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  1. That's just epoxy that bonded to the shaft, but not to the adapter. The adapter was never properly prepped and the surface so smooth that there was nothing for it to bond to. I see this sort of thing come through the shop every so often and it's an easy fix so long as the head hasn't come off and caused any damage! Just carefully heat the epoxy on the tip and scrape it off as usual.
  2. I wasn't too sure about the look of these myself, but in person I was much more impressed. Take a look at them in hand before you write them off. They may grow on you. The really good news is they sit quite flat in the standard loft setting. I'm excited to do some testing and see if I can make one do everything I want in my hybrid slot. I'm always compromising something now. They are 1.5* adapters like the M1/M3 hybrids. The stock shaft is not the same as the KBS Tour Graphite Hybrid Prototype unfortunately. It is something new, not sure if it'll be something KBS releases to retail or if it's TM only.
  3. It would be possible with the correct shim and everything, but it would be extremely difficult to get anywhere near a normal swingweight unless you built it very long. Even then, not very practical with the light weight and counterbalance nature of that shaft like you said. HZRDUS Black even in the 85 gram weight would be much more practical if you can't find the 105 gram version.
  4. This will not necessarily be true with the Pro Orange. The newer version has MR70 in the tip as opposed to Boron, and has no marking. The sure fire way to tell is by how far the carbon fiber/kevlar weave goes above the shaft band. I think the regular is 3-4 inches, the Pro versions go up around 10 inches or so above the colored band. Yep, they made the Oranges a little tougher to tell apart. If you have a TX flex in any weight, it's a Pro as the regular version just comes in X. The 80 gram weight is also Pro only, and the 50 gram weight is only non-Pro. In the 60 and 70 stiff for example, the length of the kevlar weave is pretty much the only visible difference.
  5. All of the P series irons are .355" taper
  6. I agree with this 100%. I build a ton of clubs and have had bad batches from both Golfsmith and Golfworks over the years. I use exclusively 3M DP420 or DP810 now and wish I would have switched a long time ago. The peace of mind is worth every penny in my opinion.
  7. Pretty sure the black finish on the face is PVD plating, not paint. I don't think there's any kind of paint remover that's going to make a dent in that. If it's gone I think it's a pretty good indicator he had it shaved. Like Nessism said, take a look at the depth of the scorelines and you'll have your answer for sure.
  8. Have you prepped the tip yet? Some shafts come with a ton of paint on them and by the time you prep them, they fit just fine. If it's already prepped, how heavy is it? If it's not lightweight and has really thick tip section walls, you may be able to get by sanding it down just a touch. Have to be careful going that way though!
  9. Yes, but you're going to have to make sure you get a .350" tip to fit your shaft. All the M2s come with .335" tips so you'll need one from a non-TP RBZ Stage 2, SLDR, R15, or something like that.
  10. I'd love to see True Temper chime in on this one, because I'm a little confused on where this fits too. I'm a PFC and have had great success with the DG 120s and I have received virtually no information on this shaft at all. I asked my PFC supplier and all they could tell me is that it's currently TaylorMade exclusive and will be released to retail at some point this fall. Before seeing the specs that TM has posted, I was very much under the impression that this was the DG SL replacement. I actually spoke to Rory Sabbatini at length about the 105 in the True Temper tour van at the John Deere and he was just in love with it. He said he used to play the SL and he believes the 105 that he's playing has similar performance but a much more lively feeling through impact. So that just leaves me wondering if the Tour Issue 105 that he's playing is even the same shaft as the ones in the 790s at all?
  11. It depends on how you measure them. Using a Mitchell ruler, you wouldn't see a difference with different lie angles. Using the 60* block method, you will see a difference with upright measuring shorter and flat measuring longer. It's a very small difference per degree though and I doubt that change in particular would have much effect on the way the clubs actually play. If you changed the lie to try it out, the lie angle itself would have a much bigger effect.
  12. THanson

    Cracked TP5X

    All balls crack eventually, it's just that they typically get lost or retired for other reasons before that happens. I have cracked Titleists, Bridgestones, Callaways, Srixons, and TaylorMades at the shop. When you use them for fittings and there's no chance of losing them, it's only a matter of time.
  13. Awesome to hear as that's what I currently game for the past couple years. They're pretty beat up and I had my 8i stolen at the range this week. Need all the reasons to pick these up. Hoping the feel is next level. Did you hit them? Unfortunately, no. Didn't get the chance to hit any with them. I would have loved to! Hopefully will the get the chance within the next couple of weeks here though and I'll definitely post an update.
  14. I can't decide until I see the 730s in person. I've had all the MP-18 models in-hand and they're all beautiful. The first thing I thought of when I saw the MP-18 blade at address is the 2014 TP MB, so I could see it being a very close race!
  15. Yes, the adapter is exactly the same for both.
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