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  1. ?? I’ve never had a religious experience. But I have experienced people who think that being anonymous is a green light for writing whatever snide remark that comes to mind. These are just golf clubs. Their injecting system into the iron’s cavity to increase COR is a major innovation in my opinion. Gives me 10 more yards. Some of that is from increasing club length though. I hope every company continues to improve. Be a nicer person. It’s free.
  2. Can’t make lemonade with anything that sour.
  3. Eventually, other club makers will catch up to PXG iron quality. Once done, customers will happily leave in droves. I’ve never dealt with a more obtuse group of customer service policies. I want PXG to succeed. I’m hoping they become the new standard. However, I’m writing my severely critical reviews in hopes of waking someone up at PXG. I want to help them, not hurt them. I’ve bought property near their Scottsdale location (Fountain Hills will be my new address) if they want a go-getter to help straighten out their problems, I’ll be glad to do it for free. They need better rep training and a thorough review of all customer service policies. My experience with PXG: have purchased the 0211 irons five months ago. I then bought the Gen 4 0311 irons. I could write a 45 minute essay on how terrible PXGs customer service has treated me. They have fitters that didn’t know who I should go to for changing swingweights. Same problem with phone customer service. The reps are untrained (the two that I spoke to on consecutive days. The club fitter was just in a hurry to order my clubs and get his commission. If he did things right, I could have ordered what length and swingweight I wanted. Instead, I must pay to return the irons and pay a $50 labor charge. I can’t believe how PXG treats customers like we are cheap jerks trying to get something for nothing. When they reply to my specific problems via email, I get a two line canned response. Instead of truly answering my issues, they act like drones that can’t waiver from their horrible policies. They don’t show any effort to understand my issues and work with me as a real person with real issues that should be handled by using common sense as applying justice. They are like a bank that clings to some strict wording in their boiler plate rules. as I said, their customer service is the worst I’ve ever dealt with. I certainly don’t feel like I’m dealing with a high end company and have paid top dollar for my purchases. mid the I can’t believe the CEO knows how badly their customers feel they’ve been treated. They have built zero loyalty with me towards their company. I am making a mission to warn as many people as possible how I’ve been treated. I haven’t included all issues I’ve suffered through with PXG. There have been four or five. I hope Mr Parson looks into his customer service department to clean it up. It would require training the reps and allow them to solve problems using common sense instead of cutting and pasting their replies to customers. It would cost a few more bucks but the returns in customer satisfaction would be worth ten time more money than the pay now. also, I can’t believe they deny customers the ability to change swingweights themselves. They give a half-assed reason saying they want to protect us from screwing up and having different swingweights for different clubs. That’s my choice. I don’t need another protecting me from my own stupidity, they imply as much. this was the whole reason for having adjustable weights on back of their irons. Also, they say that once the weights have been changed, they are locked down and can’t be altered again. WTF?
  4. Hi, Are the Tour Burner 2.0 irons the same as the irons that are going to be released later this month? Thanks. I will also try to send an email. Joe
  5. I love GolfCard. Cheap and they keep making it better, with room to get better for sure. The 2.0 announcement is great sounding, I am now looking for an app for my iPhone 6G to take videos of my swing and have come across so much fraud on the app reviews of some of the apps it is disgusting. Reading Viewti Golf's reviews is the best example of the "appearance" that someone is fudging. I bet they gave away free apps for five star reviews. Anyone out there have an app for swing analysis for the iPhone? Thanks.
  6. Beautiful driver!!!!!!!!! I say that because any driver, or any club that performers really well for me is beautiful! Are we golfers or fashion experts? The first page is full of posts from guys who sound like GQ wannabes, lol. I hit the 3-wood last week, immediately bought it and ordered the driver. Both perform exceptionally. I own the Callaway line and the TM line from the past few years and this outperforms them all. If I want style ladies, I will do it with my Ecco shoes, lol. As one other true golfer said in this thread, he'd hit a shoebox if it performed well for him.
  7. I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for. I have about five shafts and would love to sell a couple of them. Whiteboard and a few others. Also have an FT-9 with super high loft, like 13 which I planed to use as a three wood until I found something better for me. Also have an FT-5 iMix that I will sell. I have no sells record here but have a great record on eBay and a high end camera website similar to this site, but with cameras, duh. Lol. Let me know if I have anything of interest for you and we can surely make a deal over the phone. Joe [email protected]
  8. :) When I began reading this thread I didn't expect I Might be able to make a reply (older thread.) I owned a Bushnell for fifteen years or so. One year ago I bought an SG5 SkyCaddie. It was fun but pretty much a pain to keep charged, trying to see the screen with my old eyes without reading glasses and a couple of other things that I personally didn't care for. A buddy had a new rangefinder (unknown which kind except it did have the slope) and I liked how the newer models could so quickly pick up a flag or even the stick itself. I gave my old Bushnell to another buddy and bought a Nikon/Callaway LR1200. I really like it! Fast, efficient, fun again. Well, after reading the thread here, and having been thinking about it for a while, I just ordered the Leupold II from Amazon with overnight. I want to try it out and see if it is fun and efficient to play with the slope/temperature/altitude settings. I haven't seen, but I suspect the weather and altitude is something I have to set while I play.... yuk! If it can determine the temperature and altitude, even cooler. I just think having the super small unit will be great, maybe even able to keep it on my belt instead of tossing it on the ground or on the cart's seat. If I really like it, I'll be a very good buddy and give the Callaway unit to my buddy. If I don't like it, heck, I'll give him the Leupold anyway. I hope the Leupold II is designed to turn off the TGR stuff so it can still be used in a tournament with that setting in the off position. I also have an iPhone with GolfCard, a sub-$10 program to keep golf stats, etc. The software team is working hard to make this $9.99 program work also as a GPS system for golfing. Not my cup of tea, but for those wanting to save money and still have some high tech, nice way to go. The program is a big winner either way. Hope I was more help than a pain. I'm sure the OP and most everyone else who contributed here has already moved on with their decisions. Happy golfing. Joe
  9. Survey completed. Actually, I hate environmentalists on golf courses with what I think are irrational environmentally sensitive areas where it is nothing but a ditch or field of weeds. I mostly think that when courses are built, environmentalists screw things up to impede progress, more of a power play than actually caring about anything else. Sure, there must be good folks out there doing good work, but to me I think they are just annoying twits who have a very vocal and powerful lobby going for them and overall do little good. Getting rid of harsh chemicals and pesticides, sure, but for me, propeller heads wearing green have become fascists. sorry if I offend, but I know you wish to have the total cross section of opinions in your survey. I hope I was more help than I was annoying to anyone with the "Green Religion." Good luck with your studies.
  10. Interesting. Nice fnd! I am anxious to see what others have to say.
  11. Bought new wedges, love 'emHi, This is not spam. I buy a lot of equipment, lately most of it has been training aids. I look like Tin Cup when he put on all the training aid crap in the trailer scene to get rid of the shan.....s. due to back injury, I was out of the game for almost four years. Anyway, when I find something special, I like to pass it on. I found Chikara wedges here. I like the reviews I read and thought they looked awesome, and mainly I wanted some backspin to try to impress buddies by pulling some wedge shots back to the hole. The Chikara's were highly rated in the poll, they are about the most expensive clubs around, so I decided to give them a try, and am not sorry at all. They actually do let me pull the ball back on the greens like never before, I enjoy that. I ordered directly from the seller after seeing them on eBay while doing a search. I got the production wedges since the first Prototypes were sold out and the V2 Prototypes are so much more and were not rated here yet. I bought from a gentleman named Bryant. He sells on eBay as well as his own site, myclubmaker.dotcom. The reason I mention Bryant is he gave a good discount off eBay prices and should get a mention for how he handled the order, first class. I wanted all three wedges in the dark colored finish. He sold me all three and then realized he was out of stock on one wedge in the dark finish. Instead of doing all kinds of squirming, he immediately suggested he sent me all three now, one in silver, I play them, and the next week he would be getting the 60 degree for me in the dark color. He would then send it to me, with a return UPS label. No charge at all. I have sent him back his silver wedge and now all is well. I like it when a company goes out of its way to make me happy, without any extra expense or hassle. I didn't even have to pay any of the shipping costs. He also has a toll free number, in case I can't post his site link... 1-800-654-8764. If this post is in the wrong spot, please let me know how to move it. I figured this post was for several reason. I love the Chikara wedges and recommend them to anyone wanting to pay a lot extra for something special. Also, I wanted to give a plug for a sales company that goes out of its way to be helpful. They were so good to me, I just ordered a Chikara 48 degree wedge, something they don't make. Bryant is going to bend one for me, and if I don't like it, no issues, no charge. The feel of the extra soft steel on the wedges have to be experienced, I'd love to have a whole set of irons made like the wedges. Others here have gone out of their way to compliment the Chikara wedges and the craftsman who makes them in Hawaii. I now know why first hand. Joe
  12. Hi, I played yesterday, nice mid-70 F weather, warmer than usual for this time of year. I have to say, the FT-IQ certainly has potential for me, but it is not THE club of all time as far as I am concerned. I noticed several things. 1. Yes, it is straight. I am struggling with my game and my really horrible shots were barely slicing as is the case with the same hits with the F5 or other clubs I've owned. 2. Distance on mishits were nothing special at all, maybe a bit better than the FT-i but not incredibly so. 3. Distance on decent shots, well, off the tee I didn't hit any on the screws that I cold honestly judge due to a stiff wind on those holes where I could have made a decent judgment. 4. Off the deck, aka hitting the driver off the fairway... NOW that was something to brag about. I have been hitting drivers off the fairway since the first metal drivers came out, and even at times with persimmon. I am good at it for some reason. Well, the IQ has found a home in my bag if only as a fairway wood. I hit like four shots off the fairway, every one of them was better than my best drive. They were going around 240, pure, slight draw or straight and nice trajectory and roll-out. Now 260 use to be my three wood, up to 250, back before the back surgeries, so 240 right now is great for me. The only way to put this in perspective is to say my drives now, until I fix the swing, are 50 yards short of what I did just a couple of years ago when I was a five, on solid shots on medium run-out fairways. Yada, yada, yada, not sure how to say this so it makes any sense to golfers of all levels except by comparison to everything I currently hit, this driver goes off the fairway better than anything I have ever seen. Other players in my group, two of whom have entered long drive championships, one winning the sectional qualifying for seniors, both hit the IQ. They liked the pop off the tee, but again, it wasn't anything really special. Neither of them, in the three or so shots they took, actually hit it on the screws, so it is still inconclusive except to say nothing stood out superior except this thing is very-very straight, a bit better than the FT-I for distance, and one awesome club to hit off fairways. Only one of the better, longer players hit it off the fairway, hitting two practice shots, and both were much better shots than the guy says he normally hits off the fairway (he hits driver off the fairways all the time.) I am in a tournament tomorrow at my regular club, early morning, no breeze, and I have tinkered with my swing today enough to think I might play well, so more later on the review. As for two differing shafts for regular clubs and the tour model, I sceptical as to the differences. Folks here are probably right, but something tells me that if an inferior shaft was put in the non-tour, there would be a bit of a stink, or might be, considering the small price difference and huge MSRP. How about the I-Mix shafts? I own a Mits Blue Board and several other $400 I-Mix shafts, are they inferior to the standard shafts sold on the market? If so, I-Mix can kiss the market goodbye at these prices. An FT5 head and Miss BB costs, street price, over $500 right now. If the BB is some kind of second rate shaft, I would think Mits simply would not allow the BB title on the shaft. Doesn't make sense. Sorry, I am just skeptical there are any real difference other than gram weight, length or some such thing as being different, and it not being an inferior product. But, stranger things have happen3d so I don't question anyone's word, just the info that they might have been told cold be only part of the story. I will vigorously investigate this with Mitsubishi, Aldila and maybe others to see what they have to say. If true, good bye I-Mix for ever. Maybe goodbye anyway, due to Cally deciding to make the I-Mix a second class citizen with later roll out dates. This, after me buying five of the best shafts available (waiting for my comeback to materialize, I hope!) Later. Joe
  13. Hello all, my first post but I have been lurking for quite a while. I just received my FT-IQ 10 degree non-tour today. The head is not as quite stunning as it looks in the pictures, but it is a nice looking club. I own quite a few drivers and have been tinkering with the I-Mix system for about a month. I am extremely disappointed that the I=Mix version will be out months later than the standard clubs, this will kill the entire I-Mix concept if we are treated as second class citizens on each release. Anyway, I have not yet hit the club. I immediately took it down for an extension to 47.5 inches. I am six foot four and play 48 inches regularly. I have been a 5 or so handicap for twenty years but after a series of back surgeries, and not playing for three plus years, I am now struggling along at about 16 handicap, with an excellent short game. Mostly a swing problem, not swing speed, so I have hope of fixing the problem. If there is any interest in my review after playing tomorrow, I will post my analysis of the IQ. Due to a total loss of distance, I am trying anything and everything. I hope the IQ and some swing fixes will be a winner. Great site here, I've enjoyed reading your thoughts and will continue to do so. Thanks. Joe
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