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  1. Cleaning out some slightly used items to be able to buy some new! Prices include shipping to CONUS Apex UT 18* $150 shipped. Nippon 120X shaft Apex UT 21* $150 shipped. Nippon 120X shaft Spider Tour $200 shipped 900 Tours $550 Shipped. Standard L/L/L. Nippon 120X shafts. These were bought a year ago and used through last summer. Great condition Paypal only [](https://s3.amazonaws.com/golfwrxforums/uploads/editor/pr/x9w997ayo35l.jpg "")
  2. I use an app on my phone called Golfer Stats Pro.
  3. Followed on Twitter, I would like the NS Pro Modus3 125X Thanks for the giveaway!!
  4. My favorite design is the Skull Blue leather and it would look great on my Titleist 917D2.... Thanks!!
  5. Hey guys, does anyone know where I could get some replacement weight and screw for Taylormade M2?? Thanks
  6. Man this would be awesome. I guess I better start posting more often.. Been a member since 2008, and login almost daily to read and research..
  7. WOOHOO..!! I can't believe I got picked. I am stoked.. Thank you so much to Aldila and GolfWRX!!!! Can't wait to get this in my Ping G30!!!
  8. I would love to win this shaft in the X flex and compare it to my current Graphite Design Tour AD DI that is in my Ping G30 head. Thanks to Aldila for the giveaway and thanks to GolfWRX for the great site and all the info!!
  9. I am in... either location will work for me.. what a great prize!!!!
  10. anybody use this yetHello, I am going to get a MATT system fitting that is powered by Taylormade that also uses the K vest later this week.. Has anybody been fitted by this and if so what were your thoughts and results?? I am looking to get completely fit for the whole bag.. If anyone has any other suggestions of who or what to use please le me know.. I am in Oregon, so if you know anybody in the area that would also be helpful.. thanks
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