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  1. I'll have you know i got a chipping lesson from Roger Cleveland once, Mr "i know famous people" He was like "it's really easy to hit flop shots, watch" And i was like---Yeah, not for me Rog.
  2. I have only played 2 balls this year--Callaway Chrome Softs and Vice Pros I bought like 5 boxes of Srixon Zstars and i'm going to give them to a homeless person. They are the "glass jaw" of golf balls. Hit them once and they look like they went 5 rounds with Mike Tyson Vice Pros have the endurance and stamina of a young Mtljeff.
  3. it just occured to me--knowing Phil he'll probably bring out a 48 inch driver next season and use it for lag putting or something, and just call it a "putter" LOL That would be a classic Phil thing
  4. I don't disagree. I've said plenty about the USGA but at this point it's just venting, everyone here knows my thoughts if they've been around a while LOL I think the course lengthening and costs associated thing from Davis was a false flag. 99% of courses don't need to lengthen and if they do it's purely vanity not necessity. The vast majority of golfers can barely handle 6500yds let alone 7500. Saying that pro courses needing to be 7500yds is like comparing the costs of running an NFL stadium to a local football field. It's apples and oranges. Courses like Whistling Straights are high end resorts that charge 500$ a pop, no one's home course is whistling straights. The PGA can play courses like that all year without affecting the thousands of other courses that could sit at 6500-6800 max which they already are All of this is about how the game looks on TV to a specific group of people. Who cares....The NBA pace and space game is VASTLY different than what you see at local gyms or high school ball. Who cares
  5. It's hard for me to get super passionate about this rule since i've never used a 47+ inch driver. Lengths creeped up for a while on stock shafts, i think the longest being a TMAG burner that got to 46.5. But they've since regressed a bit with mostly the longest ones being 45.75 or maybe 46. This probably impacts 0.001% of golfers. Again, it's just another rule designed to limit distance because they don't like what Bryson is doing because it doesn't fit their view of golf optics. Say what you want about Bryson but he trained to play golf a different way, within the rules. I've said it countless times but i don't like the USGA, i think most of their premise for all of this stuff is a lie and they've mostly decided their job is pros and not amateurs . But at the end of the day, this doesn't affect me
  6. they are really easy to hit and still cool. The Ping G425's look classy and don't have some egregious badge like most SGI's too
  7. there isn't enough virility and machismo in the world for just one man to have enough of it that he needs a 7.0 Hzrdus RDX black. And if there is, may god have mercy on all of us
  8. Back in my youth i had a 3 wood like this, an Adams tour model but can't remember which. I had a mid launch shaft in it, hit it miles high. Probably 15-20yds shorter than my other 3 woods just because it wasn't fit for me properly. It was good for going for par 5's in two but i didn't like it off the tee for obvious reasons Back then i probably swung 118-119 with driver. So i was probably hitting 3 woods around 270, just not the Adams one
  9. pretty tough to hit it 260-270 and have it come down softly with a 3 wood. Best advice would be to learn how to hit it 300yds with a 3 wood, and then use a shaft that spins too much for you
  10. maybe 10 years ago or so Padraig Harrington famously tried it too, he definitely used 48 inches for a bit. After winning his majors he went on a 2-3 year bender of messing with his swing and clubs.
  11. "I can handle 5, but don't like it" was the name of the adult film i starred in while in college. Like a few others---I've played in some 6-somes, often as part of a 2 team (of 3s) playing in like a vegas or something for money, so the other team is needed to verify score
  12. The 4 indexes don't play blades here, only the 12's do. And they hit it better than the 4's , but their short games hold them back Take a GolfWRX 12 index from tee to green, and a GolfWRX 4 for the greens That player beats Brooks Koepka at a US open 6 times out of 10
  13. Not sure i have sympathy for someone who has been immensely succesful, like 1% of 1% succesful and seems like a well liked person. I don't think he needs anyone's sympathy I'd like to see him play better at golf because he seems cool and was easy to root for.
  14. I haven't hit the G710 but do they feel hollow like the G700s did? I couldn't get over the weird feel of the G700, not sure if that's different The PI790 is a great club. I hit it a lot at the TMAG demo day. I don't see these clubs as being all that similar, the 790 will look a little more player like at address and feel smoother The Pings will likely be a bit more forgiving overall
  15. makes sense that he would be. Kudos to Brooks and Bryson for reeling us all in with their WWE style feud also. They did everything short of bring in Mean Gene to interview them before their rounds
  16. The course we got married at had an event coordinator who was with us for a good part of the day, definitely the pictures timeline. We went out to 3-4 different spots on the course but it was 4-5PM or so at night and he knew which 9's had no tee offs recently Yes there definitely should have been some kind of event planner there to tell these people where to go
  17. With my SGI eye2 grind lob wedge!
  18. "We threatened to hit into them" ---Sounds like a nice group of players on the tee, threatening to hit into people on their wedding day. This is the courses fault at the end of the day. They shouldn't be allowing people to take pictures there during play as it's obvious this could happen. I got married on a golf course, they brought us out to take pictures later in the day on one of the 9's where there were no golfers. You also can't assume that the people getting married are golfers or have any idea of golf etiquette, they are just getting pictures taken on their wedding day and potentially clueless to any of this So , Courses fault for letting them go out there. But threatening to hit into people on their wedding day? The guy that said that should be tarred and feathered i'm sorry
  19. These are my last 11 scores since switching back to the G410s: 74-74-75-77-72-72-73-74-76-74-74 The last 4 rounds were played in single digit temps and 3 of them in the rain. Ping Gs are the lick
  20. T200 was the best iron i hit this year at demo days. Perfect blend of visual appeal and easy to hit. I think they will be a home run for Titleist. I'd get them myself if i wasn't back on PHAT irons.
  21. I am a 0.4 right now that plays in a few tournaments a year including some of the larger Quebec AMS. I have won points playing in some of the top groups in our interclub tournaments, so i'm a pretty decent am. In the summer i play on average 2.5 rounds a week, maybe 70 rounds a year (we have winters here so that's a lot). I probably also go to the range once a week during the week. My short game i usually work on before or after rounds I have a 4yr old daughter so don't have a ton of time to dedicate to practice. My short game is fairly weak for a person of my index due to this. My tee to green game is very solid because i've spent years hitting balls, and also into sims in the winter. My swing is unorthodox in many ways but very consistent and repetitive. I'm 40yrs old now and not a monster, but i hit it 260-270 off the tee and hit irons proportionally long
  22. This happens from time to time in our club tournaments too. Lot of team events and i've seen a few times where someone had to play alone
  23. I think part of him is OCD with this this stuff, and part of him likes saying it for the reaction ...and the "he's such a scientist" from the announcers. It can be a bit of both
  24. He had that done before the weekend during Torrey 2008, and still won the tournament.
  25. I don't know why anyone would be upset because a woman was better than them at something. I'd have no issue dating someone who was good at golf. The hardest thing would be making sure you didn't always play together. Like you need some time apart at the end of the day and golf is good for that. I got paired with a girl once who was really good, shot like 80-81 from the mens regular tees. She must've been about 25yrs old and was good looking too. Agreed its definitely attractive. I was probably about 29 or so. I definitely would've talked to her more but she was with her dad, so never got the chance to reject me.
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