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  1. Nah not really, i only drive like 10k KMs per year. My main area of interest is winter driving. Have read the Taco is great but coming from a torque vectoring AWD it might not be as good in the snow and ice In the deep stuff. Taco has far more clearance.
  2. I often come to the 19th hole for my various musings on cars. I buy cars ALMOST as frequently as new iron sets. But anyway here is the deal I currently have a modified Rav4 TRD that i use mostly for trails and snow drifting etc. I have posted pictures of it here a few times... It's a 2020 with very low mileage. I owned the first one in Quebec actually. Because of this and the insane market for used cars (thank you, semiconductor shortages...), the dealer can buy it back and sell it for almost full price. This means, i can get a 2022 Tacoma TRD PRO for basically 10,000$ cash , and then maintaining the same payments (albeit reset to original financing length, adding back the 2 years) The Tacoma TRD pro is basically my dream car. I am nuts NOT to do this right?
  3. Normally it works out for me, i rarely lose balls to be honest. I just hate pulling a brand new ball out on the first hole when there's OB. I'm weird like that I'm not overly superstitious and am firmly a math guy. But some things, i just am weird with. Like i won't use a new ball in tournaments. I always pick one that i've used for a few holes in another round. Like it's proven itself already LOL
  4. I think he means people who storm off because they aren't playing well, not people who have legit injuries. Of course people can always fake injuries if they want. But i think he means the tantrum folks really. I've seen this happen a few times. But never as a twosome. If you bail on someone in a twosome you're a real piece of work! I don't even know what i'd do there. You're really screwing the guy you're playing with.
  5. LOL, we have a course where the first hole has OB on both sides. In my casual rounds i'm always teeing off there with a busted up Pro V1, especially if i haven't been to the range yet. I'm not losing a good ball on the first swing!
  6. Yeah this is kind of inline with my thoughts I think 280-300 would make a lot of people consider it. We tend to think of guys like Dustin Johnson and say "well why would he do it". Sure, he likely wouldn't because he can hit it 370 or whatever. But a medium range hitter would likely do it because distance isn't their primary strength anyway.
  7. I said in the other thread i thought 280 down the middle each time would make some people think about it. Certainly the shorter hitters. I mean if you're already short why not be in the fairway 100% of the time. 300 down the middle every time i think would have a lot of takers. There's still plenty of shots lost off the tee. Would be nice to lose none
  8. Is he posting scores or just someone who plays for fun? If he's posting scores i'd remind him that this isn't allowed and position it just as "hey , make sure you don't do this in an event or something" If he's just a weekend dude that plays for fun, wouldn't worry about it too much. I mean you could tell him just for his own knowledge. But i wouldn't care if he wanted to keep doing it
  9. Before an important round i'd be mad. Any other time i'd be kinda mad , then like "Yes i get to buy new things"
  10. Mizuno is pretty spotty with lefty stuff, Bridgestone used to always kill me because i really wanted Bridgestone stuff back in the day. It stopped upsetting me though a while ago. Eventually i just learned that there will always be something for lefties in pretty much whatever style you want. Right now i have forged blades, players distance and SGIs all with the shafts i wanted. And 3 different custom putters. Not bad for a lefty!
  11. My clubs are more lead tape than steel. They play like G75 on the swingweight scale and only those blessed by Odin can even pick them up
  12. I think 280 down the middle every time might make some people think about it, but even then i'm not sure. Would be a great recipe to make every cut. But hard to win events. So many guys just devour the par 5's hitting it like 330 and having irons in
  13. Haha this takes me back. I remember when literally everyone knew the Callaway Epic was gonna be called the Epic except we weren't allowed to call it that and were under NDA. I'm still not sure if i'm allowed to call it the Epic, my NDA might not have expired yet. Should have read the fine print on that one. I like the suggestion though that they themselves are leaking it, maybe to get some feedback on things like price or design from early adopters. It would make sense. If what i'm reading is accurate this will end up being like 700-800CAD--yikes.
  14. I play golf in the summer and do curling the winter. Curling is surprisingly fun. Used to play in flag football and basketball leagues until they were overun with people wanting to fight all the time.
  15. Still waiting on my 0211's. Hoping to have them soon. After visiting the US for a little over a week , i've gotten a few range sessions in since coming back....i'm not sure my ballstriking has ever been better than it is right now If i was ever gonna play blades, now is the time. Very excited to get my PXGs and start hitting the trackman
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