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  1. I actually use a 13° strong 3 wood, and a 3hl set to about 16°, and have used that for a while, and it's perfect for my home course. I take the 13° out for other courses I don't need it, and put a 20° hybrid I have in there. I think if I were just using one FW wood I do 15°-17° though.
  2. I'm sure he has bad back days, and that effects his stride, but he's actually walking like somebody who just finished a leg workout. I wonder if he had just left the gym or something maybe.
  3. I mean a photoshoot like the Body Issue probably is the only thing that makes sense, guess he he wanted abs
  4. I have a white pair and a black pair still, don't use them that much, cause I want them to last a lot longer. The Adidas Adicross V basically has the same Samba/Gazelle upper, but I think the were spikeless, and no gum sole like the Samba. I'm sure you could find some Samba golf shoes still on ebay if you keep looking, but my only suggestion for now is the Adicross V if you like that look.
  5. I really do miss watching him play. Loved his move, and so much fun to watch...unfortunately we won't see him on tour again i don't think.
  6. Was he not just making a funny kind of passing comment/observation about the brush? Can't say I've ever noticed pros using a brush, so it was different to see. Now we have 5 pages of WRXers telling us about how well they shoot and the money the stealthy take from random pairings who noticed their brush and iron cover at courses...Golfers straight up have the most fragile egos of anybody on the planet, lol
  7. Honestly nothing is better IMO, you'll either go back or want to go back. I'm in the same boat all the time.
  8. And look at that, their sleeves aren't spandex fit halfway down the bicep. Uhh...would be be if either one of them had biceps
  9. Driver: Nike Covert 2.0 Tour, KK Silver (CLOSE 2nd Cobra ZL Encore, Harrison Eclipse) Fairways: TEE XGC-V 13°, UST Proforce V2 & 2017 M1 17°, D+ Hyrbrid: TM Dual Rescue, S300 Irons: A12 Pro, KBS Tour Wedges: Nike VR forged 52° & 58° Putter: Rife 2-bar I currently play 1 of these, lol...
  10. I have the economy swing weight scale, just weighed it and it is 484 grams.
  11. Or do it like the men did in the 70's, 80's and 90's, leave your hat on and just shake hands. Played golf in every one of those decades. We always took our hats off at the end of a round. Most did Most still do. If you remember what you did 20, 30, 40 years ago, you're a better man than I. Whatever I did was some kind of routine, not worth taking up space in my own memory banks. That's why I did refer to the old videos where I could. Here's a few occasions where players didn't take their hats off at the round-ending handshake: Payne and Phil at Pinehurst in 1999. Neither removes his hat
  12. I'm playing a 2017 M2, and 2017 M1 4 wood, using the Kuro Kage Silver, HIGHLY recomend
  13. OP must not be a very long hitter anyway if his buddy hit 2 less clubs and still flew the green by 25 yards. I mean at most his seven is what 5, 6 degrees stronger than OP's 7 iron, but he still hit it further than OP's 5? I think he needs to consider some stronger lofts too, might enjoy the game more, and wouldn't be so emasculated by his buddy all the time.
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