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  1. That was a deal on Woot but I haven't seen anything close since. Actually found a couple of those balls the other day at my house. I think I ordered ten dozen and I wished i'd ordered more
  2. I am talking to them about having a set built and asked if there was possibly going to be any type of promotion and from the response I got it didn't sound like it.
  3. This is interesting as I absolutely love the SZ Extreme feel/sound. I upgraded from a regular LTD and tried out both the SZ and the Extreme for multiple rounds and the Extreme won out for me. Both are great but paired with the right shaft it was def the right driver for me. For what its worth, I've never gotten along with TM Drivers and when I did a demo between my SZ and the SIM line the Cobra won out handily.
  4. It is funny, I called and spoke to Mike about going 699 vs Pro and he suggested I move forward with the regular version. My handicap ballooned after having a kid and I'm just now working it back down so the extra potential forgiveness could be good for me. I also messed up on the shaft in my current irons, the C-Taper was in my old irons (P770s) and I'm currently playing the KBS Tour V110 Steel in my Rogue Pros. Without speaking to Jason, my inclination is to go with the KBS Tour 120s in there but I'll hear what he has to say before making a final decision. Demos should be here Fr
  5. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for posting their experiences on here. I have been casually starting to look for new irons, but after reading through the posts, I've gone ahead and ordered a demo of the 699. Will def have a shaft questions if I decide to pull the trigger but its awesome to know Jason is available to discuss.
  6. Great find, thanks for sharing, ordered three dozen myself
  7. Damn, that was quick, glad it worked for a couple people
  8. Must be a pricing mistake but ships from Budget Golf on Amazon. Here is the link: https://tinyurl.com/yx9ylxg9. I got mine today and am pretty impressed. Been a while since I saw a deal like this. All I hope is these don't end up on the BST.
  9. Played maybe 3 rounds with it and a couple range sessions. There is one small mark on face I tried to capture and highlight (I didn't notice it from address). Looking to get $SOLD shipped OBO. Not really look for trades but you never know. Any questions, just let me know. Thanks! pin 10/29
  10. Loft goes from 9*-12* based on where you set it. Thanks!
  11. Direct from Cobra LTD head used for a few seasons. Does have one mark near alignment aid that I tried to capture in photos. Looking to get $80 obo. Only trade interest is hybrids with stiff shafts (ideally 4 or 5 iron replacement). If you have any questions, please ask. Thanks!
  12. Just called and they put him down for me, thanks for the heads up!
  13. Any updates on this? I'm heading down in a little less than a month and just booked my round. Would love to request a WRX approved caddie. Thanks!
  14. Brand new, has a Cobra adapter, standard cobra grip with the ARCCOS Cobra Connect in grip. Standard at 45.50". Looking to get $75 (obo) shipped. Not really looking for trades but you can always offer. Thanks
  15. Plastic still on the head, all specs are standard. Comes with Tensei Blue stiff shaft and standard grip with cobra connect. Looking to get $290 shipped. Not really looking for trades but you could try to tempt me with driver heads, especially a 9* Speedzone Xtreme.
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