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  1. 4 dozens of Titleist Pro v1x. New. In original box and sleeves, bought from Dick's Sporting goods 3 months ago. 328 dimple pattern, says so on the back of the box. $160 shipped. Price firm. Not looking for trades at this time, paypal.
  2. Chromes are sold. Bennysupreme, someone else pm 8 minutes before you. Thanks.
  3. 8 dozens Titleist brand new, no logo Pro V1 balls. 392 dimple design. $38 a dozen shipped. 2 dozens Callaway Hex Chrome. New no logo. $25 a dozen shipped. SOLD Prices firm.
  4. GONE Brand new, no logo, bought between March and April of 2012. Shipped USPS PRIORITY. 5 dozens brand new titleist pro v1 = a dozen shipped 5 dozens pro v1x. = a dozen shipped 2 dozens left of pro v1x
  5. 6 brands represented in my bag Srixon driver Mizuno irons, 3 wood, wedges Adams 4 hybrid Taylormade 5 wood Odyssey putter Nike bag Srixon Z star balls
  6. Oh man, I love the 200 Steel. In fact, I just put the 5 wood back in the bag. Did not want to spend more money. If you are on a budget, I would suggest the jpx-800 5 wood. Quite cheap on the bay, about 60-80. Got my jpx-800 3 wood for $70. Very easy to hit, I compared it against the Nike VR 3 wood and also the Ping G20 and it easily beat those out for off the deck shots. the 5 wood are very similar and can be had for cheap.
  7. [quote name='baseballfrk8998' timestamp='1332957424' post='4599541'] You can put multiple dozen into a USPS flat rate box to save on shipping unless you have to sell them 1 dozen at a time. Anyways, GLWS! [/quote] That is my plan, medium flat rate priority mail box. Thanks.
  8. 6 Dozens Titleist Pro-V1 balls $235 shipped. New. No logo. Unmarked in any way. SOLD PAYPAL is fine. 3 Dozens Taylormade Tp5 2012 models (white box) $100 shipped. SOLD 2 Dozens Taylormade Tp5 2011 models (black box) $65 shipped. SOLD I calculate shipping to be $10 per box. If you have a cheaper shipping method, let me know and I can adjust prices. Local pickup is free, minus out the $10 on prices. I'm in Las Vegas.
  9. [quote name='Solutions Etcetera' timestamp='1310596225' post='3389161'] Had the Mizunos, replaced them with the Call'y Jaws. I much prefer the Jaws (best wedge I've hit). [/quote] I did the opposite. Had the Jaws, replaced with Mizunos. Mizzy is a little softer and does not rip my balls to shreds.
  10. i completely agree he's underrated. I am a casual PGA follower and yet is shocked to see it's not Rory, or Phil or Stanley but Luke Donald. Watching his last tournament, cannot help but be impressed with his steady demeanor and awesome game.
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