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  1. Go for it! They are your clubs so get them just right for your preferences. Matte or gloss ferrule, you have an awesome set of NIKE irons!
  2. Once around the ferrule with acetone and you'll have perfection. Well done on the satin look!
  3. Ha! The decimal is in the wrong spot......offer $24.90 to the seller.
  4. I think you had a day when your swing was "on" and you were hitting it flush. Unfortunately, those moments are fleeting, even for the best in the world. Seems like if we want to score and have acceptable rounds (whatever that means to a player) we still have to be able to play when things are a bit off. I think it will be interesting to see what additional success Bryson D has with his added distance. You still have to be a "player" to golf your ball and distance isn't everything.
  5. I'm sure it's the club; probably has nothing to do with your skill to deliver the face of the iron and achieving "perfect" contact.
  6. Great set of irons; definately one of better efforts by Nike Golf.
  7. With the fresh faces your wedges will play as good as ever. Ha! Don't practice with them as that face blast will start to loose it's bite after about 100 shots.
  8. No. If you want some Nike irons look for a set of original blades or the Vr Pro or Vr Pro Combos. Great feel and head profile is traditional blade. IMO the Vapor Pro's and VPC's had a harsh/hollow feel to them. Not enough weight directly behind the ball.
  9. Nice!!! One of the best set of irons Nike made.
  10. > @MKPAPA said: > Bring back theOVEN LOL; The Oven is still there; pretty much sitting vacant other than several rooms occupied by Artisan Golf. Nike may still be on the hook for the lease until sometime in 2020. I'm sure Nike will be glad that deal comes to an end!
  11. > @iNeedMoreGolf said: > Remaking the old clubs? Or new clubs? Why drop out a few years just to restart? I don't buy this. They're doing just fine without. Agree; there is a lot to re-establish if Nike has plans to get back into manufacturing golf clubs. I'm not sure the ROI model for golf clubs has change much over the past couple of years but there again, half the things corporate America does seems to make no sense. Nike has a change of leadership coming in 2020, maybe Donahoe likes golf and has a vision that TW's son Charlie is the coming messiah and has already inked a deal.
  12. Nice to see the Nike thread still has some life and some of the clubs remain in play. I like my bag setup right now, top to bottom, although it is no longer 100 percent Nike.
  13. Some great clubs in your collection Nowlin! Can't get any better than the Pro Combo Tour irons and the Vr Pro LTD fairways. Even today, there isn't anything that will play much better than those.
  14. Retired two years ago and play less now than I did while I was working. It helped that I worked for an OEM and we had a first class fitting/practice facility on site; practiced every day. Ha; didn't even play at all in 2018. I still enjoy playing when I decide to get out; I've already played twice this year.....LOL. The local golf association I belong to has a great senior group that plays three times per week so I can't use the excuse that there isn't anyone to play with. Just too many other things I've gotten involved in that are time consuming and fun. Unfortunately I do not have un
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