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  1. The nature of pro sports is that these guys are the top 0.001% of golfers or whatever the stat is. There are more CEOs of companies than there are pro golfers. So just to make it where they are, even a "journeyman" PGA pro is someone who probably kicked a** and took names for most of his life. Its the same is a backup QB in the NFL, we assume these guys are happy holding clipboards if they've done it for 6 years...meanwhile that guy probably holds all of his high school records So i don't think anyone is really "happy" being 109th or whatever it is But like any job, i a
  2. No joke....it IS often my fault All of my Ping drivers , whenever i would buy aftermarket shafts off ebay , they would all come with "righty adapters". So i'd just reverse the adjustments and it was all good to get what i wanted So yes, several of those are now being sold after trade-ins....So you can blame me
  3. I agree...Golf is one of the only sports where there is no human defense. So theoretically a guy could come along who just destroys courses and there's little that can be done about it. I don't get the obsession with preserving things. A guy like Kevin Durant would have been an alien in the 60's, A 7-footer who shoots 3's and handles like a guard. Things evolve. it doesn't make me upset that i'm seeing dunks instead of layups, or big guys dribbling the ball instead of posting up What are we going to do when some Jamie Sadlowski type actually keeps it on the planet and
  4. I still remember the first swing you made with that club (sheds tear...). Good times I moved on to the Mavrik Max. It's actually the only Callaway club i still use, though the full set i was fit for is still hanging around. I have a no trade-in policy for anything we got in SD, just for karma reasons
  5. I guess it depends on course design too. We have a 7000yd course around here that is pretty straight so most holes are driver holes. If my total distance is 280~ or so im not hitting 4 irons into the par 4s. But hitting a modern 6 iron isn't too far off an older 4 iron i guess. My 4 iron is 21 degrees I like the game just fine, its the one I grew up with (I'm 39 and started playing at 22, after the pro v came about)
  6. Fair enough. The mid 90s Sonics were my favorite team ever. I was 16-17 when they were at their peak. Kemp, Payton, Hawkins, Schrempf, Perkins, Mcmillan....loved watching them
  7. Why don't you have to hit 4 irons anymore? Thats an honest question, are you carrying it 300+ or playing a very short course? I play a 6700yd course and carry it 260+ and I'm still hitting 4 irons. We have a 420yd 90 degree dogleg, we have a 450yd par 4 with water in play at the 200yd mark so very few people challenge it. We have 2 different 210yd par 3s on the same 9 Bryson might hit 8 irons into these but 99% of us schmucks are not
  8. Governance is not about being popular....LOL, wouldn't expect anything else from him We're talking about a sport, not running a prison. It is in fact important that people enjoy it. But no go do your study and make changes that pretty much no one is asking for and affects less than 1% of golfers, based on optics you don't like. Last i checked very few amateurs are carrying it 330 and bringing their local munis to their knees. Let's roll back the ball!
  9. If you play it without the crown it kinda looks like the old Cleveland Hibore Hope you get a new one soon!
  10. For as much as i've bashed the guy, i have enjoyed how he has set up US opens vs his predecessor. That being said, i will not miss his musings on how terrible the modern game is
  11. yeah don't stress , when i bought my F9 i also paid less for the full club than the shaft would cost aftermarket. Got it for like 250$ canadian at a demo day sale but it was still in the plastic. The shaft here is like 399$ LOL But it's the real shaft. Cobra probably bought thousands of them for pennies on the dollar
  12. The shafts that cost 300$, the OEMs buy them for probably 25$ haha (i don't know that for a fact, but they are paying a LOT less since they buy in bulk and are the largest individual customers of these shaft companies. These days many shafts are "real deal" and i believe those are. I had a F9 with the Atmos Black and it was definitely the real deal. I believe Titliest uses real deal shafts.
  13. Has the leaf rule been fully adopted yet?
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