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  1. Think about what you would define as "a lot of practice" on putting. And then put in like 30% more than that. Honestly...Putting isn't complicated. If you don't have yips, vision problems or a mental block--It's just practice I watch top junior Ams , guys who are +3 or _4 indexes. These guys will be on the practice green when i tee off---And still be there when i finish.
  2. Over time i feel like his weeks at #1 might be as impressive as anything. He has twice as much as the next closest challenger (Greg Norman) ....And Norman has twice as much as HIS next closest challenger. To put that in perspective---Dustin Johnson , who is 3rd. Would need to be #1 for roughly 11 years straight to catch Tiger.
  3. Every now and then i consider putting my G410s back in play ....but i just love my Forged TEC's so much right now. G's are awesome stuff though
  4. You can progressively do down LOL---It's like coming up to the surface when you're scuba diving My first set of stiffs was hardstepped S400s, and i was like "this isn't so bad". I also used a stiff Black Tie 80 which is about as stout a stiff as you can use Now i use plain old stiff Modus 130s in my irons and Hzrdus smoke blacks in my woods which is a smooth shaft, kinda like the old blueboards.
  5. I left X flex way earlier than you LOL so don't feel bad. In my heyday in my 20's, i could swing 118-120 fairly consistent. Was ex-football player and 210-215lbs ....ended up taking up jogging and going down to 180, lost some muscle mass--worked it back up but never got the SS back up there Like you, right now i'm probably swinging 108-110. I use heavy stiffs with everything. 70-80G stiffs with woods and 130g stiffs with irons I like it better with where i am , and no one cares what you use so use what works
  6. Still very busy but not as much as last season based on what i hear. Right now we are allowed to have festivals and various sports that weren't there last year Mid-last summer many of our restrictions had been lifted but many sports had already cancelled their seasons. So golf was popular all season. A bit less so this season but still popular
  7. That's good scoring but doesn't seem TOO crazy to me. I know some 5.5 ~ indexes that i could imagine doing that even in an event. A few years ago my friend who was a 15 at the time shot 83-79 in a BB club championship. He had something like a 20 shot lead going into the final round LOL. And he was a legit 15 who i played with every weekend
  8. Of course I hit it yesterday for the first time...with a 4 iron. Just BARELY This is the back of the green, and i landed short of the green with a well struck ball.
  9. I have a great one---Was playing in an interclub match about 10yrs ago. Was playing in the anchor spot meaning the #1 spot out of 10 players. In Quebec it's 4 clubs against each other in 4-way match play Me and the last guy i was against were all close going into #17 but i was up 1. We were the last 2 players on the course and our teams were tied for 1st. There were probably 1000 people watching. The 17th was a par 3 and 160yds. I had the blocks as i was on a heater (shot 42-33 that day) and hit a 9 iron right off the pin to a tucked location. it dropped an inch from the hole, and
  10. Yeah what happened here....She definitely got home already otherwise, if she hasnt come home yet--She's cheating on you and accuse her of that
  11. Oh downwind or no wind on a hot day MtlJeff hits a 4 iron, but even then I've yet to hold the green. You really have to almost bump it on. Very very few balls hold the green. When the pin is on the front left, it can play as little as like 195, but even then the smart play is to leave it a bit short. I've hit as little as 6 iron downwind. But again the problem with that is it's downwind traveling 190 yds to a very shallow green that is uphill and flat
  12. My guess is it's mostly related to real estate. Montreal land is worth a lot more now but there are no courses near the city. Once you get out to where the courses are, land is less expensive. So it's probably a lot easier to maintain and pay for properties with those rates. People also wouldn't pay huge initiations and yearlies when you can only play 6 months a year. The highest initiations are probably Laval Sur le Lac or Royal Mtl and both of those are way under 50,000. Royal i think is less than half of that now.
  13. In Quebec golf is pretty cheap, you can get a membership at many private clubs, even very nice ones for <5000$ If you play 50 rounds a year that's 100$ a round. Not insane , and you get the benefits of competitions and easier bookings as you say. My club is very nice and costs 4000$ with no assessment. Pretty easy to justify even if you aren't bathing in money
  14. I think you mean a -15 handicap LOL. A +15 is some serious golf! You can definitely break 90 if you hit it 215yds off the tee. Especially if the course is <6600yds or ~ I have a friend that did that for years. As has been mentioned if you're good enough around the green to where you are not wasting shots --you'll do it If you can work your way up to 250 there's really nothing stopping you from playing any level of amateur golf. I played against a guy who shot -5 for 14 holes on a 6800yd course a few weeks back and he was hitting it maybe 240 off the tee.
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