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  1. Are these Xtra Tour Stiff Hickory shafts? That's all I can swing. hahaha, awesome clubs, GLWS
  2. Trying to thin the herd and get some of these into hands that will game them in 2021. Can certainly send addition pics and answer specific questions to those interested. All putters are 34”. Not really looking for trades, maybe could get talked into some high end JDM irons. 1998 Newport II TH which stands for a tour heavy head. Hand Stamped face with N.F. never sent in for a COA to confirm it was for Faldo. Only seen one other of these, George Palombi had one earlier this year. 7/10 $1400 1997 Artist Proof Newport- Incredible milling and deep gun blue finish.
  3. For what it's worth to the readers...I currently game a CX-02. It's basically a Newport 2 with training wheels on it, i feel like I'm cheating...lol. It's seriously difficult to make a bad stroke. I have a GSS CT Newport 2 that I don't even use anymore...haha. MM
  4. Any idea what year were those LYNX irons released? They look like a Fred Couples dream! MM
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