make no sense in using those drugs. And its another false statement tha
  14. I switched to Elite Grips- Athlete A50 model and love them. Can get them on eBay.
  15. CB57's are the best clubs Miura I've hit- I have the cb501's, cb- 301, and a set of the baby blades. As far as playability- my rank is cb57, cb301, cb 501, baby blades. Distance I think has more to do with the shaft as I think the lofts are all about the same. In my cb 57's I have the nippon modus 2s14 prototypes and distance is great- i hit my 7 iron 170 yards. Bag chatter- all of them have gotten beat up but I play a lot. I loved the cb301's but they are getting worn down pretty bad- I've played those for about 5 years- so last year I got the 501s and baby blades. I waited until a
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