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  1. There's too many. I don't want to link them because some eventually became mean spirited and i don't think there's use pulling those back up...i doubt the mods would want that Some that stand out: 1) The thread accusing Scratch Golf of lying about their metals they used. This thread was just off the rails. It included people doing privately funded metal tests , and an actual debate about whether a japanese forger was alive or dead. There has never been a more popcorn worthy thread 2) The thread in the 19th hole where the guy had a crush on his teacher. He was such an ama
  2. I'm OK with having Jack at #1, i didn't think i would say that but Tiger's career really took a hard right turn pretty quickly. So given Jack's longevity and 28% more majors, i do have to acknowledge it's a solid position I do not agree with most of the nostalgic "soft" stats that accompany many of these arguments however. Like saying Jack had better competition because there are more "big names" in his era. These arguments are nonsense IMO, there were more big names in his era because there were less overall names. Players in the 60s won more for the same reason players in the CFL
  3. In Quebec we did 1 rider per cart full season. I don't think it was as much a precaution thing as it was a "golf courses were terrified of being shut down" thing. The rules for golf courses were made in May and then never re-evaluated, with the exception of restaurants being able to open vs not. However that was determined by the restaurant division of the rules. So yes here we did 1 rider all year, as well as foam in cups, more spaced out tee times etc. Even during July - August when we had <50 cases a day in the province Again it was less a covid thing and more a
  4. If we can put men on the moon, we should be able to hit golf balls out of divots! The people building space shuttles didn't get to say "hmmm, i don't like this math, it makes spaceship propulsion too hard....i demand easier math!"
  5. BTW, i am also in favor of pouring scalding hot lead on people who dont replace fairway divots , like they did in the old days when you tried to storm a castle. If you're gonna play out of divots than people who don't replace divots should be burned with lead
  6. I agree with many people who say though that defining when you are in a divot will be pretty hard. What about an older divot that is basically almost perfect again...what about if you're just on the edge... You're gonna slow down rounds with all of these rulings. Having playing partners running over to check it I don't know, i'm a pretty progressive thinker normally with this stuff....but i don't know. Just hit it out of divots i say.
  7. MtlJeff


    It's head is like 2-3 degrees open at default so yeah it's a bit fade biased. But i never found it too unforgiving. Around the same time frame you had clubs like the S9 Pro D which had the deepest face in the history of deep faces and still had a sweet spot the size of a peanut. It's more forgiving than the hallowed 905R the feel on the 9015D is also a 10/10 It's still one of the best drivers of the modern era. And again that's so incredibly weird given when it came out It would be like if at the same time Hyundai had come out with a car everyone just agreed
  8. i wrote other because i don't think it's all related to swing speed. My course is awesome, our original 18 is one of the best courses in Quebec. Even a long (amateur) hitter will use most of their clubs during a round. The back 9 you can only see 2 flags from the tee box, lot of doglegs , thick pines etc. A pro would likely destroy it because pros are pros. But even the top Quebec ams considered it one of the tougher tests out there when it hosted tournaments. So i'm going with a hard no on making it more interesting. It's plenty interesting now
  9. I don't believe any of the covid-related changes will become the new norm, unless there are issues with the vaccine or the ability to make it an annual/bi-annual shot if that's needed I don't believe i will never shake someone's hand again LOL I could see non golf related things, like masks in airports, less business travel, more reviews done via teams, more work from home....all of those things I don't think golf changes at all, again, assuming all goes as planned
  10. MtlJeff


    All over this site there are thousands of 24yr olds who have no idea what wonders the 9015D (or Adams A4 tech) provided. It's hard to imagine...I mean Adams before that was making tight lies and square drivers... Than of all of a sudden they were like "Oh yeah, and this year we're coming out with what is likely to date the greatest 460CC players driver of all time"
  11. I missed the part about the plans Yeah you are right actually. In general you should get support for your hobbies but yeah breaking plans and then lying about it probably not the best behavior either LOL
  12. Yes, someone had an almost identical experience to you and it's being discussed here
  13. Me too, there and Golf Vaudreuil. I lived about 15 minutes from either place, so would drive to Dorval and than if busy go to Vaudreuil The Oakville course @ Dorval was a really nice layout. I mean it was definitely in "muni" shape, but there were some quality holes. You don't see too many munis with 2 different 580+ par 5's. Plus 12 and 14 were quality par 4's on the back. #16 the par 3 over water was also really good. If it were around like that still i am sure i'd still play it a few times a year
  14. There used to be a great 36 hole public course just west of Montreal called "Golf Dorval". I think it even hosted some Quebec Am events. Was never in the best shape but was 36 holes of a pretty good layout and was affordable I am sure i don't need to draw you a map here, but it was close enough to the city that the land became too valuable and was bought up by a couple of different places. The course still exists, but they had to get rid of 18 holes and frankenstein the rest of it. You had par 3's for example where you just dropped a ball 170yds out on an old par 5 LOL
  15. It's awesome that there are likely tons of younger WRX members who aren't familiar with Jack Hamm and the Hammer driver. The ads were indeed the greatest ever. The shaft cuts through the air like a swoooooord It's been a while, we used to joke about the Hammer pretty much daily A guy bought it once and did a full review LOL
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