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  1. For the Genovega - where can you find the battery? Confused.
  2. Chilidog - I know you are in the industry and I follow your recommendations often. Have you tried others - or were you one and done with this purchase. If so - I assume that you did your due diligence to pick the proper one. Also, it says that you should order up a size. Do you agree with this statement? For reference - I'm 5'10 and weight 150. Thinking about going large as I will have a bit of bulk underneath. Thoughts? - and thanks in advance !
  3. Thanks, Doobz. Much appreciate the insight.
  4. Thank you for the info. I'm playing Stadium. Any idea on present conditions for both Stadium and Mountain, given the overseeding? I'm not familiar with how much it affects play.
  5. I am playing PGA West and LaQuinta Mountain this weekend? Anyone know present conditions?
  6. Traveling from NJ out to CA and secured a single for this Thursday at Noon. Psyched as I have never been there. I booked on-line and got a pretty good rate. Being first time, do you recommend walking or riding? Cart fees are $40 - I can rent a pull cart for $10. I understand that it's carts paths only through November due to over seeding. Also, has anyone played there recently as to advise how course conditions are. Much appreciated.
  7. If this is the worst customer service you have ever encountered, count your blessings.
  8. Zero Restriction "Windstopper" gloves. Thank me later.
  9. Everyone in the group should give their two beers to the nervous guy. Problem solved.
  10. Not necessarily. Many locations to live in New Jersey with commute on New Jersey Transit trains which go directly in to Penn Station.
  11. I ordered Gen 3's on 7/29. They shipped August 20. Expected delivery FedEx Ground tomorrow. They shipped from Phoenix. I live in NJ.
  12. Played Stadium a few days ago. Fairways brownish as well as greens. Greens slow. Otherwise - great track. Also played La Quinta - Mountain. Great shape overall.
  13. The mock neck is making a comeback? Interesting.
  14. This is correct. Effective May 19 at 6.00 AM, per the Executive Order.
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