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  1. I only average 36% GIR, and play most of my approach shots from inside 150, so, none really, lol.
  2. Give me the game over the looks any day. I’ll play in gym shorts and a tank top if I could play to a scratch index.
  3. I'm on the gulf coast in Texas, and unfortunately, I feel this to the max. I think it didnt rain less days than it did in July.
  4. His biggest saving grace in all of this is he probably actually hasn’t swung a club since the accident, which will do wonders for healing his back. I’ve had back surgery twice and it was 3 months no swinging a club both time per doc orders. While I am absolutely certain he had better rehab than me, I am also absolutely sure he did not wait long enough to fully let his back heal. If the accident didn’t further damage his back, this time away from swinging a club can only do good for his back, though it can also wreak havoc on his swing. I hope he can come back, simply because he is far and away the greatest golfer to have swung a club in the last 30 years, if not ever (argument can be made, but that’s another thread somewhere), and it has been rather amazing watching his career.
  5. The one I dont get is the knee high sock requirement if you wear shorts at some clubs. That one baffles me. I dont believe I would fit in at a place that told me I could not wear black socks, so I'll just stick to my local blue collar public and muni courses that for the most part just require a polo. One of the county courses I play just requires you to be clothed, lol.
  6. I still do that at time. Lately I've been resting it somewhere on the cart, which probably isnt any better.
  7. I played ball in the mid 90s (I'm only 40 now) and we did the exact same thing. And our August/September heat on the gulf coast was miserable. We had a piece of PVC with holes drilled in it about every 3 feet and they would turn it on once at some random point during practice. we had to line up and they would give you a few seconds to suck in as much water as you could get our of a 1/4" hole, then it was right back to it. Miraculously, I do not recall anyone ever suffering from any heat related issues. we did it and didn't dare complain. Complaining meant more of it and there was always someone right behind you wanting your spot. Coaches today would be jailed for treating these babies the way we were treated.
  8. Yeah, I'm a lot less worried about them running their hands through their sweaty hair than I am about them holding their sweaty junk several times during the round then reaching out to shake hands. I used to lick my ball to wet it then rub the dirt off of it with my fingers or a towel. My bride, a germaphobe nurse, about had a stroke when she saw me do it, lol. Now I just spit on it. I did it for years. I'm sure of all the things I've done in my life, licking a dirty golf ball is probably not going to be what does me in. I think decades of smoking and dipping (of which I also quit) will probably be my downfall.
  9. Nah, Olive Garden is the McDonalds of Italian food. Or maybe they're the Jack in the Box.
  10. I had a 15 GT premium and absolutely loved it. Miss that car for sure. My wife has an 18 base ecoboost. They are not the same, lol. I have always wanted a jeep, but never owned one. We rented a ‘20 Sahara 4 door last week for a trip to the Keys. It was a very different driving experience than anything I’ve driven from a handling standpoint. Steering was just different. Not better, not worse, just something I would have to get used to. It had the 4cyl turbo, and was quite peppy. Drove good, smooth Er than I remember Jeep’s, and according to the lie-o-meter was averaging 28mpg. P was quite impressed. It was quieter than I thought it would be with a soft top. Makes me want to look into trade values for my Ram and take the plunge.
  11. That is me, except I cannot stand Folgers. So much so I’m thinking about buying another grinder and a small coffee maker for my office since Folgers is the only thing available at work. For the house, I buy random whole bean coffee at the store, grind fresh every morning, brew a full pot. A full pot for me makes 3 of my coffee cups. I’ll pour one cup in a yeti to take to work, and drink the other 2 while I watch the news. All kicking off at 0400 Monday - Friday.
  12. I have done this more times than I care to admit. Each and every time involved copious amounts of alcohol. I don’t drink that much on the course any more. I’m a kid single digit handicap, and for me to completely miss the ball is just bad. Most of the time I would hit the ground about a foot behind the ball and the club would just bounce over it. fun times
  13. I hooked 5 tee shots in a row into the woods on Saturday in the middle of the front 9. Started birdie bogey par, then for 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 I pull hooked my tee ball into the woods and lost it on each hole. I haven’t lost 5 balls in a round in a very long time, let alone 5 holes in a row. as for opposite 9s, my worst was 35 front 53 back. I was quite pissed after that one.
  14. It's been a while since I've been out there (several years) but I thought I remembered coming by the clubhouse twice mid round. I think you pop by the halfway house behind the driving range between 12 & 13, so you're probably right that you dont technically go by the "clubhouse", but it is 3 loops of 6. Copied straight from their website: Built on the spectacular terrain of southwest Montgomery County, the course sits inside the rustic country development of High Meadow Ranch and features a distinctive routing consisting not of two nines, but three six-hole loops. Aptly named the Forest Loop, Pine Barrens Loop and Signature Loop, the six hole routings provide flexibility for quick golf rounds and has made High Meadow a popular local venue for golf leagues and group outings.
  15. Why would you change your routine just because there's money on the line?
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