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  1. Have this on a mizuno m craft. Great grip!
  2. Sim 9 diamana 6s epic flash 3w tensei blue 7x first taylormade that I got along with since the late 2000’s burner tp’s
  3. Another for the LTD. permanent backup that gets off the bench quite often.
  4. Just picked up some T100s. Previously played the mp20 mmc. Tested the zx7. Had always heard about how awesome the titleist went thru the turf. It is a real thing. They go thru like butter. Much better on slightly fat shots. Couldn’t get the Srixons to spin enough. Found the t100s to be slightly more forgiving than the mmc’s.
  5. 13 and play t100s. Irons are awesome. Short game absolutely sucks.
  6. Really thinking hard about trading my mp20 mmc’s for the zx7’s. Concerned about the spin on the srixons. Are they not notoriously low spin?
  7. Seven pxg driver mizuno 3 wood and irons ping hybrid cleveland gap vokey sand callaway lob Knox putter
  8. > @balls_deep said: > > @MillerLowLife said: > > Can you say these irons are underrated? I know the 745 were widely popular but seems like these might've been lost in the mix? I don't know. Warmed up a bit here in SLC. Managed to get couple range sessions and 18 holes in on Saturday. Clubs are seriously awesome. I will echo and say the turf action seems to be on point! Irons were seriously a breeze to get up in the air. I didn't notice any lack of spin causing flight to be low. Felt like the long irons were higher than what I was use to with blades. I have noticed a huge incre
  9. Still like mine. Have a evo ii 661 in it, and the feel is awesome.
  10. Is anyone able to compare the mp20 Mmc vs the mp18 sc?
  11. Will always have a soft spot for my CB 202's. Such a pure feel.
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