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  1. Yeah you guys definitely have it worse, sucks right now for you Ontario folks. "oh it transmits way less outside, perfect, all outdoor activities are banned"
  2. The Radspeed XB is an awesome driver. You can get it at 44.5 length with any number of shafts plus it's a forgiving head.
  3. I'm a member at a private club. But i understand the public course / range sentiment these days. The driving range near my house most days has a 2 hour wait to hit balls. It looks like a scene from "World War Z" most days. I went there one day and there were 5-6 people at EACH STALL lined up behind the person hitting. You weren't hitting balls for hours. Public courses you can't get a tee time unless you call the minute they open up on the right day (every course is different for how far you can book in advance) This is what happens when all other sports are banned ess
  4. The NBA sucked from 1998 through 2007. That's a bad era to compare to lol. Post Jordan and peak hand check rules. Not to mention the best player was a humanoid robot named Tim Duncan whose face only had 2 settings: absolute emotionless, and eyes wide open to contest a foul call. If the NBA ratings are what they were in 2006 that's bad! FWIW I think it has way more to do with player movement than any political shenanigans. Most fans can't remember who is on any of the teams anymore
  5. I think though (and you would likely agree?) that most performance bonuses in the corporate world are more directly tied to revenue. Like to where you can pretty much draw a direct line Being popular on social media and google search scores is a bit murkier. It's really interesting that they made this public, and the behavior it might inspire. In the corporate speak, this seems like more of a "soft" metric
  6. I don't think this is intended to benefit the players, so to speak --It's to encourage the players to be more interesting, which makes the tour more popular.
  7. Power Blades sound very much like what the doctor ordered Forged Tec I500 P770 etc
  8. I have seen this too ...Guy at my old club who was about 55yrs old. He was an absolute stud from tee to green. Didn't hit it a ton but probably 250 off the tee and used a lot of hybrids. He couldn't chip at all. Not at all....He would either do full swing flop shots or putt from anywhere inside like 20-25yds off the green. He used to make our interclub team every year when we were one of the top 8-10 clubs in Quebec. Played off a competitive 1-2 index. I mean these guys are easily the exception and there's very few guys out there like this, but just funny
  9. The Radspeed XB is bad*ss man.... Have it in Tour Length, was basically hitting lasers today at the range. Feels really nice too
  10. this would unfairly benefit people who have strong arms, and who work out in order to throw the ball further. As i have said for years, i am in favor of not holding tournaments at all, and just letting the players imagine how well they are doing, and then declaring a different person the winner every week to provide perfect equity.
  11. I actually didn't see it coming and i'm usually pretty on the ball LOL! I always figured the tour was comfortable letting sponsors compensate players for having personalities. It seems to be working OK, for example using guys like Rickie Fowler to illustrate this. Ian Poulter was another for a while. They made more money off the course than players who were better than them This would seem to be totally unique in pro sports. I am very curious to see the implementation. Will they reveal the "secret sauce" of their calculations and make that public? If so that could clea
  12. These things happen in all sports. There's days where nothing goes your way and it just feels like you've never played the game before LOL. I'll have a couple of rounds a year where i shoot like 84-85 and end up behind every tree, miss greens from 100yds out etc... I played college basketball and it was no different, some games you go 1/10 from 3. It just happens , math dictates it will
  13. I think the issue with that was that people refused to move the needle!
  14. Such a sexist post You just assume women are the only ones who flaunt their butt implants for money and lack virtue. MtlJeff's IG page begs to differ.
  15. I like this. I feel like i see a lot of golfers overthink the course management aspect. It can actually be counter to what the research says. Guys hit 3 woods off the tee because it's "safe" etc.... I think most players are better off thinking "Get as close to the green as you can off the tee" and "hit the shot you are comfortable with" into the green
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