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  1. Did you build the clubs? I'm curious about the tip trimming instructions.
  2. Let me know how this goes. I'm leaning heavily towards this choice. You testing the Pro Series right?
  3. Some the on the steals website interest me. However they have no tip trim info. Makes me nervous.
  4. That looks like an option. Graphite design and great price point.
  5. They came with Sensicores. I put FST's 90s in them. Great setup. I love them. Would love to find the D wedge. Not as you as young as I used to be so ready for the graphite transition.
  6. Thanks for you thoughts. I will keep an open mind. Especially considering I am playing 20 year old irons.
  7. It's actually .370. I got them off ebay and put FST 90s in them. Thanks for the thoughts. I actually found a set of taper Recoil 660 I thought about shimming.I have had good luck with Diamond Tour. They are quality folks. I was intrigued by this shaft. But for the life of me can't find anything about. Plus no tip trim info which kind of spooked me. https://www.diamondtour.com/golf-components/club-shafts/matrix-proto-oc-iron-shafts-black-red-white-tie.html
  8. Was thinking in the 70. Not too light. Thanks for the thoughts.
  9. Thanks for these suggestions. Seems the jump to $25 gets you better technology and higher quality.
  10. I am researching graphite shafts for my TA5 gunmetal irons. Most likely higher launch, reg flex. I would like something that has been issued in the last five years or so. Seems to be when the technology stepped up. I am on a budget so under $20 preferable. If I am nuts for thinking this is out there you can tell me.
  11. I would agree with the previous. Few and far between. This ebay seller has some Cobra items. You can also look up Golf steals and deals. They have some Taylormade items. https://www.ebay.com/str/hurricanegolfshop/CLUBMAKING-PRODUCTS/_i.html?_storecat=909132719
  12. Anybody know anything about this shaft? My guess is that it was used in OEM clubs maybe Cobras? https://www.diamondtour.com/golf-components/club-shafts/matrix-proto-oc-iron-shafts-black-red-white-tie.html
  13. Golf steals and deals has the Taylormade M2 graphite iron shaft for sale. However no tip trim info is listed. Anybody have any specs on this shaft? How would they be tip trimmed, etc? http://golfdealsandsteals.com/m2-2017-reax-iron-shaft-set/
  14. I am seeking a Cleveland TA5 gunmetal D/gap wedge. Thanks
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