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  1. Well as a final update, the rain went away and the days got progressively warmer and we had a great trip. Obviously cold temps are a risk when you book a trip in February so we knew what we were getting ourselves into on that front. #2 on Friday still had a number of bunkers that were lakes but they were pumping them out and the rest of the course drains really well so we got the full experience. #7 on Saturday was still pretty soaked but thankfully our caddies gave us the heads up on that beforehand. I'll hope for even better weather for the guys going at the end of the month. Ju
  2. Just to update this, we had a couple of *great* caddies at #2. Bob Bauer and Ron were their names, highly recommend. Much better than the guys we had the day before at #4.
  3. Saw them this week in the Pinehurst pro shop. Only one strap as far as I could tell. I want to say price was $240 but I wasn't looking too closely.
  4. We played #4 today and it was a cold/wet mess. Rain, 34* and half the greens had rivers flowing on them. We still had fun but I'm not sure the course would have been open with worse weather. Supposed to be a little better tomorrow but you really have to want it to play in conditions like these. Hope everyone coming the rest of the month has better conditions.
  5. I am a huge fan of a local company called Lie + Loft that makes clay ball markers, they are different without being two expensive if I happen to lose one. https://lieandloft.com/collections/ball-markers
  6. I came from the SL1 and haven't had an issue with it. I will echo what others have said, Linksmaster is an awesome bag. I've got 10 rounds or so on mine since I got it and have no regrets.
  7. When was the last time anyone saw Greyson at one of these stores? I've read some things on here that people have found them there but i've certainly never seen any
  8. My trip starts next Wednesday, need some positive thoughts for weather to clear up, right now looks like a lot of rain
  9. Went private a while back, only way I've found is calling Talamore and having them book you a tee time. We did it last summer and didn't have to do a package of any kind, they booked us a single tee time.
  10. Srixon is what I have my eye on, just need to find somewhere to hit them but those ZX5s are calling me. Yep, if wedge fitting is outside, I think its definitely the right call, if for some reason off mats, my slide back to fairway.
  11. If you can get to NC in the spring, I agree with booking through Tobacco Road Travel. If you wait too long to get into summer 36 is brutal in the heat/humidity, I live here and there days I wouldn't think about golf during the summer.
  12. Good thoughts thank you! I have it narrowed down to wedge or fairway wood at this point I think. Currently playing the Rogue Pro, I got them in a trade, they are fine but I don't care for the feel. I like the distance but the feel is just off in my opinion. I wasn't fit for them but I did use specs I was fit into so they are pretty close.
  13. Short version: I have a free fitting coming up and not sure which part of the bag to get fit for. Longer version: Next week I'm heading to Pinehurst for a few days and as part of the package we got is a Titleist fitting along with $200 credit towards a club from that fitting. You can choose either Driver, Fairway/Hybrid, Irons, or Wedges. I'm not sure what to pick so figured this might be a good place to get some opinions. Little background about me, I'm a 13 handicap and trending downward, I've been playing for 20+ years and have been fit before so I generally know what
  14. Yea, that is our thinking. I agree there are some great places to eat in Southern Pines and even in the village but free is free so at least for those two nights, we are sticking to Pinehurst owned food. The Brewery has really good food so we will be going there one night, just trying to figure out the other night.
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