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  1. Interesting. I guess it’s something I could get used to, and I’m certainly not one to complain about how someone runs something I don’t pay for. I just liked that feature.
  2. Previously (with original format, and WRX2.0 format) when clicking on a thread that you have already viewed or posted in, it would automatically go to the first unread post in that thread. That feature is certainly helpful, especially with multiple page threads. Can this feature be enabled on the new 3.0 board?
  3. I cant remember where it was, maybe Erin Hills, the rough was gnarly. After the Wednesday practice round, and players crying about it all week, the USGA had crews out that evening mowing it down, and when they showed up to tee off Thursday, the rough was mostly gone. May not have been Erin Hills, but it was a few years ago around that time. I remember watching "Live From" on the Golf Channel and they were showing the crews cutting it down after caving to the crybabies.
  4. You will not beat leather grips if you wish to play sans glove. Best Grips are made in the USA if you're into that kind of thing (about an hour from where I live). There's also Gripmaster. I used to use the Gripmaster wrap grips when they were readily available on ebay for $8-$9/grip. Those days are long gone though, and I personally cannot justify spending $15-$20/grip, even though they will last just about a lifetime with the occasional wipedown with a wet towel.
  5. I fully expect there to be a slew of complaints about the rough today, and overnight, it will be shaved down to manageable length to appease the complainers like they did a few years ago. I reckon we'll find out tomorrow. I, for one, hope they do not. Those who complain about bomb and gouge golf and want to roll back equipment will see that longer rough can be the great equalizer, much to their dismay.
  6. He is LITERALLY #9 in career PGA Tour victories. To say he is not a top 10 player all time is really just strange.
  7. Yeah, we’ll good thing I’m not a mathematician, lol. so make it $2.5m, $1.5m and $1m. I don’t care. Maybe split the other $500k amongst the other 27 that made. if anyone is offering though, I’ll happily take the other $500k
  8. If you’re gonna compare it to football, it would be more akin to the super bowl, not the 4th quarter. Both teams (all players in this case) start at zero and best team that day (player that week) wins. Your play through the season and in the playoff got you to the big game, you start from scratch and winner take all in the final game. You don’t handicap in favor of the team with the better season record.
  9. I hate it. Handicapped events are for amateurs playing in a Saturday beer league. Nothing wrong with a Saturday beer league, played in one for years, just shouldn’t be in the pro game. I know the idea is to reward the person who is leading the fedex cup heading into the event. My idea would be (since winner now takes $15m instead of the previous $10m): at the end of the last event before the tour championship, split the additional $5m among top 3. 1st place in fedex cup gets $2.5m 2nd place gets $1.5m 3rd place gets $500k start the Tour C
  10. The Target pants are great quality. Helps that I get 15% off everything I buy there too, lol
  11. I think his 44 tour wins (9th all time) and 5 majors have pretty much already solidified that. Ain’t many people alive (Or already passed for that matter) that have had a better career.
  12. Ifthe sharp stones are not set in some sort of mortar or other binding agent, holding them in place firm enough to overcome the friction of the tires, they will absolutely not create additional friction, no matter how tightly you pack them. They will come loose, same as the sand on the club face. There is no way sand not affixed with some sort of binding agent will not come loose, thus reducing friction, when you apply the forces of hitting a ball with the clubhead. the friction created from the impact of the ball to the sand will loosen the sand, which will reduce the friction between the clu
  13. I know nothing of induction ranges. That said, when the time comes for us to move from our current house, one deal breaker for both of us is lack of a gas range. I have had electric in the past, and will never again if I can help it. Living on the coast, we deal with hurricanes/tropical storms that can leave us without power for weeks at a time. Having a gas range is a necessity in order to be able to cook.
  14. I bought some champ stinger pro metal spikes a few years ago. Played a few rounds with them, realized they did nothing for my game, took them back out and gave them away before I busted my backside on a cart path.
  15. That’s a shame, because the tacos and quesadillas on that food truck were incredible!
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