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  1. I’ve got an Italian customer right now I’d love to try to explain the same damn thing to.
  2. Last time I used an inversion table, I went from being very uncomfortable from the low back pain to not being able to stand up straight because of it. Used it one time, for a few minutes, and that was all it took. I'm not saying they do not work, but I will say make sure you know and understand the cause of your back pain before you use one.
  3. I love how people think it’s easy to win on the euro tour just because it’s not the pga tour. Whatever you say man. I know for me, given the option, I’d play the euro tour over pga tour without question, and I’m as proud American as they come.
  4. I didn’t wear a ring for almost 8 years after I lost my first one in my first marriage. I bought one to replace it, but I have a metal allergy and it broke my finger out so I just never wore it. I’m on marriage #2, have a silicone ring, and it never comes off. When I do take it off to put lotion on my hands, it feels weird amd I just want it back on.
  5. Haven’t seen anything posted about him yet, but how good is this kid? 21 years old, 3 wins, 2 of them in the last 3 weeks. Destroyed the field this week. I think this kid is gonna do big things.
  6. I’ll never understand the love affair with Seminole. It looks boring as hell. Looks like ever other wannabe links course on the planet. I think it’s only because it is an exclusive country club so people are intrigued. Hard pass for me.
  7. Enso is my go-to as well. I've got 3 of the thicker "Infinity" designs, and one of their "elements" rings in silver. That's the one I wear day to day as it is thinner. The first one I bought in 2017 when I got married tore a few weeks ago. I emailed them, and the next day had a tracking number for a replacement for just the cost of shipping. Great lifetime warranty on them.
  8. I lost my first wedding ring within a month of my first wedding by taking it off on the golf course. Now I have a silicone band that I wear. It's thin and obviously flexible, and if I lose it I'm only out around $40 as opposed to much much more. I do have a nice band I wear when we go out somewhere nice, otherwise, it's silicone for me.
  9. I am 100% on board with this. There are several Olympic endeavors that should be excluded. if it has to be there, for the love of all that is holy make it something other than another 72 hole stroke play event.
  10. I was a linebacker until I had knee surgery for torn cartilage. When I came back, they moved me to o-line. We were running a drill with 2 o-line, 2 d-line, a RB and a LB. we had to open a hole for the running back, and as I was blocking the line, the linebacker pancaked the running back onto my knee. When I finally sat up and looked down, from my knee down was cocked out to the side several degrees. That ended my football career. My knees creak and pop and grind all the time, but thankfully no lingering issues yet (happened when I was 16, 40 now).
  11. If you are handy at all, I would opt to build a tiny house, unless of course you plan to host more than your immediate family.
  12. I'm the opposite. I cannot play golf with my contacts in. I skull or shank just about every shot I try to hit. I tried a few times, and thankfully I was wearing daily throw aways and had my glasses in my truck. I pulled them out and threw them away at the turn and put my glasses back on. As for sunglasses, I only wear polarized sunglasses (I fish a lot as well). I've never had a problem reading greens with my sunglasses on.
  13. I hate reading texts with words chopped up into whatever lazy language people like to use these days. I refuse to participate in that.
  14. And a ball that spins more goes further offline, resulting in more time spent looking for balls, which means longer slower rounds. but you’re free to play those older clubs and balls that don’t go as far and spin more, respectively. No one is stopping you from working on or displaying your skill.
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