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  1. Since ProQuip has officially now "re-opened", I'm interested to see what direction they will go.
  2. Stupid question but how do you know you have cataracts? Do they find them in a routine exam or is it something that changes in your vision and you just know that's it's a cataract?
  3. They look itchy. I'm sure they're probably not. They just look like it.
  4. The bigger question is why does an obvious trolling thread catch the same fish every single time.
  5. Just my opionion, but I've played Pebble around 25 times over the years and been pulled off the course around 8-9 times when anything more than a light rain happens. It's been my experience they've been quick to pull the plug and get people off the course in order to maintain its pristine nature. They're not usually gonna let you out if it is pouring. So, if you don't normally play in wet conditions it would be a waste to spend big bucks on rainwear suited to withstand Scotland conditions. Something like a light rain resistant jacket or pullover has always worked for me. Pick your brand: FJ or others will work fine.
  6. The dog logo is something I'd expect to see on clothing for pre-teenagers. Way too large and obnoxious. Decent quality clothing. Usually a good selection of colors. Just need to ditch the childish logo or at least shrink it to normal size.
  7. PXG Gen 5, PXG Gen 6 and PXG Gen 7. At the rate Bob's releasing equipment we may even see PXG Gen 8!
  8. LOL. It's the lightest weight trouser UA has ever made.
  9. Try the new UA Drive, which is Under Armour's answer to lululemon and Rhone. It replaced the UA Showdown.
  10. Do any of our European friends at WRX use anything from Sunderland? The website looks like it may be aimed at a little older crowd, which I am, as the sizes appear to be more regular than really tapered. Looks like they have several mid layer and gilet combos, but I have no idea if they are actually warm or just some cheap rubbish.
  11. Isn't ProQuip dead? I thought the company who bought that brand declared bankruptcy last year and the only ProQuip stuff you find now are at liquidation sites.
  12. Maybe not every small town in America has a PGA Tour Superstore?
  13. Order 11.5 with stock shaft on July 6th directly from TaylorMade. Got my shipment notification today.
  14. Why did everyone seemingly buy the 13.5 degree. Wouldn't the 11.5 degree be better as a mini driver?
  15. When I first saw it, my thought was that it was Arccos answer to DECADE, although at a much steeper price point. They may only be targeting a really small demographic of existing Arccos subscribers as a source of incremental income so the pricing could be reflective of a desire to not provide the service to the masses. As someone else said, I'd be more prone to apply that amount of money to lessons or other things. To each his own though.
  16. OxyClean with toothbrush and soaking always seem to get mine out, similar to what others have said in the thread. Good luck!
  17. Shorts. Prestigious golf course; not that prestigious of a club any longer.
  18. Great customer service but just plain awful socks. Bombas, that is. Not suprised you had problems, OP. Not surprised at all.
  19. I don't think I've played at a course in the past 5 years that still sells poker chips for ball markers. That fad is long gone. Wow. Love your ingenuity though!
  20. ^^^^^ Full blooded WRXer there. Buys a new club. Sells it. Then buys the same make and model again.
  21. Prior to PGATSS, Matt was a fitter for PXG. He was my fitter a couple of times at the Scottsdale corporate headquarters. He was as good as any fitter I've been to and that includes over the years Cool Clubs, True Spec, Hot Stix and CC.
  22. I'm always in search of the proverbial great white shirt. It simply can't be found any longer, probably due to the reasons noted by the OP. I haven't seen a really good white shirt in at least 10 years.
  23. Millar all clothing Rhone shorts Sunderland Winter wear Thorlo socks
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